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We're creating a high quality libre learning resource for typography & type design, so everyone can learn how to do great typography! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 29, 2011.

We're creating a high quality libre learning resource for typography & type design, so everyone can learn how to do great typography!

About this project

This project aims to create a high quality public learning resource on typography and type design, available to every student in the world.  The result will be completely free and open, like Wikipedia.

We are teachers of typography at FADU/UBA, the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism from University of Buenos Aires. This is a free public university, one of the most important universities in Argentina and it has the largest number of students. This year is UBAs 190th anniversary.

Since the Graphic Design degree began here, Typography has been considered one of the most important subjects of the curriculum. We belong to Cátedra Cosgaya, a teaching team that delivers typography lessons to over 500 students each year.

To deliver the course, we have been developing and refining booklets to support our curriculum since 1994. We are seeking funding and support to pay for our expert tutors to spend time away from their freelance design practice and update these booklets so that they stand on their own, no longer tied directly to our teaching programme. 

After thoroughly updating them, we will professionally translate the resources from Spanish into English. We will bring this knowledge to the web at OERT.ORG under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license so it can be further translated.

The booklets are currently organized into three sections:

  • Theory
  • History
  • Practical exercises

We plan to work on each section under a specific Kickstarter project. This is the first, for producing the Theory of Typography. We plan to run two more Kickstarter projects, so that we can learn about the Kickstarter model as we go.

Our expenses fall into two categories: 


  • Domain Registration (done!)
  • Web hosting
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Web maintenance

We will try to minimize these expenses as much as possible. Can you help our project by providing these services to us directly? Please email me, Pablo, at and let our team know!

Content Development

The bulk of the funding will be spent on allowing our experts to take time away from freelance work (but not teaching!) They will be spending many hours required to make this project worthwhile. Funds are also required for professional translation - Google Translate is not enough :-)

  • Getting permission from original authors of all 26 booklets we use about the Theory of Type Design and Typography (done!)
  • Paying experts for their time to edit the text in Spanish (in process)
  • Paying professional illustration designers to create illustrations to aid understanding of this highly visual subject (in process)
  • Contacting potential contributors who are specialists in Typography and Type Design to participate in our project (in process)
  • Paying professional translators to translate the Spanish text into English (we require funding to start!)

Many of these activities have started already in our team's spare time.

If you love typography and would like more people to understand why typography and type design is important, and how to do it well, please support our project!

Part 1: Theory 

The first part of the project provides a theoretical framework to understand the attributes of a font family and introduce the skills involved in typeface design: what ‘structure,’ ‘stroke’ and ‘counter’ mean in this field, what kerning and tracking are all about, how to deal with details and serifs. It also describes how fonts can be used appropriately with a repertoire of approaches to typography for different sorts of publications, from music CD inserts to books, newspapers and magazines.

Open Educational Resources for Typography
 will launch in late December 2011. It will be edited, enhanced and improved with the input and assistance of anyone who is interested. We hope your collaboration will help us move the world’s typography forward!

Thank you!

(Please note that this project’s funds will be paid to the TeX Users Group (, a USA-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is kindly running a ‘Libre Font Fund.' This enables us to receive the funds in Argentina, since Amazon Payments will not usually work outside the USA.)

Thanks to Diego Levy for helping us to create the videos for this project!

En Español

Estamos en la FADU/UBA, la Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Es una universidad pública y gratuita, una de las más importantes y con mayor cantidad de alumnos de la Argentina, que acaba de cumplir 190 años.

Desde la creación de la Carrera de Diseño Gráfico en la Facultad, Tipografía es una de las asignaturas más importante del plan de estudios. Se cursan dos ciclos anuales obligatorios. Somos profesores de la Cátedra Cosgaya, un equipo docente que cada año enseña Tipografía a más de 500 alumnos.

Open Educational Resources for Typography es un proyecto abierto a todo el público: una vez publicado, podrán acceder a él estudiantes de nuestra cátedra, de otras cátedras de la facultad, de otras facultades y cualquier otra persona interesada en el tema. El proyecto se desarrollará a partir de los apuntes de Tipografía de la Cátedra Cosgaya, una colección que comenzamos a producir en 1994 y se organiza en tres secciones: teórica, histórica y práctica.

Parte 1: Teoría

La primera sección propone trabajar los fundamentos teóricos del funcionamiento de los signos dentro de la familia tipográfica y una introducción al diseño de fuentes tipográficas: qué es la estructura, el trazo, la contraforma, en qué consiste el espaciado, cómo abordar detalles y terminaciones. Continúa con un repertorio de criterios y recursos para aprender a utilizar tipografía en distintos tipos de publicaciones: ediciones musicales, libros, periódicos y revistas.

Este material será publicado en línea a fines de diciembre de 2011 y podrá ser editado, enriquecido y mejorado con el aporte y la ayuda de todos los interesados. Esperamos que su colaboración nos permita llevarlo adelante.


Agradecemos a Diego Levy por su ayuda con la producción de los videos para este proyecto.


  • Ana Sanfelippo and Pablo Ugerman (CDT-UBA graduated; typeface analysis), César Puertas (KABK graduated; typeface analysis); Darío Muhafara (Tipo Foundry, typeface design review), Alejandro Paul (Sudtipos, typeface design review), José Scaglione (TypeTogether, typeface design review), and Eduardo Tunni (Tipo Foundry, typeface design review); Pablo Cosgaya, Natalia Pano and Marcela Romero (FADU/UBA professors, design review).

    Last updated:
  • OERT Team consists of Pablo Cosgaya, Magdalena Fumagalli, Verónica García, Alvaro Ghisolfo, Malena Menéndez, Natalia Pano, Inés Pupareli, Marcela Romero and Julián Villagra (FADU/UBA professors).

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    All of the above + we'll add your name to the credits sections of the project, both in the footer of each wiki page and in the front of the E-books!

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    All of the above + we will email you an exclusive, early review copy of OERT Part 1 in a high quality E-book PDF, and we will look forward to hearing your feedback!

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    Is there a font you love, or love to hate? For a $100 contribution, you'll get all of the above + one of the expert typographers from our elite faculty will analyse your chosen font for you in depth - as part of the OERT project!

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    For type designers, this is a rare opportunity to have your own typeface design fully tested, reviewed, analyzed and critiqued by a commercial Argentinian type foundry - all feedback being strictly private and confidential!

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    For type designers, all the above, plus another commercial Argentinian type foundry to give your own typeface design another deep review a month or two later, so you can substantially improve the quality of your work over time!

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