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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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AUGUST UPDATE: so far from home... (also, lots of stuff)

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, our dear backers! 

so I hit a new record on late updates, huh?

Thing is I've been 1 month far from home, travelling for conventions and such. As a result, it has been really hard to keep track of emails and stuff like this. But here I am! 

And, oh boy, August (and I guess part of September) has been quite the busy month! So let's go for it! 



OK, so these are our different fronts...

  • We finally closed a deal with a company that will re-do the online feature from scratch
  • Art has been working on the DLC 2 new dateable characters and on 6 to 8 new minor NPCs. 5 there will be for sure on the DLC. The other 3 might be on the DLC or later on updates for either the base game or the DLC. They're looking unbelievable cool (I can see lots of people begging for some of these new minor NPCs to be romanceable)
  • Viper (our young and promising 2nd artist) has been working on the Halloween update outfits. Oof.. you will LOVE them. There will be something for everyone! ;) 
  • Cory and Maggie have been writing events for the DLC. This is going kinda slow and it's my fault as it is hard to juggle my tasks as creative director with my tasks as project manager.
  • We're preparing a big new feature that we hope we will reveal before the end of the year. It might be part of the DLC! 
  • We've been looking for new VAs. I don't want to jinx it... but we have some spectacular people interested in voicing some of our new chars. Let's cross some fingers here! 
  • We've closed a deal with a new company to get Chinese localization (as last localization company didn't deliver unfortunately)
  • We've closed a deal with a company to take care of porting. Now we're looking for the approval of the console reps. We want to see MonProm on consoles on the first half of 2019. Let's see if we can get it! 
  • We've talking to potential collaborators for interesting stuff, such as studying the option of a mobile version of Monster Prom



So this happened... and I'm still mindblown. We were selected to give talks at Devcom (Gamescom), PAX Dev and PAX WEST. 

These were the talks and panels:


Really, I was kinda nervous because English is not my first language. But in the end it went super smoothly (even if with my weird accent): people seemed to like the talks, lots of insightful info, lots of persons coming afterward to tell me they loved it and it was really interesting, lots of laughs at my bad casual jokes and my tendency to think out loud during the talk. 

So... lots of people is asking if there will be some recording or else. A fan recorded the narrative talk (probably the most interesting for fans). 

Also, I will be preparing a full-text version (with all the info IN the presentation) soon. I want to have it ready for the Beautiful Glitch website launch day. This will probably happen either on October or November. 

And good news: I've been selected to give the very same talk during PAX Aus on October! <3 

I still have to confirm (checking on flights and availability)... but it will probably happen, yeah! 

Also, we were showcasing the game during PAX West. And it was mindblowing. You see: it was the first convention we did personally since release. Not only lots of people knew the game... but we got lots of cosplayers too! Another weird beautiful thing is that when I talked to panelists from panels I liked and mentioned my game was Monster Prom, lots of times the panelist already knew the game, which was very humbling and amazing to me. Picture it: you go to a panel ypu like, learn a lot, and later go to ask some questions to the panelist to learn more... and then when you mention you project it turns out the panelist is a fan!

Oh, also we revealed 3 of the upcoming minor NPCs: Leonard, Dahlia and Violet&Tate. People seem to love them already... specially Dahlia! That's so nice and validating for us (: 



Let's make a quick cool list:

  • ART (Art): we're finishing the minor NPCs and going for the secret endings of the DLC. Then it will be some new images (intro and class photo) that is updated with the new chars. Then it will be probably polaroids including the new chars. Once all the DLC content is ready, we will try to go into some Winter update and St. Valentine's update content to get that prepared; but after that we will be finally taking care of the monstersonas. Sorry for the wait! 
  • ART (Viper): he's starting to work on a very special thing for the Halloween update + the promo images. Then, he might need to help Art a bit with some minor art stuff for the DLC.
  • WRITING (the writers): we're writing the DLC events. We're testing 3 new potential writers to fasten this process.
  • WRITING (me!): I have to write once again the more lore heavy events (like I did with the Damien hairstylist route and the Valerie route). Also, I have to write some of the "OTHER TEXTS" (pop quiz questions, endings, etc)
  • VA: once Art finishes all the minor NPCs we will prepare a casting document to get VAs for all the new characters. As said, we have some potential very cool names interested into voicing them. Let's hope for the best! 
  • PROGRAMMING: we need to make some changes for the "DLC mode". Probably the game will offer you to choose between the classic mode and the DLC mode, which will have some minor differences (nothing flashy, just all the new content and some minor game design changes to fit the current game into a version with 8 dateable chars instead of just 6)
  • MERCH: we're already into the design stage and production stage for some very nice products you will be able of purchasing soon. I think they might be ready for Halloween! So start saving some money. We also talked to another potential collaborator for a slightly (still merch related) thing. Gonna disclose more about both things once we're getting closer. 

And probably there is still more stuff I'm missing. But you can bet we're working a lot to give you many surprises before the end of the year. 



We really want to give a shout out to the fantastic Kickstarter Boyfriend Dungeon, by Kitfox Games. It makes us infinitely happy to see narrative-driven games and dating sims seem to be on the rise. This game mixes dating sim mechanics with dungeon crawling mechanics. Explore dunjs while getting closer and closer to your weapon! 

There are almost 48h left, so go for it! 

And you know what? It makes us proud to share we were backer number ONE! That's show much we love this project. 


You know what could be cool? Some kind of crossover! We haven't talked to the creators on the matter and we are not even sure if we can fit that on our schedule... but just thinking about that it seems so cool! C'mon... who on Monster Prom could be a kick-ass weapon and what weapon they would be? 



Yeah, you heard it right: Cory O'Brien, lead writer at Monster Prom has co-created an hilarious 1vs1 tabletop game that you must play. I myself played during PAX East and had a great time! 

If you had fun with Cory's writing (and you probably had, since he has written more than half the events at Monster Prom), you will probably have fun with his writing once again, as he has crafted this experience with great love and dedication. It pushes you into very great and ridiculous conversations where one of you will try to guess correctly if the other one is a robot. Because it was about time we got a way of properly assessing if our loved ones are robots or not. 

The game is called INHUMAN CONDITIONS, and you should go right now to pledge some money (or don't... you do you). But no, really, it is a great game! Go for it! 

The other creator is one of the creators of Secret Hitler! 

And that's that! 

I'm sure I'm missing stuff. But you know what... we need stuff for the September update which will be like 2 week from now (if I don't fuck up again). 

I really want to go back home next week so I can go back to full-speed on the new content! 

In any case, thanks again for your support!  

Best regards,  

Beautiful Glitch

P.S.: Oh, yeah, here you have a MonProm Steam key for whoever is the first to get here --> ZICRE-TH39L-NXM74 ;p

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