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#BeAwesome. Help us create a story, show it to the world, and build the grassroots for Awesome in the future! Covington is Awesome.
#BeAwesome. Help us create a story, show it to the world, and build the grassroots for Awesome in the future! Covington is Awesome.
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So what is this particular Kickstarter campaign all about? 

Doing Awesome. No, in all seriousness, this campaign is an effort to acquire funding to help the Awesome Collective of Covington create a video highlighting the amazing people, places, and things in the largest river city in Northern Kentucky. The video will feature interviews with those who live, work, and play in Covington and have a deep love for the city as well as footage of the great sites and events that make #theCOV uniquely Awesome. The budget for the film and complementary pieces of the project including a poster and street art series, mini-conference, and film premiere party, is much more than we are seeking through Kickstarter, but thanks to the generosity of local companies and volunteers, we need just $4,000 to complete the video and all other phases of our 2013 "Be Awesome!" campaign. Your contributions will allow us to create a high-quality, original, and inspiring video for our city to be proud of and share with the world. The Awesome Collective is committed to making this project the best the city has ever seen. With your help, we can make this happen. Wouldn't that Be Awesome

So what is the overall goal of the Awesome Collective?

Our goal is simple: To encourage our community to Be Awesome.

How can someone Be Awesome? 

Great question! Glad you asked. 

The first step is to learn to be prideful in your community - find what you think is Awesome rather than focusing on what is not. Then, you must connect with others by taking the initiative to acknowledge positive actions, people, ideas, or anything else that truly feels Awesome. 

With the positive actions of ONE, a conversation with a complete stranger could lead to a new friendship, business partnership, or closer-knit neighborhood; a blank wall could become a work of art; an empty lot could evolve into a bountiful community garden; or the struggling business on your block could begin to thrive. 

Please join the Awesome Collective of Covington (AC) in this effort as we encourage the people who live, work, and play in Covington to Be Awesome. By always being mindful, the actions of a singular person can and will help reconstruct, develop, and create an enduring foundation for our community of Covington, Kentucky. 

Now what? How does the Awesome Collective hope to Be Awesome? 

Again, excellent question! 

As we move into the second half of 2013, the AC would like to share our ongoing projects with you, a fellow lover of Covington.

Here's what we've been up to: 

 "Covington is Awesome Since 1815" Wheat Paste Mural 

Hard at work on Day 2...

 Almost there... 


Located at Glenn O. Swing Elementary School in the neighborhood of Peaselburg, this mural was created through a collaboration between the Awesome Collective, the staff and students of Glenn O. Swing Elementary School, and the neighborhood of Peaselburg. To begin the project, we asked each of the 400+ elementary students to create a 5" x 6" drawing showcasing what they felt was Awesome about Covington. Once the drawings were finished and collected, a team of volunteers began affixing the art to the side of the school using a unique wheat pasting technique. 

At the end of the second day as the mural began taking shape, the principal of the school asked the Awesome Collective to make the work as permanent as possible by protecting it from the elements. With the threat of rain looming, the Awesome Collective was able to seal the mural before storms rolled into the area. Once sealed, the celebration began. 

In just three days, something Awesome had been created by and for the next generation of Covington. The project was made possible by passionate individuals of all ages from diverse neighborhoods and backgrounds who had one objective - to connect with our youth and leave them with a sense of pride that endures. The students were engaged, included, and may have had more fun than we did! A success!

The Awesome Collective completed this project in April and have since developed a packet to help guide others through this process. If you are someone with a desire to install a wheat paste mural or are interested in learning about a fun and creative way to connect with your neighborhood, please click the following links for more information about this project: 

"Awesome" Mural Goes Up at Glenn O. Swing with Help from Students 

Covington Kids show what is Awesome Through Art 

"Be Awesome!" Mini-Conference

The "Be Awesome!" Mini-Conference is an event for community change-makers centered around three actions: Inspire, share, and strengthen. Tentatively scheduled for early October, this event will include presentations by three Awesome keynote speakers as well as several engaging breakout sessions throughout the day at various venues in downtown Covington. 

