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Coupon Quest is an iOS/Android game where players can venture through a virtual realm on a quest to collect real coupons.
Coupon Quest is an iOS/Android game where players can venture through a virtual realm on a quest to collect real coupons.
69 backers pledged $3,901 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Coupon Quest - The Test Build

We're halfway through the campaign, and thanks to all your support, we were able to work hard and get halfway through development. Now we must show you our progress. Come, have a look at the first test build of Coupon Quest:

As you can see, there's still a lot we have to do. We still have to put squares with characters on them, like trendy dragons who will steal your points, or elves who will tell you which coupons to collect in order to level up. And let's not forget the super rad fireworks graphics that will explode on screen when you finish a quest!

We'll keep updating you with new builds when we get them. Until then, I'd like to welcome Rico De Las Alas, Michael Gardner, Saucesome Pepper Sauces, and Phil Flickinger the Blundergrad into the fellowship. Welcome fellas.

And everyone be sure to like our Facebook page. We're building a pretty sweet following!

Coupon Quest Prototype Finished!

So me and Rachel just had a meeting with our game developers at BNOTIONS. We sat down and they put an iPhone in front of us with the Coupon Quest icon on the desktop. It looked like this:

Then they said, "try it out". It felt like Christmas morning for me. I sat there with an iPhone in my hand, about to open my app for the FIRST TIME (well, just a test build, but it was definitely a huge milestone in the project). Everything Rachel designed came to life in this functioning prototype. I sat there for like 5 minutes, swiping up, down, left and right, discovering LIVE coupons from stores around us. All me and Rachel have to do now is create more art assets and content for the game while BNOTIONS completes all the functionality. We're happy to announce that we're still on track to meet our March 2012 launch in the App Store. All your pledges will go into hiring better artists, buying cooler music and sound effects, and launching more marketing campaigns so that we can expand to other platforms like Android.

Stay tuned for next week when I'll share a demo video of the Coupon Quest prototype. Until then, I'd like to thank the following new backers:

Maple Ann, Jake Gooch, Timmyfan, my Joanne, Jane Tracey, Matthew Ruby, Matthew Kahn, Teresa, Jocelyn Morales, Richard Loddenberg (The Voice), Lori, and Bet Tan. Thanks for joining our quest.

 - Ian Tuason


IAN: “Twelve new companions. Pat, Tita Zeny, Nes, Micheal Weihrouch, Bashi, Cousin Jimmy, Violent Therapy, MaryAnn, Jon, Corey, Hayley, and Mao. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Coupon.”
PIPPIN: “Great! Where are we going?”

Welcome to the Fellowship

Many thanks to Jonathan Laba, Cyril, Margaret Ferrie, and Evelyn Chan for being among our first supporters. We'll be sure to keep you posted.


Congratulations to Mikhail Ushanov , the first ever COUPON CRUSADER. We are surprised and pleased to see that our first backer lives in Russia, so far away from us! So exciting to see our project become a universal quest! Welcome to the FELLOWSHIP, Mikhail.