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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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JANUARY UPDATE: upcoming big announcement, pronoun customization, DLC, emotes, and MUCH MORE!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hey, my dear backers! 

January is here! It has been a month full of progress and stuff. So get ready for lots of information, ok? This is a BIG UPDATE. Here we go!


1. A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (and some bad news)

OK, let's start with the bad news: the game won't be released during February. Instead, we have a big announcement that will be revealed around mid-February. 

We are just about to finish the new logo, which will translate (FINALLY!) into the Steam Page. From there, we will try to hurry into the new Twitter account for the game (we're trying to claim @monsterprom -which is highly unused-, so @btflglitch will keep being a general place for all things Beautiful Glitch, while @monsterprom will focus on the game, better managed both by me and our great publishers. And most likely we will go back to talk about our Humble page. 

If we get the Steam Page ready, then we will start studying how to put all what we have into the Steam Client. For the past 6 months or so we have had an alpha ready that mimicked (in an alpha stage, ofc) almost all the game experience. Some testers played it and the feedback was overall pretty fantastic (check the testing feedback on our August update). 

So the beta is almost ready, but for safety reasons I want to be able of distribute it through the Steam client and not just an .exe to download. 

Because of that, getting the Steam Page and doing our research on how to upload the game into the Steam Client is key for us to get that beta for you. It will be our first time, but we have the support from our publishers which did it a while ago with their main game. 

Long story short, I think we can manage to get that beta ready by late-February; but I don't want to promise anything, since we have no idea how much the process to get the game ready for the Steam Client needs and standards might take. 

Also, once the beta is ready, we'd love to contact with you all backers that pledged the tiers that included access to the beta to run some testing, if it's OK by you. There are A LOT of you, so we guess it should be easy to get 20 to 100 willing testers. It would be just taking some notes while playing. Stuff like giving 1 to 5 stars to the events you see, listing the love interests and minor NPCs from best to worst, explaining all that a bit, commenting what were the best jokes, etc. 

Sorry for the delay on the release date. I know it will be frustrating for some of you, and I deeply apologize for it. There are many reasons for that. In the end, biggest reason is a good one: Monster Prom has achieved goals over and over, making us more comfortable with the idea of improving the final game. Getting +400% of our initial goal obviously changed our plans entirely (making May 2017 authomatically not a thing). Then we started conversations with publishers and those conversations gave us insights to improve the game, which already shifted again our plans to early 2018. Finally, some final super interesting conversations (more to be revealed on that big announcement) gave us even more confidence to improve the game. So our publisher has paid a forecast to decide best release date within some dates we deem "doable" and it's highly probable we lock a release date on the big announcement! And this time it will be fully public, so full commitment!

In the end, the constant delay is product of good things, basically us deciding to increase the scope of the game (always within our resources... so don't be scared of us making the classic indie mistake of going for a stupid huge scope). Also, this is our first fully owned by us project, so we learnt some stuff. 

I will explain some of this stuff now...



Here's something I've learnt (as the one who manages the project) from Monster Prom: a gamedev process is tricky as hell in its last stages. What I mean? It is even frustrating the fact that since August or so we have an alpha that gives the player a perfect idea of the whole game. It was (if very simplistic) a take on the whole game's main experience. 

So since then I've been more confident than not, knowing that we had around 70%-80% of the game done. Little I knew that it is the last bits of a game that take the most of the time. So right now LOTS of the aspects of the game are close to be 100% done, yet none of them is. So right now it feels more like tying up A LOT of loose ends. And don't get me wrong, some weeks faster, some weeks slower, we're doing it in a very successful way. 

But it is like one of those tricky 3D wooden puzzles, and when I feel we're close to make it I then realize we're missing something from somewhere else. 

Also there's always room for improvement, and that's risky as hell. We have a Trello with LOTS of tiny details to polish the game. We've listed them according to priority, and we're aware a good bunch of them will be included after release. 