The presentations at the "Be Awesome!" Mini-Conference will be divided into three tracks: 

  • Risk-Taking 
  • Failure & Positivity 
  • (Fun) Innovation & Design 

The mini-conference will also feature an outstanding series of innovative sessions and provide a focused opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Want to be a community change-maker? It starts here!

The 2013 Index of Awesome

If you're reading this, we hope you have heard of the 2012 Index of Awesome. If not, no worries! We still think you're Awesome and want to share its story with you now so you can better understand what we're working on this year.

The 2012 Index of Awesome was made possible by a Place Matters Mini-Grant awarded through the Center for Great Neighborhoods, and help from Covington-based printer T & W Printing (Thanks, Tom!) and people like you! 

To compile the zine, we asked individuals who live, work, and play in Covington to submit what they believe is Awesome about our community to the Awesome Collective through our website, via e-mail or Facebook, or by writing their entry on an "index" card. Hundreds of submissions were received and then sorted and compiled into a Word document. We then organized a community event to gather artwork for the project and combined all materials together to create a printed zine. That publication, the 2012 Index of Awesome, was released on December 21, 2012 at a special "End of the World"-themed launch party held at the Artisans Enterprise Center and can now be found in businesses in Covington and across the river in Cincinnati. 

Missed the shindig? Here's a recap from The River City News:

The Rise of New Covington

Want a copy of your own? Stop by the Center for Great Neighborhoods, visit one of the Awesome local business included in the zine, or e-mail the Awesome Collective at and we'll send one your way via snail mail. 

Prefer to read the zine on your tablet, computer, or smartphone? You can access the 2012 Index of Awesome RIGHT NOW by clicking the link below: 

2012 Index of Awesome

Now that we’ve entered a new year, it's time to present Covington with a new Index. 

During the Index launch party at the end of 2012, Tess Burns, founder of the Awesome Collective, was asked, "How does the Awesome Collective plan to top this in the future?" Tess simply smiled and said, "We are just getting started." 

This year, the Awesome Collective will produce the publication as a film in collaboration with production group Matic Media. Filming for this project has already begun and will continue through the fall. The premiere of the 2013 Index of Awesome will be held on December 20, 2013 at The Carnegie in an event that will be completely open to the public. This event, as in 2012, will include local vendors, artists, music, and our favorite eateries and will celebrate more of what makes our city Awesome.

It is a project sure to inspire all of us to Be Awesome

Wow, these projects are Awesome! How will this Kickstarter campaign benefit the “Be Awesome!” project? 

Once again, you’ve asked a simply Awesome question! Here's the deal: 

By supporting the “Be Awesome!” campaign, you are creating an opportunity for the Awesome Collective to take the aforementioned projects to the next level. Additionally, your support will not only allow us to advance present projects but help build a foundation for future endeavors. 

If successful, the Awesome Collective is prepared to move forward with several more interactive components of the Mini-Conference and Index: 

Regarding the Mini-Conference 

  • Hospitality for Speakers: In asking some of these very Awesome individuals to travel to Covington, we would like to greet them with open arms and show them a little southern hospitality while they are in town. The Awesome Collective would like to provide them with a place to lay their head, give them the opportunity to experience our local Awesome eateries, and send them home with lots to remember us by. 

  • Hospitality for You: In attending this conference, the AC hopes to provide a day that will stay with you. One day to inspire, share, and strengthen a community's pride and positivity. To make it easier to get around to the different participating venues downtown, the AC would like to use a potion of the funds to create a map you won't want to lose! While visiting our city, we would also like to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the history, uniqueness, and authenticity of Covington by offering guided tours throughout the day lead by some of our community's most knowledgeable and passionate advocates.

  • Extras: Have you ever heard of a "pop-up" shop? Let us take a short minute to explain. This retail shop is a small, temporary retail installation of an existing or aspiring business. The AC would like to host one or more of these shops throughout the conference and would also use funds to open an Awesome Collective Pop-Up Shop offering several Be Awesome inspired takeaways for attendees.

