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foaster is a toaster for your phones. foaster keeps your iPhones charged, eliminates clutter, and looks great in your kitchen.

Stay tuned- foaster will be back!

We're going to relaunch foaster in early 2014!

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We're so excited about all the coverage we've received in the last week. A lot of enthusiasm on the web and twitter for foaster! Common thread is the sites with an eye for style and "cool" love foaster!

Charge two iPhone 5, 5S, 5C’s at once

We love our iPhones, but we struggle keeping them charged. We roll in from work with 8% battery life left. foaster lets you add some juice while you whip up dinner. 

Our research found that the kitchen is one of the most common places for overnight iPhone charging. Two iPhone household? foaster has you covered. foaster lets you charge two iPhones at once- all in a small and attractive package that fits right in next to your Breville, Cuisinart, or Kitchenaid.

Clean, Minimal Design

foaster was designed to look at home in your kitchen. Whether sitting next to your Kitchenaid mixer, your Keurig coffee maker, or that device that magically turns bread into toast- foaster looks great! Plus, choose among four color combinations: (white or black body) x (silver or champagne gold aluminum trim).

One-handed Docking and Undocking

One of the beauties of the iPhone’s design is Apple’s insistence that it can be used with one hand. Why then, should it take two hands to charge your phone? foaster’s brilliant design makes it easy to insert your phone into one of the slots to begin charging. The size of the slots has been optimized based on extensive study of dimensions of “bare” iPhones, as well as “standard-sized” cases. (Sorry, Otterboxes and other cases designed to take a bullet probably won’t fit foaster.) Ready to get your phone out? Even if one hand is busy holding a kitten or a chainsaw- all you need is one free hand to easily grab your phone and go! (Please do not attempt to hold both a kitten AND a chainsaw while using foaster. Our testing did not end well.)

Buh-Bye Cord Spaghetti, Buh-Bye!

cord spa•ghet•ti [kawrd spuh-get-ee] noun 1. a white, stringy, tangly, twisted mess resulting from using three foot long charging cables to charge your iPhones in the kitchen.

foaster eliminates cord spaghetti! foaster has 3 foot long cables, but the brilliant design allows un-needed cord to be stored inside foaster. Only leave enough cord exposed to reach the nearest outlet!

Alerts, Reminders, and Texts

foaster was designed around the fact that we want to be able to see our phone, and never miss a message- even while it’s charging. The depth of foaster’s docks allow you to see incoming texts, reminders, and alerts as they come in.

Built-in Lightning Connectors

Most existing docks use of your existing Lightning cables and require you to assemble your cable to the dock with complicated adaptor systems. Even Apple’s $30 plastic docks require use of your existing Lightning cable. Not foaster! Since we want foaster to offer top-notch quality and no aggravations, we’re building two MFI-certified Lightning connectors and USB cables into foaster. These cables alone are a $40 value! Plus, since the connectors are built in, foaster frees up your existing cables for use in the car or at the office!

Production Plans are in Place

We have suppliers identified to produce each component of foaster:

- the plastic body will be molded in Minnesota.

- the aluminum trim will be cut by a supplier in California.

- the MFI-certified cables are also sourced from a California company.

- the metal base units will be provided by a Kentucky machine shop. If demand for foaster exceeds 600 units, we plan to have the base units cast in a foundry.

- final assembly, packaging, and shipping will be done by a Lexington, Kentucky firm that specializes in product assembly.

We also have back-up vendors identified for each component in the event that our primary vendor cannot meet our requirements.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have decades of experience in engineering, design, and manufacturing- so we understand the challenges in getting a product like foaster into production. We already have key suppliers lined up and have confidence that we can deliver a high quality product in March 2014.

That said, any product like this has risks associated with its development. These risks include design changes required to ease manufacturability, tooling delays, and trouble getting materials and components in adequate quantity in given leadtime. Because of these risks, it is possible that the appearance or function of the production foaster may differ slightly from the prototypes shown.

We plan to provide project updates on a regular basis so that our backers know the status of development and outlook for delivery in March 2014.


  • foaster comes with 2 built-in Lightning cables. The lightning connectors are built in to the bottom of each "slot". USB connectors come out of foaster and connect to your existing Apple power adapters.

    Since lightning cables are included (a $38 value), you can use your existing cables in the car or at the office!

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  • After successfully conclusion of the project on 12/21, we'll send a survey out to all backers that will allow you to select the color combination (White or Black, Silver or Gold) that you'd like.

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  • foaster's slots are 2.56" (65mm) wide and 0.56" (14mm) deep. If your case's dimensions are less than this- you're GOOD!

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