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Buffalo's only coworking space is growing. Help create the new 21st century workplace!
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Two Quick Things: Most Rewards Shipped, Partition In Place

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Good afternoon,

We sent out all but 4 (by our count) of the reward bundles to our kind backers last week. Most of them are long rectangular tubes, arriving via USPS. For those who are getting a shirt, a poster, a day pass and a sticker, a quick but notable tip: pull gently to remove the shirt, because it is wrapped around a very cool poster.

You last four backers will get your stuff very soon. Apologies for the delay.

If you notice any problems with your poster, your shirt, or any of your other rewards, please let us know, either through Kickstarter message or

Finally, the second-to-last Kickstarter Upgrade just arrived today, via 18-wheeler: a portable partition. Now small teams and after-hours meetings can have a bit more privacy, a "bunker" feel, and our hard-working members can keep on cranking at their own desks. We're still figuring it out, but it's here.

Our last upgrade will be the phone booths, which will be named, fully sound-proofed, and maybe given some kind of color beyond Moonglow White. More on that soon.

Thank you, once again, for helping us make this happen.

Tucked away (not that it did anything wrong)
Tucked away (not that it did anything wrong)
Folded out (plus: Nick doing the chicken wing)
Folded out (plus: Nick doing the chicken wing)

Fridge, chairs, partitions, and warm weather

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CoworkBuffalo has entered a bold new age.

"Yes We Chan" courtesy of the Trending Buffalo guys, who we miss having across the hall.
"Yes We Chan" courtesy of the Trending Buffalo guys, who we miss having across the hall.

Orville's came by this morning and put the finishing touch on our new fridge: a working water line. It is new and frightening, this concept of drinking "water" instead of "coffee" or "tea," but we're willing to give it a try.

In the midst of a ginger ale and leftover party.
In the midst of a ginger ale and leftover party.

Then again, we now have far more space for our members' frozen meals, leftovers, treats they want to share, and ice cubes. And do you know what you can make with ice cubes? That's right: iced coffee. So much cold brew is coming.

The space has also become the proud owner of eight steel black hex keys (commonly known as Allen wrenches, but you are discouraged from using that term). Using those little fellows, we assembled eight new modern office chairs, with adjustments for arm rests, lumbar support, lean-back tension, and a few other things most of us have yet to figure out.

Chris showing off one of our new adjustable chairs.
Chris showing off one of our new adjustable chairs.

Our portable partition was delayed in stock and shipping, but should be here very soon. It should create a semi-private area for mid-day or after-hour meetings at our conference table.

A kinda/sorta product shot look at what the partition will look like.
A kinda/sorta product shot look at what the partition will look like.

Finally, in describing this miraculous new era, I will mention that we have also acquired 25 amazing cardboard tubes, with which we shall mail out all the remaining rewards. We apologize for the delay to our local recipients; we were far too ambitious in seeking to coordinate a mapped-out and synchronized delivery of your goods. We're straight-up shipping them out next week, and you should seem them very very soon. And we're making time to finish up soundproofing on our phone rooms.

There are 11 members quietly cranking out their work at the space today. We have quite a few meetings lined up at the space this month for community groups, sports leagues, events, hacking groups, and others. If you haven't had a chance to check out the space yet, it's getting close to the perfect time to stop in. Bike racks and traffic signs are going up on our section of Main Street, and the Metro Rail will soon be back to its regular schedule.

Thank you to our backers, supporters, re-tweeters, referrers, and everybody who makes this space possible. We've been at our new space for six months, and we're really starting to feel at home here.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds

P.S. - Did you know that Google Plus, if you enable auto-backup, will automatically make GIFs out of rapid-fire shots? Member Chris works so, so hard.

Click, look, repeat.
Click, look, repeat.

Party over, poster up, and rewards shipping right away!

Good afternoon, backers!
We are digging out from record March snowfall here in downtown Buffalo. You can tell it's late in the season, because the floors are remarkably clear of salt. Buffalo is either out of salt, or has just decided to put it off until the sun takes care of it.

In any case, we're back at the space today, and we're ready to start shipping you the gear and details you deserve. Let's get down to it.

The Goods Will Be Shipping

We have a few mugs, lots of posters, quite a few T-shirts, and lots of day passes to send out. Figuring out the best shipping vessels and packing schemes for these rewards has been one of those Something New Every Day challenges that, honestly, we like about CoworkBuffalo. But now it's time to start stamping and sending.

If all goes well, we should have everything shipped out to those backers who did not pick up their gear at the backer party by early next week (hopefully by end of the day Monday). Those getting posters are getting them in tubes. Those getting coffee mugs should look for a box or seriously stuffed envelope. And those with stickers and day passes can expect an envelope with our little pixel buffalo (Pixallo?) in the upper-left. 

