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$5,115 pledged of $35,000 goal
By "Cosmo" Christopher Briles
$5,115 pledged of $35,000 goal

Recent updates

Problems Pledging

This is a message for anyone trying to pledge to the Launch The Spaceship campaign.  We have been getting a lot of emails about problems with the Kickstarter site where the buttons to continue are not there or that people can not find our project.  We have contacted Kickstarter and they have told us that they are working on the issue to see what is happening.  We want to thank everyone for their pledge and and their devotion to Cosmic Ales.  We are going to get this fixed and get the project running again!  We have 10 days left.  Time to get the lead out and make sure everyone knows about us.

If you are one of the people that are having issues with the Kickstarter site please email us at and let us know what's happening.


Busy Update!

This is a much needed update!

It's been a little while since I posted an update but there is a reason.  We have found a location for our brewery!!! It is the perfect size and the perfect location in Playa Vista, just south of Marina del Rey.  It's freeway close and in the best spot possible.  I have been looking for a while and keeping my fingers crossed to find something in this area and not to long ago this place popped up on our radar.  I was quick to scoop it up and now we wait.  We have put in our intentions with our future landlord which I am told is a beer lover from Oregon.  Bonus!  If all goes right then we should move in on April 1st!  This is so exciting.  We can't believe we found such a perfect spot.  There is tons of room for the brewery equipment and a BIG cold box and the perfect sized tasting room area.  

Today I went to the city planning department to get the ball rolling.  FYI, anyone interested in opening a brewery in Los Angeles please know that you will be signing away your first born!  There is so much to do and so little time.

So, get on those phones and twitters and emails and help us raise these funds!!!  We have a long way to go yet but we are not done.  15 days left.  I know we can pull this off. Tell everyone you know that loves beer that if you want a new craft brewery on the westside then get in here and help us by pledging.   No amount is too small.  We see the support at all the festivals and "where is your tasting room" is ALWAYS the first question.  Help us open that tasting room!

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Happy Presidents Day!

In honor of Presidents Day

For every pledge of $200 or more today only we will make a special batch of our 1776 American Porter just for you and give you a Case of 22's for your collection.  This beer has not been made commercial yet but we have made smaller batches before and taken it to festivals.  The response has always been outstanding and people want more more more! I have been waiting for the right time to bring it out for the rest of the world and had planned to make it only available to our tasting room patrons but I decided this morning that I would love to share it with our pledges.

Help us get the word out and share this awesome porter while the weather is still kind of cold.  Enjoy this robust porter with all of your friends knowing it the first time it has become available.

For every pledge of $250 or more we will give you the first ever 1776 T-Shirt along with the Case of 22's.

This offer is for Presidents Day ONLY and includes all of the other rewards for the level you choose.

Check out the specs of 1776 here:

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We've passed $1000!

We are on day 3 of our great campaign and we are already getting a lot of great response!  This is very exciting.  Thank you to everyone that has already pledged.  We can not wait to start putting together the rewards and not to mention start getting our new facility ready for you to come and have a beer with us!

I spent the afternoon giving our website a little bit of a facelift and I just added a podcast section.  In the following days I will start to broadcast new podcasts for you to enjoy all about our journey in opening a brewery.

Remember to share share share our links on Facebook and Twitter and help us to find more great folks like yourselves to pledge toward our goal so we can make this happen!