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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, beloved backers!

Monster Prom is out!

Sorry it took us some days to do this. But we wanted to gather some info first and we were stupidly overwhelmed by the great response the game has had. It has been marvelous, really.



Really, thanks. 18 months ago or so we launched a Kickstarter for Monster Prom. We were proud of our little thing and we say to ourselves "yeah, we can get those 8,000 euros, people will like this". The goal was obliterated and we got a stunning 402%. It was so humbling and amazing. 

We started to see people might fall in love with our wacky and absurd monsters. And the feeling was awesome. You were there, supporting us and giving us the resources to make Monster Prom bigger.

And so 2017 was a year of working super hard on it (as 2016 also was); but it was also the year of the conventions. We were selected for so many conventions... GDC, PAX West, MomoCon, BICfest, the MIX E3, Casual Connect Asia. What a journey! During 2017 we found strong allies on Jesse Cox and Those Awesome Guys. The closer we were getting to release, the bigger opportunities that appeared to us. 

It was not only about the big partnerships, but also the small details. We were falling in love with the game more and more. And so little beautful ideas started to appear for what you know now as some of the silliest secrets and easter eggs for the game. Special polaroids at the end, some special wacky NPCs, new endings!

2018 has been a crazy year! We focused on getting all last details for Monster Prom ready for you. We attended PAX East thanks to the INDIE MEGABOOTH and it was a crazy success (our booth was almost always stupidly crowded to the point enforcers were constantly asking us to control our crowds). People LOVED Monster Prom. 

One week before release a terrible unexpected bug destroyed our online feature. You don't know the amounts of stress that threw at us. But we hired extra muscle and together we got it (if a bit unstable) working by release. It was like the final challenge: I think we've never experience so much stress so far... really, what a week!

But it was all worth. On Friday April 27th (2018) we finally released. We've been always conservative on our estimates. If you talked to me, I always said "well, we can deny we have some good proof we have real chances... a good publisher, Jesse Cox as producer, China seemed to like the game, good reactions in conventions... but you know what? As I always say: we're still on time to fail. So let's wait and see." No that we were pessimistic; but you aim for the best while preparing for the worst. Our publisher ran a forecast some months ago and it said something like we could get to around 20k copies sold after 3 months. And we were like "well... let's take that with a pinch of salt. Hopefully we do that; but you see many great games doing numbers like those and we weren't sure if we we're THAT good. To be honest, 20,000 copies has been my personal "success number" to myself. Like, if we got there at ANY POINT, I can say to myself we did good enough. And getting there in just 3 months seemed like too good of a forecast. 

We released, our dear backers... and let us talk you about some numbers.



We have no words for the response so far. Of course, some numbers have to be kept private because they're... welp, private. But let's share some of them.

  • SALES: We got to 20,000 copies sold... in around 48 hours. Like... really.
  • STEAM REVIEWS: 96% positive at 306 revies. 
  • DISCORD: 1,300 members chatting Monster Prom, sharing fanart, etc. Join! 
  • FANART: We already have around 400-500 art pieces. PURE BEAUTY! 

This is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is so hard to keep track of everything. We try to remain participative in Discord, reply to Twitter and save all fanart. But oh god it is hard! But it is hard for the best reasons! 

By the way, once agan we encourage you to join the Discord channel. We participate there as often as we can, being there for the fans. Also, we have voice chats for you to find people with whom to play Monster Prom <3 

We have started to make a plan, tho. Fortunately, the response has been so good that it seems we can unleash our wildest dreams and start planning new stuff to keep the hype up. We can't disclose anything yet, since it is not for sure. But we're discussing new content, new features and new off-game stupid kick-ass stuff. 

Keep tuned! <3



Ok, this has been the most asked question. You all have your copy! 

Check your private messages, you should have a Steam key. That's the game! Go to the upper menu on the Steam client and click on "Games". Then, I guess it should be something like "Redeem a Steam product" in English (mine is in Spanish, sorry). 

If you got the "beta key", it's the same. The key updates itself into the regular key. So any key you've received, that's the game. 

Sorry if we weren't clear enough before.



First, we're fixing stuff. This stuff:

  • All the little bugs! We have a subchannel on Discord for you to tell us!
  • All the little typos! Saaaame!
  • Making online more stable! 
  • Implementing tons of more voice effects into the game
  • Updating one or two art thingies

And then we will start our masterplan to take the world. No, really, we will look into how to bury you into as much awesome Monster Prom shit as we can! Keep tuned! 



So, we know you've received just some of the rewards so far. So what about the rest? Let's address that:

  • DIGITAL ZINE: that should be taken care of around this week or next. Expect a PM on KS with a link to it. 
  • ART GOODIES: we need to prepare this. We need to talk to our artist to see what will entitle. Once we know, we will put it all in a Drive Folder or Dropbox Folder and we will share it too through a link on a PM on KS.
  • MONSTER BOOK: expect this to be one of the last rewards to be sent, if not the last. We're talking of maybe one year from now. This requires a serious amount of work if we want it to be as cool as we envision it. But for it, we need first to take care of an awful number of things. 
  • CUSTOMIZED MESSAGE: this will come in the future. We're working on tools for you to do mods. This is NOT for sure yet; but if we manage to do it, we would use the tool to create the customized messages.
  • FORUMS: this has happened already. We must say participation was lower than expected. It's a shame! :c
  • POSTCARDS: we're looking into the chance of creating merch. Once again: NOT FOR SURE. But we're waiting to see what about that, to inscribe the postcards thing into it. 
  • MONSTERSONAS: with the book, this will be one of the last rewards to happen. The reason is simple: this needs of our artist, which is needed more to cover the DLC content. 
    IMPORTANT THING ON MONSTERSONAS: we asked for a lot of direction, because there will be little to no room for any edit. We want to be clear about this. 


This is being beyond fantastic so far! We hope we can upload an MAY UPDATE with more infor about our upcoming plans for the game. 

Once again, thanks a lot for your support. We're super excited not only about the outstanding reception of the game so far, but about all the opportunities that lay ahead of us! 

And above all: we hope you're enjoying the game. We've worked A LOT on this, and it'd be awesome if you, who believed in us from the start, feel satisfied with the product we've finally delivered.


the Monster Prom team. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Lucas

      Never mind, I found it! Turns out I'm just dumb. I've got it now.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Lucas

      Hey, I just checked my Steam, and I didn't get a message or a key. Any chance it could be re-sent, please? Thanks.

    3. Theo (Evune)

      I’m so thrilled to see the game do so well! You really deserve all of it, I can’t wait to see future plans!

    4. Qaantar

      Awesome, HUGE congrats!!!

    5. D-Boy

      I am so happy to hear that the launch has been so well-received! I've played a handful of rounds this past weekend, but I look forward to playing even more and starting to unravel all of the game's secrets...and get Miranda to date me.

      Congrats on the success, Julian! You have earned it!