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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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DECEMBER UPDATE: potential new logo, ending credits, re-writes, and more!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hey, my dear backers! 

How are you? You know what... yesterday was my b-day (Julian)! I'm a big boy now, so I can take care of huge responsibilities such as posting a KS update. So here we go! 


Ok, let's go with a list:

a) Maggie finished batch 9 of events (which I reviewed) and she's about to start with batch 10. So we're working on those two batches. They included crazy adventures with the Coven, pitching business ideas, a drage race, a magic artifact, and a phone with a soul-stealing bug. 

b) I re-wrote some of the oldest big plotlines. Now there's still 2 of the basic ones (one from Damien and one from Polly) that need some re-writing. Then I will write an extra big plotline for Miranda (I was very bad at planning stuff at first and now I'm kind of forced to create 1 or 2 extra big plotlines for Miranda because I am an idiot)

c) Elías is still focusing on the online featuring while also preparing to work on the way we will be able of adding new languages to the game. He's also about to start working on the implementation of the final steps of a normal run (some specific big plotlines, individual endings, final ending and credits). After that, next goals will be 1P mode and gallery among other stuff

d) Our publisher is helping us to re-think the game's logo. Here you have some skethes. What do you think? We need opinions! 

e) our publisher is also helping us both with Chinese relationships to assure a release on China too + getting a PR firm for our PR stuff.

f) we're still working on the possibility of adding VA.

g) we're getting the final art for the pop quiz and the ending credits. With that done we will fully prepare the credits and resume conversations with some people in order to get a song for the credits

h) proofreading is finally happening! <3


For once we're waiting to close on a logo to create the material for the Steam page. We hope we can have a new logo soon! 

Our artist is back and he's working, as said, on the ending credits. It might take a bit, since these images are the most complex ones within the game. There are 4 left. We should be receiving sketches for most of them this very same week.

Maggie will make changes on batch 9 according to my feedback and she will also start working on batch 10. 

We hope we can close some more deals to assure the biggest and bestest release possible. 

Maybe we get the VA? 

At some point we need to tackle SFX. SFX is like the big missing thing in our roadmap. We need to do that at some point. 

We applied for 3 events in the US. Cross your fingers for us, to see if we can be selected! They will be quite essential, since our release is getting closer and closer!

And that's all for today!

Once again: thanks for all your support. And please share your thoughts on the potential new logo.

Best regards,

the Beautiful Glitch team

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @everyone: thanks for all the opinions! For a series of reasons we ended up choosing 2 standard gargoyle hands!
      We're working on a potential tentacle Eldritch horror love interest for the DLC. Not for sure!

    2. Milki Kaplanski on

      There totally should be a tentacle love interest, such a missed opportunity! (Maybe an alternate costume for Vera that could be umlocked through an event? ;>) I think both of the tentacle logos look great.. hope you guys will go with one of them!

    3. Missing avatar

      TheisSJ on

      my fave is 3rd row 2nd column (I like the tentacle-cups),
      my 2nd fave is 2nd row 1st column (Pollys broach* looks really cute.)
      * I dunno if it has a more specific name sorry.

      VA imo is important for VN due to the length of texts. But as I understand the game has interactions between the texts so VA isn't needed per say, but it would still be awesome.

      Can't wait to see how the the game turns out. Keep up the good work.

      Word list: VA=voice acting, VN=visual novel, imo= in my opinion

    4. Theo (Evune)

      Happy late birthday Julian! The project looks like it's doing great, voice acting looks really cool but don't let it slow down production. As for the logos, top left/bottom left definitely.
      Can't wait to see more!

    5. RocketarmsMedia on

      Like the look of bottom left. Could have a ghost hand, but might "pop out" too much with the logo.

    6. Melon on

      Happy Birthday!
      Voice Acting would be a nice addition, but I honestly wouldn't mind if there wasn't any. Regarding the logos, though....the tentacle ones are cool.

    7. Amalia Hawkins on

      I like the 3rd and 4th on the left and the 1st on the right :)

    8. Missing avatar


      I really don't think the voice acting is important. I know some people think it'll be great but offer it as a DLC or free update down the line after the release. Nothing that would hold up the production.

    9. mary borsellino

      I like the third one down on the left, with the tentacle -- they're all cute but that's got a little bit of an edge above the rest.

    10. Alexis Sara on

      Are you going to be able to get through Chinese censorship rules?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      The logos all seem really good, but if I had to choose, my top pics would be the tentacle and ghost hand ones on the left.

    12. D-Boy

      Happy belated Birthday, Julian!

      Sounds like things have been very productive recently. Keep up the fantastic work! Best of luck on working on voice acting. I think it would be an awesome addition.

      As for the logo, I think I prefer the third from the left. Even though there isn't a tentacle monster love interest, I think it gets the message across the best.

      Happy Holidays to you and the whole team!