Regarding the Index

  • Film extras: In qualifying for the Place Matters Grant, we must present a budget. Our budget includes paying Matic Media for their services as a full service, high quality, professional production company. Though Matic was Awesome enough to donate 85% of the full cost in-kind, it is important to the AC to provide due compensation. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, these funds will allow us to move forward in producing a trailer to premiere at the Mini-Conference, and will allow the Awesome Collective to make several additional appearances throughout the the year at Covington events to capture our city's story in more detail. 

  • Soundtrack: What film doesn’t need a soundtrack? Lucky for us, Covington is rich with musical talent. The 2012 printed version of the Index included a “suggested soundtrack” (see Page 2) to listen to while reading the zine. This soundtrack was 100% grass roots local! In 2013, the music accompanying the film will also be 100% local. The AC would like to compile the tracks used for the film into a limited edition Index of Awesome album. All artists will be invited to record their track at New Fidelity Production Studios which has produced a countless number of top quality albums. This is truly an Awesome opportunity and experience for any local artist. Following the movie premiere, the soundtrack would be sold digitally, and a few limited pressed copies would be made available. Both formats would also include original album art that is sure to be as Awesome as the music it represents.

  • Premiere Event: Like all AC events, the premiere will be open to ALL members of the public. Free food, drinks, and good times will be had by all and we invite you to attend. A "Black Carpet" event, the screening will be held at The Carnegie on December 20th and feature all the glitz and glam of a blockbuster premiere. Our hope is that all guests will feel as if they're an A-List celebrity stepping out for a night on the town - and into what makes Covington Awesome!  

Regarding the "Be Awesome!" Campaign (In General)

These funds will also go toward providing you with the most information possible about these events, by allowing resources for our most creative ideas in engaging our community! For example: 

  • Poster Series- Throughout the year, the AC has recruited many talented designers to develop some of the most creative, beautiful, and inspiring posters for each of our events. Considered pieces of beautiful, original art, we would like to make these posters available to the public at the premiere at The Carnegie on December 20th. Professionally screenprinted by local companies, these posters will be of the highest quality and certainly a piece of art you’ll want to display at your home or office. Even more importantly, 100% of the profits from this poster series will go directly to the artist. What an amazing way to support local talent! 

  • Street Art Series- Through the fall of 2013, you might notice a few works of art that seem to show up out of nowhere in some pretty obscure areas. When you see one of these pieces, we hope you don’t become too overwhelmed by their positive, thoughtful, and overall Awesome messages (or too distracted by their amazing beauty and detail for that matter)! If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, you will make it possible to create more of these artworks throughout Covington which we believe will inspire togetherness, spark positivity, and boost community pride. 

As we all move forward in 2013, we encourage you to be mindful and consider the 10 core affirmations of the Awesome Collective: 

1. Embrace and celebrate Covington’s awesomeness 

2. Create fun and a little weirdness 

3. Nurture Covington’s limitless potential

4. Design "with" not "for" 

5. Risk-taking and Failure are OK! 

6. Break down barriers with out of the box thinking and kindness 

7. Use creativity to seek opportunities and solve problems 

8. Make good ideas work through partnerships and inclusiveness 

9. Create and/or adopt innovative ideas and best practices from around the country 

10. Be thankful, Be positive, Be awesome 

Thank you for supporting this project and the Awesome Collective, thank you for being you, and thank you for loving Covington! Please continue to spread your love for #theCOV and so will we!

Risks and challenges

The "Be Awesome!" Campaign is a call to the greater community of Covington. A call to those who live, work, and play in this city to be positive catalysts, to help build strength from within, and to promote pride and togetherness. If this risk is not a reasonable one and the AC fails to reach our Kickstarter goal, both projects will continue but it is their impact we risk.

Only through the success of this Kickstarter campaign can we truly make an impact in a manner that endures, reaches further, and hits home harder than ever before. Despite what challenges may arise, the Awesome Collective will continue our work, remain positive, and keep moving forward. When faced with these challenges, we will utilize our 10 core affirmations to quiet the naysayers so that we may continue to strengthen our foundation and build on our success.

Positivity is contagious and being Awesome is what Covington is all about.

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