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Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
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    1. Sizigi Studios Creator 6 days ago

      no worries, Steve! AX was awesome for us. Hope to see you there next year! :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven Gardner on

      Was going to say hi saturday and challenge you but life happened. hope AX was great for ya!

    3. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      Hey Roy,

      I've received word from the factory that they are at the final stage of production and are getting the products ready to ship. So it seems that the production issues have been resolved (yay!)

      I haven't gotten the confirmation that it has started shipping yet, though: I'll be able to give a better ETA once that happens.

      We recently reviewed a spreadsheet of the various destinations of the crates, so that's promising!

      Sorry to keep you waiting. Thanks for your patience #chuchSoon

    4. Roy P

      Is there a current estimated ETA with shipping locked in? I know you said there were some delays and the shipping was on standby, but I don't recall if a new date approximate was given. #Church

    5. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      Thank you so much for your support, Steve!!! I really appreciate it! I'm so very happy to hear about the worn sleeves.

      We'll be at AX again this year. Artist Alley table L22. It would be awesome to see you again!

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Gardner on

      Just going to poke my head in here and say I'm still very excited for the official version of the game the AX version from 2 years ago has gone through many sleeves (getting dirty and whatnot) and I still get requests to borrow the game so when it does finally get here we can all have a set!

      I hope this experience doesn't prevent you guys from making another game because I really enjoy the design of this game and I want to see what else you guys can cook up

      Oh! And are you guys going to be at AX this year? I was going to go 2 days and it'd be great to see you guys again

    7. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      Haha, ya. That's a great suggestion: If I ever do this again, I'll definitely try and do that.

    8. Gary Hammond on

      One suggestion is that you do a more regular update i.e., once a month, even if it is to say nothing has happened. Sort of like the old Navtex 'No Message' message, which was a message to say there had been no messages :)

    9. Night1505

      Okay, that's gold right there! Made me chuckle!! :D

      Those kinds of things are what keep me backing Kickstarted games, and not just waiting for retail! Those gems of insight into just how hard it can be to bring a game to life. :)

    10. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      And again, I do apologize for that. I'm definitely humbled by this whole experience.

      To answer your specific ask: the production emails are rather dry: Nowadays it's mostly the manufacturer and fulfillment center doing final confirmations and checks with us CC'ed on the thread.

      And it's nice to take it out of my hands for a change and watch the professionals do it. It feels like I've crash-driven this spaceship full of backers through the stars, and now I'm watching an expert valet gracefully dock it into port. Sorry about the bumpy ride.

      Here are some fun, flavorful stories about earlier-stage production Cake Duel:

      - The Cake Duel fulfillment date was originally set with 4 months of leeway based on the first estimate we received. (LOLOLOL funny)

      - The roughest part about Cake Duel was getting the plastic insert made. The inner insert for Cake Duel went back and forth for 8 months before being confirmed for production. During this time, I religiously ran a 10hr long 3D print for the insert every week to check the manufacturing details. (If nothing else comes out of this, at least Sheepie helped advance the state-of-the-art in 3D printing technologies!)

      - Cory drove through 9 hours of pure, unadulterated blizzard to do the final confirmation of the production details with our manufacturer in person. Twice. It was a really unforgettable experience! (I truthfully thought we were all gonna die! Somehow Haitao slept through the whole thing!)

      There's a lot more pearls like this, haha, but I sincerely believe that we are really, truthfully almost done this time. Thanks again for your patience.

    11. Night1505

      Thanks for that, @Ruwen! :)

      I know that you are equally frustrated when something you are told gets changed, and I don't fully agree with @Dennis' statements, just his frustration. I believe his comment was a bit too harsh, but that still doesn't take away that his frustration is fully justified. That's mostly what I was getting at in my comment. I do browse my projects occasionally looking specifically for ones that don't have the "Reward Received" box checked, and I keep seeing this one and thinking quietly "Still don't have Cake Duel, and I'm not sure why."

      I do read all your comments and updates, but they are pretty short and "matter-of-fact", though I'm not certain what I'd ask you to do differently. Maybe some snippets of conversations with the supplier would help people see that you aren't just making excuses? But I could be wrong.