Meanwhile, Nick Q. is really enjoying his time mail-merging and feeding sticky envelopes into a hot, beeping printer. Just addressing the moment as it washes over him. You should see his face right now. Very precious.

Speaking of Mugs

Quite a few folks have remarked that they really like our coffee mugs, with their screenprint-style white-on-black logos and sturdy build. Good thing, too, because we ordered quite a few of them to get down to a reasonable price.

We'll be offering those mugs for sale through our website very soon. In the meantime, we hope those of you getting them have some great coffee or tea to put into them.

The Backer Party Was Quite a Shindig

 Thank you to the backers who spent their early Friday evening with us at the space last week. We shared in Community Beer Works' Frank, tacos from Lloyd, and a Wegmans Ultimate White Cake with Pixallo on it (that might really be his name now). To those of you living out of town: buy yourself a cookie today, because you should have tried that cake.

We put up a poster with our backers' names, and your names shall always have a place here. Honestly, though? The paper version was the result of a slight communication issue. We hope to replace it with a more sturdy version at some point this year.


The next update will tell you when everything is out the door, and we'll also share the status of our space upgrades: meeting space, furniture, a big ol' fridge, and maybe even a little coffee magic. In the meantime, we have some packing to do.

Window Buffalo, Fake Fireplaces, and Lots More

Good morning, CoworkBuffalo backers!

It is technically 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside CoworkBuffalo as I write this, but it "feels like" zero degrees.

Ever wonder how they determine that "feels like"/"Real feel" temperature? Do they hire someone who has previously lived at McMurdo Station to stand outside for five minutes every hour and text over his thoughts?

On to the point: it's four coworkers and two co-founders in the space this morning, on a day when many people would choose not to go anywhere at all. We've had three potential new members tour the space this week. The majority of that interest and word-spreading is due to you folks, who have helped us add some professional amenities and much greater visibility.

Before we take you on a brief tour, let me remind the backers at the $50 and above level that if you haven't yet reserved your ticket for our backer party on March 7, please do so! The link is in a message we sent out previously—check your spam, "Promotion," and other catch-all folders if you did not see it.

And! And! If you are a backer who lives around Buffalo (or is attending the party), your rewards will be ready for pick-up at or after that March 7 party. We have your posters, T-shirts, stickers, and day pass names in place, with coffee mugs to come very soon. Contact us at if you have any questions about rewards, or if you want to arrange a time to pick up locally.


What's new around the space

As you saw up top, we have some signage up facing Main Street. It is a huge relief to have people walk past and look at something on the window and know our name. Previously, they would stop, peer in the window at all those people on their laptops, and wonder, presumably, what kind of government grant funded this strange psychological workplace study.

Along with our name and a whole bunch of pixellated Buffalo on Main Street, we also added a sizable foam core Buffalo logo to the wall in our "bullpen," both for branding (branding!) and so that our space was intriguing to those walking down Main Street.

We recently made a big upgrade to the conference/meeting area, with an 8-10 person table with built-in power ports, a wall-mounted TV (with a Chromecast attached for easy page/video beaming, and soon an Apple TV, too), and upgraded chairs.

Here's one use of that table and TV on a snowed-in day:

We have upgraded some of the "Solo Warrior" desks to glass-topped units with elevated monitor stands. We have two decent Apple monitors for people to plug into and get down with their two-screen selves; we expect to add more.

Finally, while we wait for some other pieces of our upgrades to come together (and find time to finish painting and sound-proofing the phone booths), we are experimenting with some new coffee tricks. We're rotating coffee from Public Espresso and small bags from Hayes Home Roast into the mix, and slowly teaching more members to make both Chemex and individual V60 pour-over cups.

More things to file under Coming Soon: a portable divider to make the meeting space a bit more private, a full-size fridge, and some upgraded storage for items shipped here.

We can't wait to see you here at CoworkBuffalo, whether for a party, a day visit, or when schools are closed and your kids are home and they are driving you absolutely nuts and you need to get some work done (which has been a thing lately!

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds

Act local (for pick-up of rewards)

Good morning backers and friends,

We received more than one message about this, so we should point out: Anyone in the Buffalo area, or who plans on attending our backer party, will have the option of picking up their gear here instead.

That saves us the cost of shipping, saves everyone the fuel use, packaging materials, and time, and that saves you the trouble of waiting for the package person or hoping your mailbox can hold a mug and rolled-up poster, and so forth. We will definitely still ship out our rewards to folks who live out of town, but we'll set up that option and notify you soon.

In the meantime, we're seeing a lot of interest in our space as an event venue, fixing up our unique door lock scheme, and working on some capital improvements already. And we're shooting for a late February party still, but we'll keep you all informed of our progress. PARTY.

~ The CoworkBuffalo Nerds