It is a lot of interesting small features. But keep in mind when I talk about lots of tiny tasks I don't mean the game's being delayed just because we're spending too much time on this. No, we're working on the core experience, but even if almost done, the last parts take their time. Lots of details that we hope will be appreciated by some once the game is out. Like... yesterday I wrote 13 different ending situations for one of the most secret endings. The programmer hates me and we need to talk to see if it can be included without being too much work for him... 

In general, this month I've worked a lot with the big plotlines and item events, which are the most complex ones. And we need to resolve one of the most special types of event, which are basically interactive. That among other stuff. 

So the result is we're done with BIG SCARY TASKS (or so I think!), but we have A TERRIBLE TON OF TINY TASKS. 

Wish us luck! 



Another situation, hinted before, it is the way we try to raise to greatness (at least within our resources and capabilities). So sometimes we're tackling one of those remaining features and we planned them to be something simple. But then we start talking about it and we can't help but think how to make them excel in some way. We're always realistic trying to make it doable... yet it always means a bit more of time and work. Lemme show you some examples:

  • Pronoun customization: we decided a while ago that we wanted the player to be able of choosing their own names and pronouns of preference. This means "he", "she" and "they". But then we realized that if we're going for neutral pronouns, we need to do 2 extra things: first thing is we need to find acceptable neutral versions for a lot of gendered words we include in the game ("king", "queen" and... "monarch" or "royalty"). Secondly, if we go for neutral pronouns, then we need to code all the verbs that follow %HESHE% to include a "plural version" ("likes" and "like") so it accommodates to the "they" option. That's... surely more work
  • Emotes: we wanted to include "emotes" so players could communicate when playing online in the strange event they decide to play online without using any voice chat of some sort. So there we were... discussing what to do with the emotes, choosing which ones to include. And then we wanted to make them special somehow, so the feature shone by itself. Some ideas included 3-4 variations of each emote dealt randomly so using them for the first time is somewhat thrilling. Or making the emotes "2 part-emotes" so you choose 1 of the 4 "first emotes" and then each one has 2 potential continuations to make them funnier". So we don't know if we will keep them simple or we will add some of these ideas. 
  • Results screen: OK, so this was a suggestion by our publisher which makes LOTS OF SENSE. They suggested for us to include a results screen that gave players a glimpse of how big the game is and its high replayability. Something simple that basically told you how many events you've seen so far compared to the total number. A clear way of saying "you've only seen the tip of the iceberg". So I started designing such a screen and I decided it had to include numbers for the current run + a comparison between numbrs from the total of runs played so far in comparison with numbers from the whole game. Then, stupid me, I said to myself: what about also showing 1 or 2 "titles" like in the high school yearbooks? The main idea so far is to include a playable character with a title that can be related to an event that happened during the run, or totally random + and an NPC with a title that can be related to an event that happened during the run or  a title related to some data from the game ("the char that has refused the most players so far" and stuff like that). In the end, it is a simple detail... yet if we do it, I will spend 1 or 2 days writing lots of titles that the programmer will have to connect with specific stuff within game. 
So as you see the game could most likely exist without any of these 3 features, yet it might feel incomplete or further from what we're envisioning. NO pronoun customization would be a shame, since we want the game to truly feel post-gender (so any character can identify in any way depending on the player). NO emotes can affect negatively the experience of specific players who want to play with friends but for some reason can't use voice chat (which coincidentally has been my situation for a while). NO results screen can lead to players not realizing the real depth of the game and thinking they've seen everything after 1 run (therefore bad reviews!).
Once again, let me be clear: we're not picking ANY NEW LITTLE FEATURE we can think of. We carefully decide what to implement, what to leave for after release and what to directly avoid even if tempting.


Lots of things. It is hard to list, since -as said- now is mostly tons of tiny tasks. 

