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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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SEPTEMBER UPDATE: new obstacles, new release date and PAX West

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)
Hi, my dear backers!  

Welcome to the September update. During September we tackled some boring obstacles and visited a couple of events.  There are some stuff we want to be sure they will be achieved; but aside that October still seems like a potential release date for us.  

This month we have a cool 3x3 piece done by BoissB. I love it, it seems as if they were part of an American TV show, right? 

This might be the last 3x3 piece in a while. We will comission simpler prise for the next updates! I hope you're OK with it (: 

1. PAX West

We were showcasing Monster Prom at the INDIE MEGABOOTH during PAX West. It was... BEYOND GREAT. 

People seemed to have an awesome time playing. It was a dream come true: big crowds of people both playing and just watching... and LOTS of laughs. 

I'm including some pictures:




So it was great. The demo worked smoothly. People came for the art and stayed for the narrative, which was our goal! 

Also... we asked all people who was their favorite monster... here you have the results! 


Let's rip the bandaid: we are not making it into Halloween. The game is about to be ready, but we have to solve some stuff. And I want time to build a communication plan for at least 1 month before release.

Let me be clear: these tasks are important but we will absolutely complete them. Also, they involve super nice people and I don't want to give you the impression we're ungrateful by calling them "boring". But I mean... it is no developing a game, for sure! 

What are these boring obstacles?

  • Preparing the company so we can work with Steam (we needed to talk to the IRS, since we're based on Spain).
  • Finish some legal stuff
  • Preparing the game so it can be in other stores
  • We're looking for some business opportunities to make the game bigger and better (like talking to potential publishers)

This is the boring part of making a game... BUT IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT. And even if the game is almost done, we can't rush it. Also, of course, we still need to polish the game, test it, fix it and do some stuff such as SFX. 

So... what's the new release date? 

Obviously we need to avoid winter, since it's the terrible indie hell. So we will moving the release date to February or March (I'm consulting what's the best date). But I feel strong about a St. Valentine's release, if that's not a bad release date. 

I'm sorry for letting you down. I know we said Spring-Summer 2017 and we're going to Winter-Spring 2018. You know Kickstarter projects tend to miss their estimated release dates... but still we're sorry for not being the exception. 

But you can bet we're doing our best to make up for it by creating a kick-ass game! 


Not much to say: we almost have ALL the events (+300!) and now we have to re-write some of the old ones and start the proofreading. 

We're also getting the final secret endings. After that it's just some more illustration for the ending credits and then some minor stuff before finishing the art tasks. The important thing during September is that we got our FINAL ENDING ILLUSTRATION. It looks TERRIFIC! 

On design and programming, we're slowly polishing everything and fixing stuff. Small details that will make the overall experience better.

The major addition this month has been the option to choose your own name and pronouns and a new kind of special events. We think these events will be SUPER FUNNY. You will see ;) 

And we're working on the final credits. They look GREAT! 

Really, my dear backers... this is looking quite promising! 

Oh... also, have you seen Monster Prom's FIRST COSPLAY!? It was done by the talented Anuhiu ... WE WANT MORE COSPLAY! :v


You don't know how excited we are about finishing this and releasing it so you can taste it and tell us your thoughts! 

And that's all for now!  

Thanks for all your support!  

Best regards,  

Beautiful Glitch

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    1. James Sunderland on

      I think giving anyone who backed a digfital copy access to the beta would be a nice compromise if the finished game is going to be witheld, as some would have backed at a higher tier if this information was disclosed at the outset rather than the end, or waited for a retail release etc. That's the type of difference that shows appreciation to early supporters and gives a strong base for future projects.

    2. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @CJ: yeah, English is not my first language and it tends to show big time. Sorry about that. Please remember the game is being mostly written by American writers (I do some of the writing too) and we have a great American proofreader too.
      That being said, it makes us very happy to see you backers understand the whole situation. Making a game doesn't end with us just wrapping the game and making it suddenly appear in the Steam store.
      Thanks for your understanding and support. It's much appreciated!

    3. Missing avatar


      I'd love to have this game in my hands as much as anyone else. However, while I do think you need to read over the first paragraph of this update (it's a little confusing in light of the rest of it), I completely understand postponing the game until you have all of your ducks in a row. I also really appreciate you listing some of the stuff you need to do and letting peek into the behind the scenes stuff of game creation and ensuring a successful kickstarter. I feel far too many projects are blindsided by IRS obligations and it ensures that the group/company/individual goes into a downward spiral and that's heartbreaking as a backer. Really upfront and wonderful creators turn into completely different people because they feel vulnerable after shocks.
      SO, I appreciate you being responsible about this and facing challenges during lull months. You've kept your eyes open and are doing your best. To fellow backers - we backed this project to be a success. I've backed projects that haven't been anywhere near this vocal and strategic - and delivered nothing. Beautiful Glitch is saying the game will be done and now they can focus on marketing which is SO CRUCIAL. We backed this project so that it could be successful and that means allowing them to deeply engage with commercial concerns and cycles, too. It'll be fine. Just stay involved and let's keep rooting for them.

    4. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @James: we have to politely disagree. If a release date is not good for the product, then we need to wait. There's no much room for discussion there, James. Also... some of those formalities being stuff like getting permission from Steam or getting the IRS to give us all documents so we can sell in the US... how could we just avoid that?

      The moment we get all permissions, we will see how we can put the beat on Steam so all our backers on the $30 reward tier and above can get the beta.

      Aside that, we need to aim for the best release date for the project. And we expect all our backers to understand, because we understand the moment you backed this it was because you wanted to support the project. And supporting the project is wanting it to succeed, which sometimes mean to wait until the project is strong enough (like getting a publishing deal) or till a strategic release date. A desire for us to rush into a potential failure (winter is super risky for indie games) is not the greatest support there. And please, note we are not a big heartless company... if you go to our KS profile here you will see we're backed around 100 projects already. And we act the same as backers always: we hope the creators give us the goodies as soon as possible; but we're willing to wait if that can make the creators more successful and -then- more capable of creating a 2nd great project.

      So don't worry, we now have 3-4 months to be sure everything is even greater. We want to use this time to secure the online and then also try to get the game in more platforms and maybe even Chinese.

      So sorry you find our will to succeed (so we can make more videogames) shady, it isn't our intention at all. But in the end we're a company and we need to be effective to support ourselves as workers and to create new projects. I hope you can understand our position.

      Have a nice day!

    5. James Sunderland on

      I understand a game release being pushed back due to development delays, but it seems shady to sit on a finished product simply becuase you don't like the time of year it will be done. A clarification would be nice, backers deserve the game once it is done, not adding a three month wait because you don't have legal formalities sorted out in time.