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By Cosm1cNova
£3.00 pledged of £1,000 goal


You attempt to go back home to your own universe. You make friends along the way, but something seems... off. You have never seen this strange magic before, and everyone looks different. Is everything you know real?

Seikatsu is a fantasy RPG game set in the year 2024. The game is set 4 years before the comic. You play as a child named Charm. This character is a figment of one of the characters, Amayas, imagination, or rather one of the characters dream when shes in her coma. The ‘player’, or Charm, walks through the country of Pennischwift, which is a smaller version of Germany with 4 main towns or cities in it that Charm can walk 2 and from, but there are a lot more. Charm runs into a character named Cosmos, which is actually a character from the ‘real world’ outside of Amayas coma. His soul is in her body and he can see her dream. He tries to wake her up by creating scary flashing images throughout the games. Trigger warning for that, by the way. His face appears to change and shift and he takes on the appearance of a small white cat from the human world. At the end of the game he appears near the portal back to the human world and tells the player to go back and make some friends, as Amaya can’t wake up without them being friends, because of the reason why she is in a coma in the first place. He steals all their souls and says that they will all be trapped with him forever and he takes the form of his real world counterparts, but with added eyes and tails. As Amaya still hasn’t woken up, he creates a situation in which he knows that she will wake up. The player will save their souls and try and get Amaya to realise that no one is her enemy. The souls separate, and Cosmos returns to his normal real life counterpart. The player then gets Charm to the portal of the human world, where her soul is then needed. The player can’t get home, because Amaya needs to wake up. Taking the humans soul was the last thing they needed to do.


Cosm1cNova: Creator, Artist, Music Maker. He does everything.

Risks and challenges

The game may be hard to make, as I am a beginner and I have no experience in making games asides from sprites, as I have no money to buy the programs I need. I have little experience in making music (the song in the video is a free track).

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