For instance, on art:

  • The ending credits illustrations have been finished
  • The pop quiz stickers have been finished
  • We added some new icons for UI
  • We did some changes to the UI
  • We did the first mock-ups for 2 new screens (results screen and "choose a date for prom" screen)
  • We started working on a map version with different lighting to give some variety between different turns
  • We prepared a special background for the WEEKEND turns (2 special turns that are more "interactive")
  • We changed the icon of the SLAYER
  • We made changes to the COVEN character model and we also prepared different version of them for specific events
  • We made icons for the 2 other witches that are part of the COVEN
  • We worked a lot on the new logo. We think we're super close to finish it! 
On narrative, our current writer, Maggie is about to end her part of the events. I'm re-writing and correcting events. I started to write the ending texts for the secret endings, so the programmer can implement that on the next build. 
A lot of proofreading has been done! 
Elias, our great programmer has almost finished the online feature. He has also worked on the way we will be able of implementing different languages in the future. He has also worked on the way the special events (like big plotlines and item events) work, taking care of very specific situations. 

Then there's A LOT of other tasks such as:

  • New twitter account 
  • Changes to website
  • Setting the Steam page up
  • Starting our collaboration with a (very cool) PR firm
  • Preparing the document so Monster Prom can start being translated into Chinese
  • Discussing our reveal teaser 



Let's list some stuff that we're aiming to do during February

  • Icons for some stuff (mostly online and game progress)
  • The emotes
  • A whole new minor NPC with its own secret ending
  • A new item
  • The events for this item+minor NPC
  • 2 final BIG PLOTLINES (Miranda and Damien)
  • Rewritting 2 item plotlines
  • Reformatting interactive events
  • Writing some continuation events
  • Polishing more features
  • Hopefully starting the VA
  • We're discussing with a potential person to take care of the SFX
  • Finishing the proofreading
  • Working on the shop dialogues
  • Working on some ending related features
  • Finishing results screen 
  • Finishing "who to date" screen
  • Wrapping up a new build 
  • Starting the Chinese translation
  • Preparing the big announcement
  • Preparing the reveal teaser
  • Starting PR stuff with the awesome PR firm (revealing them on next  update too)

Definitely NOT an easy month. Here we go! 



Oh, and by the way, during January, on my free time, I started to brainstorm more about the DLC. I think I came up with a good way of implementing it as an extra mode (which you can get as a DLC, but free of charge for some of the backers as you might remember) that would hopefully add around +50% content. 

This is what I thought of (NOT FOR SURE) so far: 

  • 2-3 new love interests
  • 4-8 new minor NPCs
  • 10-20 new secret endings
  • 8-12 new items
  • New challenges and pop quiz questions
  • 100-200 new events
  • An extra outfit for the 6 original love interests

So far, my fav picks for new love interests are chars that I've tried to somehow include in the base game, so they come as some kind of hint. One of them is actually a minor NPC: The Coven (a group of 3 witches). In the DLC, their leader would become a love interest. The other 2 are characters that appear directly and indirectly (working on that in a way that makes sense) as item related secret endings (one of them is the one we're working on during February). Basically an eldritch horror girl (it has a nice twist I need to check with some people to be sure it is not offensive to anyone, since it'd be related indirectly to gender identity) and a computer disguised as a person. Basically they are 2 genderless beings that identify as a girl and as a boy. But the computer is more about its transition is more about from non-sentient to sentient being (I'm not even sure if using the pronouns "IT" or "HE", while the eldritch horror is more about the transition from ancient dark deity of chaos to girl, and it'd probably include a big plotline fully centered on gender identity. 

On the DLC I'd make a change on the items (that I wish I had made for the base game), tying them to secret endings and characters. 

And some ideas (NOT FOR SURE) for the minor NPCs (we'd use just a few of these ones):

  • Inanimate object (just that, an inanimate object, like Plank on Ed, Edd n Eddy)
  • Fellow Student (clearly an adult person police undercover as a student)
  • Parasitic couple (a monster and a parasite who are a very cheesy couple)
  • Clichéd Coven adversary (Dmitri, a tormented villain who's always changing sides)
  • Princess Muscles (a jacked simple-minded lovable princess that enfuriates Miranda because how she ignores proper Princess behavior)
  • Happy Disney-like sidekick (a trusted friend and advisor of Miranda, who's secretly plotting her assassination)
  • Bellanda (one of Miranda's older sisters under the "battle princess" trope)
  • An actual cult

Some undeveloped stupid crazy ideas:

  • An actual k-pop band (somehow related to Liam)
  • The  ghosts of all past parties
  • Another demon, son/daughter of the rivals of Damien's dads.

