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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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MARCH UPDATE: last update before release! (IMPORTANT)

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hey, backers! 

Welcome to the last update before release! It will be rather short, since we're just closing last tasks before release! 



Most important thing is next week will be showcasing Monster Prom at the INDIE MEGABOOTH during PAX East. Are you attending? Please come and say hi! Tell us in the comments who will be there!

We've prepared a demo of the beta version + lots of goodies. We will have cute polaroid-like postcards, interactive goodies, some contests, one or two crazy activities, temporary tattoos... it will be GREAT! 

We're super excited. This will be our last big event before release! 



We've sent ALL Steam keys for the beta! Check your Kickstarter private messages to get them! And please, remember to join us on our Discord Channel (more below) and to answer the question of the Google Forms. All links included in the KS private message!

We received some feedback on the Google Forms and it has been overall great! People seem to like both the art style and the narrative of the game! Just 16 people answered (go and answer pleaseeeeeee), but so far Damien has being chosen as the most popular character! 

Also, people seem to appreciate the little details within the game and else. 

Have you checked the beta? Leave your thoughts here too! And join us on Discord to discuss everything! Every comment is useful for us to make changes and even to decide the future of Monster Prom after release. So maybe speaking your word about a fav character might help so this char get more content on future updates! 



I won't lie! We're a bit nervous about the remaining tasks for these 4 last weeks. Lemme list some of them:

  • I have to write the last 3-5% of events
  • We have to implement the proofreader comments on very specific things (she has already proofread and corrected lots of typos and such... still making more changes with typos you have spotted!)
  • We have the voice effects and we're now cutting them into voice bits. I have to spend some hours naming all the documents and then I have to manually implement them into the game (which will take me A LOT OF TIMEEEE x_x)
  • We are preparing the SFX
  • We might purchase some more songs for the game
  • We have some last UI to implement for the settings and the online menus

And probably some more stuff I am missing? But this is the big stuff still missing. Nothing we can take care of in some weeks! But so nervous! D:



We remind you once again to join our Discord channel!

  • Meet other Monster Prom fans
  • Comment your experience playing the beta
  • Check all our fanart
  • Ask questions to the devs

Link here:

 And that's all. Not a lot more to add. We've implemented LOTS OF STUFF during March and the game is almost ready. It's just the last tip on narrative, some remaining interfaces, and some stuff on the sound side. 

So excited!

Once again: thanks for all your support (and your patience!)   

Best regards,

Beautiful Glitch! 

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    1. Theo (Evune)

      Super excited for the release and to see you at PAX! It’s gonna be awesome! :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Hadara White on

      im SO hyped to see you guys at PAX!!!! ill be dressed as Monika from doki doki :D

    3. Derek A Huffman

      I'll be at PAX as well! I have a colleague who is showing off his game down there too. Can't wait to see you guys down there!

    4. Lunsel on

      Ahh espero poder hacer algun fan art en este mes!!! <3 <3

    5. Missing avatar

      Charissa Calderon on

      I couldn't swing a ticket to PAX but my little brother will be there Saturday! I'll send him your way 😬

    6. Missing avatar

      Hayley on

      Yay I’m excited to see you guys at Pax!! Good luck!!