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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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JULY UPDATE: PAX West, working on many things, merch... and more!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, our dear backers!

Such hot months, right? These months are slower, both for dev and sales. Of course now we will sell a bit less as these are holidays months + there are no new updates. We will probably have our next big update around October (not sure yet... but it looks like it). This is because we're all in with the DLC. Also, different people of the team are taking their very deserved holidays, and so dev is slower. 

Let's take a look! 



We're working all in on creative direction + writing + art for the DLC. It is beautiful to see how it is slowly becoming something real. This is the most important thing we're doing.

We also prepared... 5 NEW POLAROIDS! Four of these ones are the pairings that won the last contest we made. These polaroids will be (most likely) featured in an upcoming piece of merch for you to acquire. We will keep them exclusive to the merch for some time (some weeks to a few months) before implementing them in-game. They look GORGEOUS. 

We're preparing documents to be ready for Chinese localization. 

We've started to work in a big new feature.

We've started conversations with professionals so they can 100% re-vamp online so it works good this time. 

We're in conversations to study the option of porting to consoles.

We closed a deal for merch. 

We got to 15,000 followers on Twitter and revealed Amira's last name! <3 



So, either studying or working on what we've said...

  • Online revamp
  • The big new feature
  • Maybe porting
  • Localization
  • DLC
  • Halloween update (we have someone working on early stages of that)

At the same time we're doing the first very early steps of studying potential new projects while asking ourselves how a MonProm sequel could be (even if this would happen on late 2019 at the earliest). Some of these ideas will be tested by (probably) launching a KS project, so you can expect 1 to 3 KS projects from us on the next 12 months. Excited much? We promise they will be super cool! 

Probably revealing some art on either September, October or November. 


3. PAX WEST 2018

So, I (Julián Quijano) have been invited to 2-3 panels during PAX Dev and PAX West. I will be talking on mixing creativity and strategy while creating videogames + the narrative of Monster Prom (not from the writing viewpoint, but the creative direction mostly). 

I'm super excited about this. First time I've been selected for such a great honor myself. I'm trying to prepare a very nice presentation and I hope it ends up being interesting for some of the attendants. 

We're doing our best to have MonProm showcased at PAX West. No news yet; but if we make it, expect us to share it on our Twitter on the next weks.

We hope some of you can come and check on us! Please, please, come! I'm so nervous! 


And that's all for now! 

Thanks for being patient! These months are being super crazy! But be sure we're working intensely to make MonProm even greater! New languages, maybe new platforms, merch, new content, etc.! 

We hope you like it (:

In any case, thanks again for your support! 

Best regards,

Beautiful Glitch

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @CJ: woring on that too! But hard to go fast due to MonProm's unexpected success!
      @Erika: yaaaay, right? (:

    2. Erika J Turnbull

      Big new feature? HALLOWEEN UPDATE? <3 Ooooo much excite.

    3. Missing avatar


      Perhaps another installment of your gamezine could also make an appearance in the future? (they're so great to collect).