And some undeveloped ideas for potential secret endings:

  • Scott tries to be a hipster
  • Damien tries to punch the sun
  • Vera on a family-related big plotline
  • A big plotline either about VR or singularity
  • A super heartfelt Polly ending with some backstory
  • Scott and Miranda: lemonade moguls
  • Prankmasterz destroy the world
  • Yaoi muses
  • Date the monster slayer? 
  • The treasure map! 

Obviously I'm sharing this in a SUPER EARLY STAGE. This could completely change. Remember that DLC should only cover 2 new love interests, and the rest is us loving this game and this universe, wanting to make it bigger. But it'll ultiimately depend on results, resources and availability of our super talented collaborators. 

Oh, and I'm working on an even less clear content that I call "Monster Prom: Holiday Season", which would be 3 smaller versions of the game, each one done by a different artist with a really different art style around a different scenario:

  • Summer Camp
  • Winter Holidays
  • International Trip (this is the one I'm the least sure about) 

But this is just me daydreaming on what we could do in case the game works. 




Oh, yeah, small thing: new weekend (Feb 9th to 11th) we will be attending a Spanish Convention (Japan Weekend Madrid). 

Some interesting stuff:

  • We will be obviously showcasing the game. Most likely our old builds, since the new one will be ready at best for the week after that weekend. 
  • I will give 2 talks. One of them super off-topic (they wanted something light for Sunday) about some crazy stories on making an indie game and 2017 conventions (which included stuff like partying with the actual Steven Universe, Zach Callison, or getting stuck in Korea for an extra day due to missing my plane back to Spain). But the important one is the Satudrday one, which Spanish title roughly translates into "10 steps to create characters to fall in love with", which focuses heavily on creative direction and narrative design on Monster Prom. This is somewhat important because this will most likely end up in the MONSTER BIBLE, the PDF document/sort-of-book that will include stuff about Monster Prom's universe and developement. I'm sure I won't get many attendants, since we're not a big thing (even less in our own country) nor the convention is focused on videogames; but I'll try to test the content of the talk and discuss it with some of the attendants. 
  • We're holding a fanart contest until this Thursday-Friday. Prizes include 50--100€ in drawing material (amount depends on participation). It's mostly focused on Spanish artists and artists attending the Japan Weekend Madrid event; but anyone can participate! So please, give it a try! ;) 
  • I'm including a WIP of a fanart. This one is not for the contest. This one we comissioned it. To make it for the lack of 3x3 awesome fanart prints lately. It's from LeraPI, a super talented artist. She's also a NSFW artist, so please know that the link includes NSFW content too.  

 Woah! This one has been a very stuffed update, huh? I've been writing this during the span of 4-5 days. That's the reason is coming a bit late. But we're on a very critical (and stressing but wonderful) moment, so I wanted to share it with you all! 

Once again: thanks for all your support (and your patience!)

Best regards,

J. Quijano

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Crystal: thanks for your words!
      Effectively, I think we've doing fine. Delay was only due to very good reasons and even like that we've never missed a monthly update, doing always our best to keep those as long as possible so backers always felt well informed.

      And now... now we're less than 3 weeks till release! Still some stuff to solve, but so close! (:

    2. Crystal Nehler

      Well, I'm stoked and a half. I do feel like as a backer of many things, KS is NOT A PREORDER, IT'S AN INVESTMENT. You do your research and hope for the best and it can be a bummer if something doesn't work out, but you take on the risk by backing a Kickstarter. There are no guarantees and being passive aggressive about it when the team is obviously still doing the work doesn't help anyone.

      I'm happy if the team is still showing me results from the work, whatever the timeline. I know they are doing their bests. Being ghosted or having things cancelled is no fun and it's cool to get upset about it to a point. But everyone should understand the actual nature of Kickstarter before complaining about it.

      I think this project is so much MORE exciting than it was when I backed it, delays or not.

