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A limited edition playing card series based on the primordial deities from Greek Mythology.
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BackerKit surveys are now live!

Posted by Costa Pantazis (Creator)

Hey guys!

Just to let you all know as you read this your BackerKit surveys will have landed in your inboxes so you can go ahead and finalise your current orders/pledges as well as add any additional items and make changes to shipping addresses if needed. Nearly half of all backers have completed the surveys as well which is great!

The surveys will be active for a total of 30 days. After this period they will be locked in on 13th April. Once locked in we will have the final count for all the additional items in the campaign such as the coins, carat cases, art prints and I can begin the process of manufacture with all the companies involved as after this period I'll know how many to order in total.

A few notes to address some regular questions that have been put to me regarding these surveys. 

Do I need to select the items listed in my initial reward tier from the Kickstarter campaign and add them to the basket? 

No. Items you selected as reward tiers in the initial campaign are automatically applied to the basket and you will see them already applied when you view your individual surveys so with this you do not need to select the same items from the add-ons list. 

For anyone who increased the initial pledge amount in order to secure additional items aside from the ones listed in the initial reward tier you will see these funds are applied automatically as credit to your BackerKit account. If this applies to you then all you have to do is select all the additional items you increased for from the list off add-ons, add them to the basket and when you head to the checkout page you can finalise your order using this credit already applied to your account.

Can I change my add-ons or shipping address if I need to after I have confirmed my order?

Yes, during this period of 30 days you can revisit your survey using the same link that was sent to you in your email and you can change your order and update shipping details as normal. This facility will be available up to the point the surveys are locked on 13th April.

In the initial campaign the limited edition Pantheon deck was limited to one per backer as a special opening tier, does the same apply for the BackerKit survey?

Nope! As there were a few editions of the Pantheon edition deck remaining after the campaign so the remaining number have been listed as add-ons on the survey - and there is no restriction in amount per-backer now the initial campaign is over. Backers can order more then one if they wish, even if they already pledged toward one in the special opening tier in the Kickstarter campaign. 

I haven't received my BackerKit survey yet?

Of course, it happens sometimes, so the obvious thing to do first is check your spam folders to see if it is in there. If it isn't you can try and enter your email in this recovery link: and afterwards the system will resend the survey to address entered and it should come through. Worse case scenario if both these options fail then I can update your email address on file with an alternate one and send your survey to that address instead, feel free to drop me a DM if you would like me to do this.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me on here at anytime and I will gladly assist. 

Many thanks and see you all soon with the next update!


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