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Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
Cakestart this deceptively simple card game for 2 players. Fight and fleece in equal measure to become the next "King of Cakes."
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    1. Gary Hammond about 11 hours ago

      @Dennis - Please remember that Kickstarter is not a store. Delays can and will happen and we just need to have faith in the people doing the project that they will deliver in the end. Check out the last update (#17) for a look at recent progress.

    2. Sizigi Studios Creator 2 days ago

      Doing my best every day to make it happen, Dennis. Thanks for your support.

    3. Dennis Finegan
      2 days ago

      I don't want a refund. I just want the game for my daughter. Six months late. Just make it happen.

    4. Ruwen Liu Collaborator 7 days ago

      whoops. I did the standard writing 2017 instead of 2018 at the beginning of the year.

    5. Ruwen Liu Collaborator 7 days ago

      Sorry for the delays, Dennis.

      We are doing exactly what we have written: we are waiting on our manufacturer for the last pieces of cake duel: the bags (well, and now the tokens).

      To clarify the comment thread: the initial intent is to showcase the bag and the tokens in our last update before sending everything off: the bag would come right after the tokens, and we'd have a nice update to send before the holidays.

      The 2 things we did not anticipate:
      1) The tokens that came would be completely incorrect.
      2) It's 01/14/17 and we are still waiting for the bag.

      We don't make updates about this stuff, because, well, the goal of our updates is not to throw our manufacturers under the bus, and it will certainly sound like that if we started writing about it. (We have learned quite a lot along the way)

      To be honest, I'm a boardgame addict; I'm not a great PR person. Forgive me if the opinions expressed here seem overly optimistic: it's only because I just really want to meet Sheepie soon, not because I am trying to lie.

      Again, we apologize for the delays. I'm right here monitoring this thread every day, so please feel free to ask me any questions concerning production.

      Thanks for your patience. I really appreciate it.

    6. Dennis Finegan
      on January 14

      Gee, we want to start production right away. We only need bags. Bags are great. Oops, we lied again. WTF is going on? How about am honest to goodness truthful update? Remember, we are your backers (investors). You owe your existence to us & we are owed the truth.

    7. Sizigi Studios Creator on January 9

      @Night1505, unfortunately, no update yet. There apparently was another problem with the plastics token molds which we thought was more or less a done deal.

      On the bright side, the new samples for the bags were shipped this week so we'll post those up once we receive them.

      Thanks so much for your patience!

    8. Night1505
      on January 9

      Still no confirmation?

    9. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on December 18

      We've received a timetable from our manufacturer. Awaiting confirmation on the schedule before we release an update to everyone :)

    10. Night1505
      on November 23

      Omg, RoyP, those are gold, baby! GOLD!! LMAO!

    11. Roy P
      on November 18


    12. Sizigi Studios Creator on November 16


      But we are waiting on absolutely one last sample: the bag to carry the cards in. After that: Sheepie all the way to the moon!!!

      I gotta feeling that Sheepie's gonna be a good Sheep
      That Sheepie's gonna be a good Sheep
      That Sheepie's gonna be a good, good Sheep

    13. Roy P
      on November 16

      Not as good as night, but a couple of those were gems.

    14. Roy P
      on November 16

      Oops, I did it again
      I played with your sheepie, got lost in the game
      Oh baby, baby
      Oops, you think I'm in love
      That I'm sent from above
      I'm not that innocent

    15. Roy P
      on November 16

      I'll keep you my dirty little sheepie
      (Dirty little sheepie)
      Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret
      (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
      My dirty little sheepie

    16. Roy P
      on November 16

      I don't mind spending every day
      Out on your corner in the pouring rain
      Look for the box with the sheepie smile
      Bring it in so we can play awhile
      And sheepie be loved
      And sheepie be loved