    3. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @James: sure, I'm not saying you encourage people you don't feel like encouraging, you know? Just saying (backer to backer) to remember that almost always creators are just people struggling to create something, even when the project is in a state that can only be described as "a shitshow". Once again, this doesn't excuse them, because we comitted to deliver a product. But be sure this people is plenty aware they're failing their backers already.

      Anyway, I hope all these tricky situations with other projects get solved soon!

    4. James Sunderland on

      I'm a bit annoyed with KS projects, and this one hasn't been as bad as others. I think a couple times I had a hard time understanding posts due to the language barrier here in the past which lead to more questions than I'd normally ask for clarity's sake.

      But several that I've been looking forward to, (Quantum Suicide in particular, dragon date) are both in a bad state due to really weird circumstances and a project I almost backed (System Shock remake) just killed today. I really don't try to ascribe bad motives to creators, but I'm not going to use the only platform I have to voice little encouragements when things go wrong, there are plenty of backers who only have nice things to say.

      I'd rather have a sober view of what is going on with a project I backed than pretend every one will turn out okay. I even had a project I backed (Starlight Vega) come out; I used backerkit to increase my pledge for physical goods and the creator vanished off the internet. I tried across four platforms to get in touch, and luckily backerkit worked with me and I got my 65USD back two years later.

      I'm out of KS for most things besides sequels and yuri VNs for now, but I need to keep tabs on things to maximize the potential that backers get something for their faith. I appreciate your openess to communication and level-headedness across this project.

    5. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      to make ends meet*
      Damn I am bad at English :v

    6. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @James: hey, James! Told ya that I'm very sorry you feel you need to "make some noise" to get some creators to respond to your comments, but that's not me!
      Anyway, I answered you on the other comment. I mean, now I am checking I actually told you in advance about the announcement and the relase date and everything.

      I can see you're upset in general and frustrated by many projects. I took a look at other comments just to understand better your frustration. As a creator (but also a backer) I want to understand you a bit better. There's little to do, buddy. You might feel things should be a certain way... but sometimes they aren't that specific way! It's good to be more flexible! Even if just to avoid getting upset, you know? Because when you get very upset, you're the one having a bad time, mate ):

      So I did some reading and even realized you commented on a previous update even on a pretty similar tone. I worry, James. Let me give you a piece of useful advice, not as MP's creator, but as a backer myself. Back projects on KS (specially tech, videogames and some design) assuming some delays. Of course, creators should always do their best on nailing the release date as the one that was presented on the KS campaign. But do you know what's the main issue? Normally, KS campaigns occur on a very early stage of development. That's why they almost always fail. Because life happens, for better or worse. From unexpected issues to good news. And once again, I am not saying this as a creator who wants backers not to complain (you can do it and I will be OK with it); but as a fellow backer who values people's peace of mind. So for instance I backed these games that haven't been released yet:

      > Omori (est. release date: May 2015)
      > Witchmarsh (est. release date: Dec 2015)
      > Starr Mazer (est. release date: Apr 2016)
      > Wildfire (est. release date: Mar 2016)
      > Little Devil Inside (est. release date: jun 2016)

      And the list goes on. Thing is once I back a project, I forget about it except to encourage its creators. More often than not they're not trying to get your money and run. Of course, there are some sad ugly stories, but usually what happens is these good-hearted people did misscalculations or couldn't anticipate some unexpected circumstances. The people from Starr Mazer had a very ugly legal case (and I know you're experiencing a similar scenario with QUANTUM SUICIDE). But as a backer I don't focus on the game being delayed more than 1 year... I keep in mind this is real people that's struggling way more than me. Because to me is a game I won't play until 1-2 years later (and... I don't really care at all); but for these people... for these people the issue is bigger, James. They're not having a party with our money, they're probably struggling and sometimes even having a really bad time. I met once one of the creators of QUANTUM SUICIDE in person. She was a lovely hard-working woman who wanted the very best for her backers. So she's probably having a hard time...
      Of course, I am not saying you cannot post all these comments. You're free to do as you please. I am not excusing delays either, just explaining them. Once again, as creators we should always try to make meets end on time while creating the best game possible. But, from backer to backer, let me tell you that it's better to avoid frustration. As a creator I don't worry that much because we're not in that position. We got delayed mostly due to awesome news (first getting 4 times what we wanted on KS; then getting a cool publisher that gave us some more funding; and then our deal with Jesse Cox, which has meant a bit more funding). So even if I am truly sorry for the delay, I know it has been because of various opportunities for this game to become better. And now we have a release date, 2 months from now!