      At the end of the day, I do appreciate your comments and response. Thanks :)

    12. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      Hey night1505,

      We met you at AX, right? I'm really sorry that our project has made you feel this way. To be honest, I am a creator who is struggling with this process a lot myself. I apologize for the lack of communication: it just feels like every update I write is something along the lines "the factory tells me that we are delayed again because of X", and it bums me out a lot. I wish they could tell me these things before they give me estimates to give to you, but I bet they wish their suppliers did too. Maybe somewhere far down the chain is an absolutely horrible person who enjoys delaying peoples' projects. So far, though, I'm inclined to believe that it's the thousand tiny cuts that kill the beast.

      I'm only beginning to gather my thoughts on this experience, and I think it boils down to trying to craft a complex, well-designed product on a tight budget. If I had to do it again, I would probably raise a lot more money and go with a higher order quantity, where production sourcing doesn't have to be so laborious.

      To answer the concrete asks in your post: Yes, we're in production. No, it's not quite done yet: The tokens had to be re-sourced again halfway through.

      I dumped a fair bit of personal money into hiring a fast fulfillment service, and they've gotten in contact with the factory and confirmed all the shipping details. I do hope this means that we'll be done soon, but I don't want to get anybody's hopes up.

      I really do want to thank you for being such a good sport about it so far. I hope you'll bear with me for a bit longer. Do speak up if there's any part of the process you would like to talk about, though. I'm always here checking this chat. (whether I like it or not, haha)

    13. Night1505


    14. Night1505

      I'm not angry at all, and this isn't really one of my "high profile" backed projects, but I sort of have to agree with Dennis a little bit. While I'm not complaining too much, the fact remains that we don't really get updated very much with this project, and it really is kind of unbelievable that we don't have the game yet, and we're not quite sure why. The updates have been semi-informative, sure, but it just feels like we are kind of being taken for a ride. I don't doubt that we'll get the game... eventually. But there are really long periods of silence on this project that should be being filled with information about what is going on from week to week at this point. Estimated delivery is so long ago I've lost track, and I'm not even sure we're in production yet, let alone fulfillment.

      Just saying that even though we are pretty quiet and supportive, you really should be updating us more often, and with real information.

      Please accept this criticism as constructive, as I've been a pretty enthusiastic supported thus far.

    15. Dennis Finegan

      Of course you have another excuse for non-delivery. We have to read these comments to find out what is going on though. Not acceptable. It is your responsibility to keep us updated as project manager. Sometimes I think you've taken lessons from Trump himself for all the lies that you've foisted on your backers.

    16. Dennis Finegan

      @Gary Hammond Duh, I'm a superbacker, their term, not mine, so I do know this isn't a store. This guy always has an excuse and doesn't show much of anything. Every answer has been BS. Not promises are kept. Besides, I never asked you. Have a nice day.

    17. Gary Hammond on

      Thanks for the update.

    18. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      They had to re-source the tokens mid-production due to environmental regulations again, so it looks like there will be a bit more delay as they get that wrapped up... :/

      But on the bright side: We just finished making the marks for the shipping containers: our fulfillment service is hired and on standby to get everything mailed as soon as it's ready.

      The playmats are printed and ready to go. We'll do an official update once we have those.

    19. Missing avatar

      ragrad on

      Any updates?????

    20. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      #Sheepie #sheepie #sheepie!!!!

    21. Roy P

      5 days.

    22. Sizigi Studios Creator on

      #ChurchForever!! Sheepie can do it!!!

    23. Roy P

      Final Stretch! #TeamChurch

    24. Sizigi Studios Creator on

      We met our manufacturer last week and have some great news!!!!! AHHH I'm so excited.

      (I decided to wait for a paper timetable sheet so I can write a real date on the update. If we don't get it soon, I'll just do the update )

    25. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      @Roy P: Of course! I will put that into the update for this weekend. Thanks for reminding me! I'm surprised that I haven't shown it yet!

    26. Roy P

      Any chance in that update we can get a peek at the player matt? Or did I miss that in a different update?

    27. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      @JazzFlight: Every component has been sampled and confirmed. We're waiting for the factory schedule now! (exciting!)

      We're meeting with our manufacturer in person on Thursday! We'll probably write an update for everyone after that meeting.

      Sorry again about the delays! Thank you so much for your patience!

    28. JazzFlight

      Any update regarding production?

