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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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JANUARY UPDATE: Monster Prom - Second Term (first DLC)

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hey, everyone!

It has been around 3 months since last update. And OH BOY! The things that have happened since. 

Let's try to go through everything...

On the rewards: 

  • Soon DLC will be ready and everyone who pledged on the $30 tier or above will receive a free copy! 
  • The messages will be ready some months from now
  • Soon we will send the polaroids to the ones who pledged for them
  • Monstersonas have been handled
  • The last reward to happen will be the "Monster Bible". This will take quite a bit. No estimated date.

What has happened within Monster Prom, the game?

  • "That October Holiday" update (outfits, some pumpkins, our very own rap song, and you all killed everyone as a silly prank)
  • "The Gift Holiday" update (a new item that's 13 items, 4 new plotlines with 5 secret endings, new outfits, some info bits on our beloved Catalan culture, a new minor NPC voiced by none other than Jacksepticeye)

And what happened outside the game?

  • We started the #monsterpromchallenge on IG and Tumblr. Go follow us! It's fun and we also unlock lore bits! Next is the chars' zodiac signs.
  • We got our official merch by The Yetee
  • We did an art contest with For Fans by Fans. Results will be out soon! 
  • Our creative director (me!) Julián Quijano was selected as a Forbes 2019 - 30 under 30
  • We're working on some awesome collaborations! Really... I can stretch enough on how awesome is some content we're getting ready for you

Soon we might have 2 new updates (not 100%). If we do so, first one is aiming at:

  • New language
  • Outfits (maaaybe)

And second one: 

  • Online fix (FINGERS CROSSED)
  • New item + new plotline + new secret ending
  • New polaroids
  • A tease on the DLC 
  • Something silly and new

Still not for sure!

And finally... the biggest content update to date: MONSTER PROM - SECOND TERM. It's our first DLC (ye ye, not for free unless you were a backer at the $30 reward tier or more). What it will include?

  • 2 new ROs
  • +10 new characters
  • +10 new secret endings
  • New outfits
  • +120 new events
  • Some silly new stuff here and there! 
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And what's next after that? It is very hard for us to plan ahead after the DLC. But the idea is to come back to the KS arena for more MonProm love! We have big plans and we hope you're ready for more. Probably around our 1 year anniversary. We're also working on consoles. And we're working on A HUGE THING we hope we will have ready for the 1 year annivesary, on late April. 

AND WHAT'S NEEEEEEXT? The idea after the KS is to work on that, ofc. But we want to stretch MonProm content life at least till its 2nd year. But of course, starting the 1 year anniversary, content updates will go smaller, as we can't sustain too much production (focusing on new projects). But our idea is to gift fans with some new very lore relevant plotlines. You got probably the first lore heavy plotline with Damien's hairdresser plotline. It was the first of a collection. Second one was Scott's winter plotline about his family. We can tell you we're working on 4 more, one per original RO char. 

So the idea is to fit some of these new lore heavy endings in the 2nd year seasonal updates. Believe me: if you're a fan of the ROs, you will love them. The twists! The reveals! The dive into the lore! 

Do not worry, we're talking of 15 months more till "The End of Monster Prom" (in the sense of content updates). And by then, we will have close to 50 secret endings (including DLC) with +500 events and +400,000 words (close to 1,000 pages of content). What a ride, huh? 

But as said, we will very much benefit from your support so we can keep working on narrative based games and more MonProm stuff (like a sequel!). How to support us? Aside of being a lovely fan and create fan-content, soon the DLC will be up for purchase + and our next MonProm relatred KS will be soon up for you to back! 

We hope we have given you so much joy you feel like supporting us again!  

This is being an awesome ride so far. We feel SO F*CKIN' GRATEFUL! And it is very much thanks to you, our great fandom! 


P.S.: A collaborator of us is working on a KS that's now live! We wanted to show some support and invite you to take a look and even back the project if you feel like it. The project's name is Tunche. It loos super cool! 

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @nick connor: it should be on your email! Check Spam and so!

    2. Nick Connor on

      Hey, i'm just kinda wondering. I haven't gotten anything relating to the dlc yet. i did the 30 dollar tier. I don't really know how else to ask about it.

    3. Erika J Turnbull

      So. Excited. <3

    4. Klawzie on

      Thanks for clarifying! I couldn't tell if "RO" was for "Romantic O(bject???)" or if it somehow referred to the player characters, like Oz and Vicky.

      Now I can be properly excited. :) Thanks for the update.

    5. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Klawzie: short for "Love Interest"

    6. Klawzie on

      But what is an "RO"???