      Obviously, do as you prefer. And by all means, complain if you feel like it. Just seeing a pattern of frustration and anger... and that is never good for you! I hope you find some peace! (:

    7. James Sunderland on

      According to PC Gamer:

      Why isn't this brought to the backers directly? A release date would seem to warrant an update.

    8. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @James: well, I'm sorry that's how you feel, James. I would say that we respond all commens sooner or later, no matter what the content.
      And I would also say tha almost all of updates are far from being just teasers for other updates. We almost always include stuff like a list of things we've done that month to keep you as informed as possible without spoiling too much.
      And I fail to see this update just as "a teaser for another teaser", when that's just one thing we've said here, on what's the longest update so far.

      If you feel not sure about us being capable of delivering the game... I can' do anything about it. It's true: we have no other games released. So there is no real solution to that other than waiting and see if we're capable of delivering. I think we will! ;)

      Next week we will have the announcement, including a release date. Right now we're waiting Steam's approval to the game and release date.

    9. James Sunderland on

      The way that things are always delayed on KS makes it really frustrating to get updates that are basically teases for more updates, generally after delays. Multiply this across half a dozen projects with similar things that I pledged to (and that are ones that have a chance of seeing the light of day) and I tend to take the least charitable position unless I see the creator has made things in the past that were released. Some creators also don't respond unless you make some noise.

    10. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @James: hey! Not sure what should be the logic? We don't have release date because we're closing on some final staff to avoid giving you a release date and then failing at comitting to it. So we want to be 100% sure first. The big announcement is there because there's something worth the announcement?

      It's both. We want to both create a great product (for the backers and everyone else) but we also want to take care of everything that will affect the sales. I understand your position and even appreciate it, since it comes from you really wanting to play the game; but thing is we're more than "Monster Prom". We're a company making "Monster Prom", and we're a bunch of people working on creating "Monster Prom". As it happens with every videogame (or product for what's worth). So we the people, we need to take care of the not-so-much-appreciated-by-the-fans tasks (publishing, publicity, PR, etc) because that will affect sales, and sales will affect benefits, and benefits will affect to key things that are quite essential for us (even if, as I truly understand, they don't directly affect someone that just wants to play "Monster Prom"):

      a) our financial health, so we have the resources to create something after "Monster Prom", since that's the only way the company will keep functional instead of imploding after release because we decided to ignore anything but the production
      b) our lives. Because, once again, we're people. And we decided to invest our time (sometimes our money too) into creating videogames for a living. And we're super excited about what "Monster Prom" can be, but we can't ignore the rest of things, since we need to keep living after "Monster Prom" release. So taking care of some stuff can be the difference between creating a 2nd game easily, struggling a lot, or even being forced to stop doing this.

      Please, understand I am not saying this in an angry tone or as a complain. I've been a backer many times, and a consumer. And we tend to put our urges before, because understandably you put your money (for which we're super grateful) on a project that (once again as it is annoyingly usual on KS) has been delayed. And it has happened to me, and I used to get annoyed too, at the sense the creators where starting to act in a way that seemed to ignore us, the backers, the ones that believed in them before any need of publishing or publicity. It makes sense. But in the end I understood that creators go beyond that very specific creation (as commented), and they need to be responsible and smart. And I understood that way was the best way of assuring they would be able of creating more products like the one it made me trust them with my money.

      I'm not saying you have to acquire my very same worldview on that. I hope you end up doing so, but I will respect you if you don't. At least I want you to know that I understand your position, even if I still have to be responsible myself and take care of the whole thing, including the other tasks, such as publishing and publicity.

      that being said, I hope you have a nice day.