    29. Gary Hammond on

      @Dennis - Please remember that Kickstarter is not a store. Delays can and will happen and we just need to have faith in the people doing the project that they will deliver in the end. Check out the last update (#17) for a look at recent progress.

    30. Sizigi Studios Creator on

      Doing my best every day to make it happen, Dennis. Thanks for your support.

    31. Dennis Finegan

      I don't want a refund. I just want the game for my daughter. Six months late. Just make it happen.

    32. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      whoops. I did the standard writing 2017 instead of 2018 at the beginning of the year.

    33. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      Sorry for the delays, Dennis.

      We are doing exactly what we have written: we are waiting on our manufacturer for the last pieces of cake duel: the bags (well, and now the tokens).

      To clarify the comment thread: the initial intent is to showcase the bag and the tokens in our last update before sending everything off: the bag would come right after the tokens, and we'd have a nice update to send before the holidays.

      The 2 things we did not anticipate:
      1) The tokens that came would be completely incorrect.
      2) It's 01/14/17 and we are still waiting for the bag.

      We don't make updates about this stuff, because, well, the goal of our updates is not to throw our manufacturers under the bus, and it will certainly sound like that if we started writing about it. (We have learned quite a lot along the way)

      To be honest, I'm a boardgame addict; I'm not a great PR person. Forgive me if the opinions expressed here seem overly optimistic: it's only because I just really want to meet Sheepie soon, not because I am trying to lie.

      Again, we apologize for the delays. I'm right here monitoring this thread every day, so please feel free to ask me any questions concerning production.

      Thanks for your patience. I really appreciate it.

    34. Dennis Finegan

      Gee, we want to start production right away. We only need bags. Bags are great. Oops, we lied again. WTF is going on? How about am honest to goodness truthful update? Remember, we are your backers (investors). You owe your existence to us & we are owed the truth.

    35. Sizigi Studios Creator on

      @Night1505, unfortunately, no update yet. There apparently was another problem with the plastics token molds which we thought was more or less a done deal.

      On the bright side, the new samples for the bags were shipped this week so we'll post those up once we receive them.

      Thanks so much for your patience!

    36. Night1505

      Still no confirmation?

    37. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on

      We've received a timetable from our manufacturer. Awaiting confirmation on the schedule before we release an update to everyone :)

    38. Night1505

      Omg, RoyP, those are gold, baby! GOLD!! LMAO!

    39. Roy P


    40. Sizigi Studios Creator on


      But we are waiting on absolutely one last sample: the bag to carry the cards in. After that: Sheepie all the way to the moon!!!

      I gotta feeling that Sheepie's gonna be a good Sheep
      That Sheepie's gonna be a good Sheep
      That Sheepie's gonna be a good, good Sheep

    41. Roy P

      Not as good as night, but a couple of those were gems.

    42. Roy P

      Oops, I did it again
      I played with your sheepie, got lost in the game
      Oh baby, baby
      Oops, you think I'm in love
      That I'm sent from above
      I'm not that innocent

    43. Roy P

      I'll keep you my dirty little sheepie
      (Dirty little sheepie)
      Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret
      (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
      My dirty little sheepie

    44. Roy P

      I don't mind spending every day
      Out on your corner in the pouring rain
      Look for the box with the sheepie smile
      Bring it in so we can play awhile
      And sheepie be loved
      And sheepie be loved

    45. Roy P

      There once was a Sheep named Sheepie, destined to be a Sheep
      His parents were killed by Goatermort, who gave him a lightning scar
      Yo Sheepie, you're a wizard!
      Sheepie goes to Hogwarts, he meets Ron and Hermione!
      McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor
      Draco is a daddy's boy, Quirrell becomes unemployed
      The Sorcerer's stone is destroyed by Dumbledore

    46. Roy P

      And I said,
      "Sheepie, take me somewhere we can be alone
      I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run
      You'll be the sheep and I'll be the shepard
      It's a love story, baby just say bahhhhhhhhhh

    47. Roy P

      So, so what?
      I'm still a sheepie
      I got my sheep moves
      And I don't need you
      And guess what
      I'm having more fun
      And now that we're done
      I'm gonna show you tonight
      I'm alright, I'm just fine
      And you're a tool
      So, so what?
      I am a sheepie
      I got my sheep moves
      And I don't want you tonight

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