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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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AUGUST UPDATE: PAX, BICfest, testing feedback... things are looking good!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)
Hi, my dear backers!  

Welcome to the August update. During August we tested the alpha and kept working on the last steps before release! There are some stuff we want to be sure they will be achieved; but aside that October still seems like a potential release date for us. 

This month we have a cool 3x3 piece done by NelNal



We've been invited again by the great INDIE MEGABOOTH. This time we're attending PAX West (September 1st to 4th). We will be at the booth 658. Please come and say hi! 

We will have 3 things there: the latest version of the alpha + A 3 turns demo + a 1 turn demo. 

Come and check it! 

We will also be holding a "LOVE TOURNAMENT". Playe "Monster Prom" and vote who has been your favorite love interest. Who would be the most popular monster? 


Most of the team can't attend PAX West, so it will be only me. I need people helping me at the booth, so I'm looking for volunteers to help us in the booth. It's rather easy and we can give you in exchange an exhibitor badge, which let you stay at the convention way later than the closing time for the rest of visitors. 


We had many testers playing Monster Prom during August and we've received lots of feedback from them. Feedback has been super positive. We actually received our first 100% negative feedback lately. We're analyzing it to understand how to improve the game from that perspective.

But aside that, feedback has been great. People seem to love:

  • Our art
  • Our humor
  • Our characters

We're also happy because it seems to be some balance when it comes to people's favorite monsters. We've taken lots of notes of what people seems to expect from the game. Some stuff we're not sure if we'll include it (sometimes because of viability and sometimes because of what the game is for us); but some other stuff we will do our best to change, of course! 

I opened 5-6 feedback documents randomly. Let's check some comments


"Pretty fun, fun puns and lines. Amusing with 3 players. Did not fancy the Q instead of dice roll// random."

"Had an absolute blast with it, despite never having played these kind of games before. Also helped that I voice acted the entire thing."  

"Really enjoyed it, it was great fun to just sit down for a couple of hours and play with good company."  

"I had a lot of fun with it. Never played many dating sims but the social aspect of playing with and potentially competing with friends ads a lot of fun to the romance/dating sim."  

"It was so much fun! I love Scott and him bulging out of his shirt. I’ve only ever played one dating sim before but i really enjoyed this. I like that it can be more than one player and helping/competing against each other"  

"I really, enjoyed it, all of the date options were really cute in their own way, and even the NPC’s had charm. The art was cool, and fit the premise of the game nicely, and I really loved the Challenge aspect of deciding who goes first, it could potentially be, hilarious."

"Loved just about everything about it. Every character conversation, in between texts to describe events made us laugh so much. It brought so much characters to faces that I’ve seen online from Twitter. I wish we could get a bit more “wooing” or some more indication that we were getting the character’s favor."

"I absolutely loved the game because it was like the high school monster sequel to The Yawgh I never knew I wanted. It was super raunchy and profane and encouraged bad and outrageous decisions which I loved. Also the art is soooooo goooood and as an artist myself this is A+."  

"Cool! I’d never played it before so this was my first time. I had played the yawhg before and was told it was similar. This turned out to only be vaguely true because it's got way more depth than the yawgh. My experience: I totally enjoyed it and I want to replay it multiple times to see all the options and get all the scenes. There is a lot of content (or at least the illusion of content) and im very interested in learning more about all the characters and their deal. I have a desire to play more. Must… quench… Curiosities..."

"Super fun! I've played the Yawgh a ton and really enjoy games like this, and was super pleased because this seemed to “go further” than the how complicated the Yawgh can get. Not to continuously compare it to the Yawgh, but this seems like a super enjoyable game on its own. I LAUGHED A LOT and want to play more. I'M VERY INTRIGUED by all the things we either didn't get to or failed to complete properly so I'm very invested in going back and trying things differently."  

"Was fun, I have not played any games like this before so don’t have much to compare to, definitely an enjoyable game in a close group of friends. I would probably not play solo though."

"We had a lot of fun! Any excuse to hang out on a couch with friends and do funny voices is great, and I think this works really well as a party game. It’s also not quite like anything I’ve seen before - mechanically it’s similar to The Yawhg but the dating sim element adds a lot of value as a group thing. I think the quality of the writing varied a lot, but where it worked, it worked really well, and in lots of places it felt really smart and fun. "  

"We played the game on a couch, passing a controller between each other and applying our own voices to the characters (which was fun). The interface was very accessible, we had almost no moments of, “What do we do? What does this do?”, so the experience was very fluid. Unimpeded entertainment."  