    17. Roy P
      on November 16

      There once was a Sheep named Sheepie, destined to be a Sheep
      His parents were killed by Goatermort, who gave him a lightning scar
      Yo Sheepie, you're a wizard!
      Sheepie goes to Hogwarts, he meets Ron and Hermione!
      McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor
      Draco is a daddy's boy, Quirrell becomes unemployed
      The Sorcerer's stone is destroyed by Dumbledore

    18. Roy P
      on November 16

      And I said,
      "Sheepie, take me somewhere we can be alone
      I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run
      You'll be the sheep and I'll be the shepard
      It's a love story, baby just say bahhhhhhhhhh

    19. Roy P
      on November 16

      So, so what?
      I'm still a sheepie
      I got my sheep moves
      And I don't need you
      And guess what
      I'm having more fun
      And now that we're done
      I'm gonna show you tonight
      I'm alright, I'm just fine
      And you're a tool
      So, so what?
      I am a sheepie
      I got my sheep moves
      And I don't want you tonight

    20. Roy P
      on November 16

      Hey, hey
      You, you
      I don't like your sheepie
      No way, no way
      I think you need a new one
      Hey, hey
      You, you
      I could be your sheepie
      Hey, hey
      You, you
      I know that you like me
      No way, no way
      No, it's not a secret
      Hey, hey
      You, you
      I want to be your sheepie

    21. Roy P
      on November 16

      ♫ And God made sheepie (For singing in your front seat)
      ♫ God made sheepie (For dancin' to their own beat)
      ♫ He stood back and told the boys I'm bout to rock your world
      ♫ And God made sheepie.

    22. Roy P
      on November 16

      ♫ What a sheep wants, what a sheep needs,
      ♫ Whatever makes my sheepie come home to me
      ♫ What a sheepie wants, what a sheepie needs,
      ♫ Whatever puts you at my door.
      ♫ And I'm thanking you for bringing sheepie to me.

    23. Roy P
      on November 16

      @Creators Night's song you asked about is about a slinky from a movie. Just put slinky in for sheepie. The clip is hilarious.
      *Everyone loves a Slinky!
      *You've gotta get a Slinky!
      *Sheepie, Slinky!
      *Go, Slinky! Go!

    24. Roy P
      on November 16

      @Creators Based on the update it sounds like you are ready to start production. Any chance you have a timeline in your hands? I don't really care if it changes, just wondering what's up timeline wise. #ChurchForever

    25. Sizigi Studios Creator on November 3

      Haha. Thank you so much. We love these songs that you write. We can imagine all the Sheepies living for today, too!

      (All of us on the team knew this song right away too!)

    26. Night1505
      on November 3

      That isn't a jab at the lateness, by the way... I'm still 100% patient and excited for Sheepies... those lyrics just fit, and made me chuckle... lol :)

    27. Night1505
      on November 3

      ♫Imagine bread unleavened
      No yeast to make it rise
      No cake to show us
      So hungry I could cry
      Imagine all the Sheepies... living for today♫

    28. Sizigi Studios Creator on November 1

      Yup! We just got the sample from our manufacturer! The box looks really nice. (The magnets sound super satisfying when you open and close it)

      We're taking pictures and writing the update tonight. Look forward to it soon!

    29. Roy P
      on October 31

      Last day of October... Here comes an update!

    30. Missing avatar

      ragrad on October 20

      Ok. Thanks!!

    31. Sizigi Studios Creator on October 18

      Our factory says they are scheduled to send us the full samples the last week of October, so expect an update around early November!

    32. Missing avatar

      ragrad on October 18

      Any updates? Last one was 8/1.

    33. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on October 6

      Soon(tm)! The cake is close!

    34. jdemick
      on October 6

      Happy anniversary.

      Let's get some cake.

    35. Night1505
      on September 24

      It's "Mandy" by Barry Manilow :)

    36. Sizigi Studios Creator on September 24

      Oh hey! What a great use of consonance on this verse! (What is song by the way?)

