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Stones of Fate is now available for purchase - click the link below!
Stones of Fate is now available for purchase - click the link below!
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Vote for Backer Designed Cards!

Posted by Cosmic Wombat Games (Creator)

Thank you to all who submitted backer designed cards. We have chosen our five favorites and are offering YOU a chance to vote them into the game! Below are images of the cards (note: the graphic design may not be final, please vote on the intent of the card and not just on the graphic for zone, card layout, etc) and descriptions of what they do: (to get right to the voting, click here)

Card 1: The Givers

While you cannot win The Givers card (and it would give you 0 points if you could) you can strategically place your stones to give you 4 cards from the deck when it is flipped. Players will get 1 card per opportunity zone in which they have at least one stone. As with other opportunity zones you will only get 1 card per zone no matter how many stones you have in that zone. We have not seen more than one opportunity zone per card before so this is an interesting twist.

Card 2: The Wheel (alternate)

This version of the Wheel offers a new zone called the Mischief Zone (name subject to change). The Mischief Zone works a little like the opposite of the Opportunity Zone. If a card is flipped and you have a stone in the Mischief Zone, you must discard a card from your collection. The stones in the Mischief Zone do not affect who wins the card at all much like the Opportunity Zone. Also, you will only discard one card per Mischief Zone no matter how many stones you have in that zone.  

This card also introduces a new Flip effect which causes a random distribution of every player's collection. Remember, this occurs BEFORE the Mischief Zones take affect. This could make for some fascinating timing decisions.

Card 3: The Goddess

The Goddess uses the same Power Zones we are all familiar with. However the ability adds a unique twist to them. When the card is flipped players with any stone in any of the Power Zones may draw a card to add to their collection. Think of it as one big Opportunity Zone wrapped around the left, right, and bottom of the card. Unlike The Givers above, with this ability you can only get ONE card total. You will not get a card for each Power Zone in which you have a stone.

Card 4: The God

The God is a very simple card but extremely powerful. When you win it you can look at the top card of the deck and then choose which one you want to keep. So, you are always guaranteed to get at least 3 points out of it but you may be able to upgrade it to a 4 point card if the gods are smiling down on you.

Card 5: The Star (alternate)

This is a "hot potato" card. It is very easy to win, but hard to keep. It will automatically pass around the table throughout the game. The intent is that if it is given to you before your turn or if you win it or draw it on your turn you get to keep it for the remainder of the turn in which you acquire it or for the first full turn after you acquire it (if you acquire it outside of your turn). After that, at the beginning of the SECOND turn in which it's found in your collection, you must pass it on. This can really mess with the timing of how people choose to speed up the end of the game or not based on if they may be getting this 3-point card soon.

I really like all these cards and I'm sure you will too. To vote for your favorites, please visit our Boardgamegeek (BGG) poll here and select the TWO you want to be included. This poll will be active through Thursday. I will announce the winners on Friday, March 7th. You will need a BGG account to vote but it is quick, easy, and free to join. 

If you would rather not get a BGG account then just comment on this update with the two you would like to vote for and I will add those numbers to the total. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about the cards and vote. I am sure the backers that submitted them appreciate your support. If you are one of the designers feel free to solicit for votes in the comments :)


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    1. Peter Vaughan

      cheers to all the backers who submitted cards and congrats to those selected for this vote! I voted - hoping not to add the super random wheel even with mischief, but the givers and goddess have my vote.

    2. L. C. on

      I vote for the Goddess and the Star.

    3. Missing avatar

      Cheryl on

      the Goddess and the Star

    4. Blaine K. on

      The God and the Star

    5. Nina Fabiano on

      The Star and the Wheel of Fortune

    6. Blue Beard Entertainment

      The Givers and the God!

    7. Kelly Babcock on

      Goddess and God please