"First off, it was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. I am not very familiar with dating sim type games and do not usually partake myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Playing it on the couch in a party-game type setting was really fun. Having played this game as almost my first dating sim I feel as though I would be able to introduce this game to any of my friends at a party and for them to have a good time."

"Overall, I loved the game. The game was hilarious the characters were so fun to talk too, and the events were great."

"Antonio: It was fun! We had some good laughs."  

"Was interesting. Wasn’t clear how stats influenced outcomes to me."

"I played all four of the runs in our group, I loved the interactions between the different characters and was extremely surprised by how much the characters did it, in the other dating sims that I have played after the very beginning of the game the love interests never interact with each other, but in this game the world is much more organic even with it’s super natural setting."

"Was hilarious, It’s a lot of fun with a full group. The writing is really good."  

"It was a fun, quirky experience that made the whole group laugh a lot."  

"Enjoyed the writing, was full of great humour"  

"Fun and funny"


"The red devil boy (don`t remember the name), seemed like a good fit and a good way to win."  

"Hard to give a favorite with a single playthrough. They all had their own appealing personas in their own, zany ways."  

"Liam all the way for me because as irksome as his hipster-ness was, it was also really endearing and he’s adorable. I also really dug his character design."  

"Didn’t really have a favorite, but they all seemed like they’d be fun to try to romance." 

"Scott. He’s like a puppy and i love him. I feel with more plays and getting to know other characters i will learn to love them all."  

"I loved Vera, she was smart, and scary and sexy even with snakes on her head, but I’d love to play again and romance Scott!"

"I liked Vera the most because she’s sassy and mean and she looks really hot. I also loved Polly cause she’s a paaaaarty giiirl."  

"I liked Damien because he looked like the trouble kid… But he turned out to be a lil bit too wild and trouble, the “Im gonna be collateral damage, aren't I…” type of trouble. Also he frames you for murders! The heck!!" 

"I ended up liking all the love interests equally in the end. They all got somethin interesting goin on. I really like Damien and Vera the best because they are hot and mean and snarky."  

"I liked Damien best, he had a lot of funny over the top reactions to things and fit closest to badass troublemaker archetype I favor with characters."

"My favorite love interest would probably be Miranda, i like how cheerful she is all the time and also the fact that she can be painfully oblivious can be to some situations due to her royal upbringing"  

"I loved Scott the most because he is a good boy. On a more serious note the way he interacts with everyone is amazing especially with the more complex characters like Liam and Vera."

"I really liked Scott! He’s just so wholesome and goofy. His facial expressions for fucking hilarious as well. I especially love the one with his eyes slightly apart like a platypus."

"Miranda - adorable genocide is adorable"  

"^ what he said (refering to the last one). I also have a soft spot for Vera when she deigns to be affectionate (she even let me braid her snakes!)."

"Damien - his options were pretty straightforward (fire is awesome, more fire is awesomer)"

"There’s definitely something to like about all of them! They’re all really funny and have strong personalities, and even though they’re all sort of awful in various ways (except Scott), I would probably go to prom with any of them. That being said, Damien is still my favorite - I think out of the 6 love interests he has the weakest personality (I would have liked to see a little more ‘being cool’ and a little less ‘random destruction’ from him), but he’s cute and I still like the ‘bad boy’ archetype too much."  

"If I’m picking one, I really enjoyed fish girl’s (sorry I’m terrible at remembering names) character as an interest. I think she was a bit difficult to read in what she wanted whereas some of the other interests had very clear choices as to what they would like; Scott and Damien come to mind. This isn’t a bad thing though! I don’t think that you need to have the player guessing at every option as to what they’re love interest is into. In fact I’d say that what was fun about the game wasn’t really figuring out what choice was best, but rather just getting to experience the characters and the different scenarios."  

"Polly was definitely my favorite going into the game and going out. I found her character to be really entertaining. You go in thinking she's the basic stereotype but through the story it kind of surprised me how much of a straight arrow she is in her personality. Even after the game I wish I could know more about her!"

"Polly! She seems the most fun and outrageous. Plus her chemistry with everyone just flows so well!"  