    11. James Sunderland on

      What's the logic of having no release date, but some kind of nebulous "big announcement" mid-februray? I just want the game and it's always about the publisher and publicity, rather than getting it to the backers.

    12. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Scott: well, but keep in mind different people want different stuff and we try to see that and from all that stuff we pick what we think it will elevate the game. I mean, just right now: you don't think the pronouns thing is needed (which we respect); but in 4 comments we have here so far, another person have highlighted that as the first thing they love. So in a game that revolves around the post-gender concepts (and other stuff, like monsters, love and being wrong&unapologetic), it seems quite a consistent and nice addition.
      Also, while keeping the general conversation on the sphere of opinions (which should be always respected), we should point out that the only thing we disagree with is the mention that this might be relevant to just a few people. Representation in fiction is key for a game, for minorities, for the industry and for society in general. So this kind of details not only are a step towards progress, but they are also usually acknowledged and appreciated by way more people than just the ones directly affected by the detail. I don't want to come as self-righteous... there are lots of stuff we are not doing "by the book" or "in a 100% progressive way". We realize that and as for now we're at peace with it, since you can't fight all fights. But let's say we decided a while ago to fight this one.

      What I mean is we don't see this as a "small irrelevant feature".

      I say this with no hard feelings. Above all, I'm truly grateful you appreciate our effort and the fact you've supported our project. Also, I have the feeling you will like the big announcement we will soon make.

      @CJ: hey, CJ, so happy you have such a good opinion on most of the new features. On chaos during last updates: well, the causality on your commentary is not completely right. It isn't that being with a publisher made everything messier in this stage. It is this finals stages are by definition messier and also, (not as its cause) it is during these stages that's more usual to start tighter relationship with a publisher. So don't think the publisher is the cause stuff is getting messier... that was bound to happen anyway. On the production side, that was inevitable, as mentioned, because of how now work is just an infernal lot of small tasks. On the non-production side (which might be related to the publisher and is usually less-appreciated by players), I can just said that with or without a publisher, we were going through. Because we feel we need that (PR, communication, market analysis). Damn, we feel every indie game needs that. And it tends to be unpopular among fans because it doesn't affect them that much (since we're doing that to acquire new potential fans and lock a success).
      So I want to say that we acknowledge how this might feel unfair or simply not cool to people that is already fans of the game (for which we're eternally grateful), but still we need to be responsible and strategic and do things in a way we not only deliver the best game possible, but that we also do so in a way the maximize the potential results.

      @Alexis: so happy you appreciate it, Alexis. Also it's great to receive these words of encouragement! (:

      @Theo: ooooh, thanks, Theo! I expect to meet again on PAX East!

    13. Theo (Evune)

      This all looks so exciting, can’t wait!! Also, good luck at Japan Weekend Madrid!

    14. Alexis Sara on

      The elder god looks so cute and I love the addition of Pronoun options just as a nice way for players who want that to have it.

      DLC ideas sound like they are solid and fun so good luck with that and I think y'all are doing good to put everything together in the way you want. Don't get in over your head but I am excited for y'all to make it through.

    15. Missing avatar


      I think some of the new additions sound great and will signal a good change for the game. I like the move towards more inclusiveness and the counter so you know how many branches and endings you can aim for. However, I can't say I'm not disappointed at the delay. Not necessarily because we don't get the game sooner but because things have sounded much more frantic and confusing since you linked up with a publisher and it's hard to follow all of these moving pieces you have going on, even if I appreciate you telling us what they are. Nonetheless, I'm still happy for the team and the project and that you have ideas for the DLC. Also, maybe you need to get your programmer a gift or something to show you appreciate them.

    16. Scott on

      While I appreciate all the work and effort that has gone into this game, which I was shown by the lovely Dodger and Jesse back when they did their video, I don't believe the pronouns feature is a necessary one at all. It just seems like a waste of resources and time on a feature that you yourselves admit will give you more work despite the list as long as my arm that you have to complete anyway. At the end of the day, not enough people care about this 'zee, zurrr, hwee, hwurr' stuff to justify the use of manpower and resources when it could be better used elsewhere.