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A limited edition playing card series based on the primordial deities from Greek Mythology.
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Incredible start. Over halfway in a day!

Posted by Costa Pantazis (Creator)


What can I say really. We've hit the halfway mark in 24 hours! It's certainly been an experience so far and I can't thank you all enough for helping me bring this project to life and hopefully this great response will continue right through to reaching the target amount.

I just wanted to address a few questions that have been put to me so far since the start of the campaign along with some great suggestions as well. 

Special edition carat cases;

I have been asked a few times now about the options to add carat cases separate as add-ons by existing pledgers and also on discussions about this campaign outside kickstarter on forums such as United Cardists. I didn't include this from the start in all honesty as I thought it may not be a popular option given high number of reward tiers which already include them but as the question is now being put to me more frequently, especially after that last few days I thought it best to now look at this option and ask for overall feedback from you all. Really with this I have an option, I can create a small list over the next few days with separate prices which will allow those who want them to simply add additional funds to their existing rewards and then be able to add the individual cases through the BackerKit surveys which will follow shortly after the campaign. So would this be an option that interests any of you besides those who have already asked so far? Feel free to comment below.

Securing the Pantheon edition deck but adding other rewards without losing your place;

A few of you have asked about being able to secure this item but are unsure about being able to secure this with additional items added. On the actual campaign page I have included a description on how to do this as the option is there. Just to highlight, all any of you need to do is at the very start is pledge towards the special tier titled 'Pantheon Deck (Very Limited)' this secures the deck for you. (Never switch from this tier to another to ensure that you never loose your place). 

After you have done this you simply select the option to 'manage my pledge.' This opens up a separate page with a list of all listed tiers along with the one you have selected and on your one which is highlighted all you have to do is calculate and add the value of the additional items you want and add them to the total amount (inc shipping costs if applicable).

Here is the video tutorial if anybody needs it,


Of course if you are unsure or want me to double check the math before you do the above, select/pledge the Pantheon tier and then afterwards drop me a message with a list of the additional items you would like to add and I can tally the amount for you to add to make sure it's correct before you adjust the amount.

Manufacture of the various decks in this series by different companies;

I've added in bolder detail to the campaign header and under the listed specifics for each of the various decks which company will be manufacturing them. I understand now by recent feedback I could have worded this a bit clearer and highlighted it more as it is an important factor for card collectors. Under each description of the individual decks it now lists which company will manufacture them, but I will quickly outline here as well.

1) All decks in the series, standard editions and gilded editions of both the Aether and Chaos decks will be manufactured by USPCC. 

2) Only the additional special/very limited deck, The Pantheon will be manufactured by MPC. 

The reason why a different company is manufacturing the Pantheon deck is due to certain restrictions with minimum orders by the bigger companies. With the bigger companies I am only allowed to manufacture decks at a minimum run of 1000 so this prevents me being able to create a special one-off edition at a lower number with a different more individual design. 

Shipping costs;

It has been highlighted as well by some that shipping costs appear to be slightly higher then normal. The reason for the higher costs in shipping is that I have for this first campaign opted to use tracked shipping on all items as opposed to standard shipping worldwide as being the first campaign I have done I want to ensure that all your rewards are delivered quickly and safely and with added piece of mind once fulfilment has begun. 

Everything else;

If any of you have any additional questions or concerns or even additional suggestions about any aspects of the campaign you can drop me a direct message on here and I will assist in the best way possible.

Many Thanks 


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    1. Costa Pantazis Creator on

      Thanks Mike

      I'll be adding them to the campaigns as separate add-ons over the next few days/

    2. Missing avatar


      Yes, I would be interested in the special edition carat cases as an add-on option. Thanks

    3. Costa Pantazis Creator on

      Hey Max, good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words and also for the recent article feature on your website. It's much appreciated. I hope so to as it would be nice to do a little series over time based on this theme aside from any other ideas I have for future designs :)

    4. Max Playing Cards

      Congratulations Costa for such a great start. I really wish this campaign is funded. It is amazing. Good luck!