    37. Night1505
      on September 22

      Oh Sheepie!
      You came and you gave me some cake-y!
      But I don't know how well you bake-y!
      And you fought me and kept me from aching!
      And I need all your cake, now Sheepie!

    38. Night1505
      on September 1

      Lol... He sure is!

    39. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on August 31

      oh, oh! I know that one! Sheepie is such a charmer :D

    40. Night1505
      on August 31

      ♫Hey Sheepie you're so fine,
      You're so fine you blow my mind!
      Hey Sheepie! Hey Sheepie!♫

    41. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on August 22

      Incidentally, I just noticed that "go sheepie go" is the name of our internal chatroom here at sizigi.

    42. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on August 22

      Ohh no, I don't get this reference! What song is this?

    43. Night1505
      on August 22

      *Everyone loves a Sheepie!
      *You've gotta get a Sheepie!
      *Sheepie, Sheepie!
      *Go, Sheepie! Go!

      P.S. If you don't get it, you're probably too young ;)

    44. Ruwen Liu Collaborator on August 21

      I'm normally faster with these: Sorry! we've been working ourselves to the bone at Gen Con 17 (can you say 14 hours of non-stop smiling for 4 days?). I see that things have gotten a bit messy while I was gone ;)

      Hello Curtis. We’re sorry that you are leaving the campaign. We will refund you your 1 dollar.

      As I've said in that reply, and every reply: I am aware that our backers would like a full art PnP. I did not give it because I use these square sheep with my own terrible inkjet printer, and they look great to me. I might do the full art pnp after things settle down, since people have been asking.

      Currently, we're working at max capacity to get real Sheepies made. I respect and value the time and money that our backers have put in us, and I'm doing my best every day to make sure that Cake Duel will be the best damn 20 dollars they've ever spent. The PnP is on my mind, just not at the top of the list at the moment.

      As for everyone else: Thanks for being patient with us. Sorry for the delays. Let’s continue the grand Sheepie adventure together! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Curtis Chow
      on August 21

      @Roy P - This is their response:

      "Honestly, we weren't planning to give the full art version pnp when we started the campaign.

      For now, we're putting all our efforts to getting the real game out for manufacturing. Since there's been a lot of interest, we might do a full art pnp once things wind down."

    46. Roy P
      on August 20

      It is also fully possible they are just waiting until the games ship to send out the full print and play?

    47. Night1505
      on August 13

      @Curtis - I totally must agree with your very valid points. Seems like all of the disappointment comes from a lack of descriptive information, and I agree that you were not being unreasonable to assume an actual card art PnP. Until your comment, that is what I had assumed as well. The only thing I was trying to point out is that, on second look only, I didn't see any specifics listed, meaning they did technically have room to put forth what they did. But, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't actually be happy about it either, so I'm actually very understanding of your disappointment. :(

    48. Missing avatar

      Curtis Chow
      on August 11

      @Night1505 - My point was, is that although they don't say "full art", they say "THE print-and-play version of Cake Duel". That's kind of what I was complaining about; they don't specify the level of quality of this PnP version is, but I assumed it would have at least been complete (I would have even been happy with a low quality, low res version, but they only have squares instead of sheep? wtf?). Maybe this is also an assumption, but I figure most people would also assume the same as me if given the lack of detail. I shouldn't have to message all creators separately just to understand their rewards.

      To use your logic, I didn't see anywhere that the PnP was to be a "prototype" or otherwise "Incomplete" version either, nor did they say it was going to be "low quality" or "low res". Do you think we should have to ask them whether their physical copies would have full art because we can't assume they would ship a complete version? Would you be happy if your copy came printed with the art in the PnP just because they didn't technically say it would have the full art?

      Anyone is free to disagree, but I personally believe it is reasonable to assume that any reward offered should be a complete version of whatever product they are offering unless otherwise specified, which they hadn't. I'm just posting my 2 cents in so that my voice can be heard, and to see if I'm the only one who feels this way.

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