"Scott is definitely my preferred love interest. I really like werewolves and also his character."  

"Miranda. I liked her personality the most. I’m also straight and I didn’t like the other two girls there."  

"Damien, his personality speaks to my soul. I’m personally a fan of demons and crime"



"Liam and Scott had great interactions. Scott’s enthusiasm combined with Liam’s exasperation made for fun dialogue."

"I was really amused by Polly and Vera’s shenanigans. Loved seeing them hang out."

"Hm, i’m not sure. I didn’t see much of Damien or Miranda really. But i liked Scott and Polly, Scott and Liam. Basically Scott."  

"Scott and Polly seemed like they’d make a cute couple, as did Vera and Miranda, don’t think I saw Damien past the morning of the first week, so I don’t know but Vera/Everyone, basically."

"Damien and Vera were the best together because they were always scheming something bad which was fun. Polly and Scott were also really entertaining because they’re both a bit airheaded. The scenario with your character, Scott, Damien, and Vera all climbing on top of each other making a tower was great because it was a very feel good moment."  

"Polly and Scott: they're both dumb prankmastas." 

" Damien & Vera all the way because their scheming is hilarious and I'm very into it. I thought Damien & Scott’s interactions were weirdly cute (Scott having to carry him to the nurse's office after YOU pour holy hotsauce on his weeners) & them talking about their cosplays to rob a bank. Scott & Liam Co running a fanblog for a bad fanfiction is great, also Liam trying to help Scott overcome his terminal stupidity."  

"Damien and Vera getting into trouble was always fun Damien and Scott was usually also fun and gave those two another layer of character as being a bit nerdy with stuff like the pokeman game. Scott and Miranda both being clueless together."

"1- damian & scott || the pokemon battles where funny // 2- vera & polly || party girl and business girl, either a combination that can suck or go really well and it's definitely the latter due to the great chemistry // 3- miranda & polly || miranda’s blissful ignorance and polly’s party girl attitude made for a loveable combination"

"1- Scott and Polly- because PRANK MASTERZ FOR LIFE! 2-Damian and Liam - because of the of the contradiction between the straightforward “burn my problems away” and “think through/coolest way to solve my problems” but they still worked together so well. 3-Vera and Polly- same reason as (the guy from last response)" 

"My favorite pairings would have to be Liam & Vera, Scott & Damien, and Damien & Vera. In that order as well. I absolutely LOVE (definitely a 5 on the scale) the “Sarcasm” event between the player, Liam, and Vera. I think I like Scott and Damien just because they’re an unlikely pairing and from what I’ve experienced they aren’t too crazy when their together unless you do something weird. Damien & Vera just click in a terribly funny way that is amusing to watch."

"We didn’t get to see all the combinations because we only did one playthrough, but I think Scott and Miranda both pair really well with anyone. For my top three I’ll say: Scott and Polly, Miranda and Polly, and Miranda and Damien."

"Scott and Polly, just because they have the perfect chemistry, with Scott going with whatever Polly offers to do and that always being something funny as hell! Scott and Damien, just because they have the bro to bro dynamic where they get into messed up situations and have to figure out a way with neither knowing how without fire or sports. Vera and polly, do I need to elaborate? They are the perfect partners in crime."  

"Polly and Miranda create an interesting dynamic due to the fact that they are so different, making it fun to watch them interact. Scott and Damien seem like they would be really good friends, and that translates well into the scenes they appear in. Polly and Scott also work together well, as they seem to both share a lot of qualities with each other."  

"Scott and Polly work really well together, obviously Vera and Polly get into some funny scenarios Liam can trigger Scott’s lack of intelligence, which is usually hilarious"

 "Damien and Vera, i enjoyed when they had conflicting ideas on how to get back at people Vera and polly because of their great business ideas Scott and Damien were really funny when they were together due to the way that there personalities bounced off of eachother"


FAVORITE OPTIONS WITHIN EVENTS (Get a hint on how wrong and absurd the game is... but still you will get vague spoilers)

"Breakdance battle, whispering the demons name to devilboy or maybe flashin titties in the cafeteria."  

"Didn’t take it, but marrying the prince yourself, RIGHT NOW."  

"Ripping off your clothes and posing naked for fanart of Dragon Heat."  

"Not sure if I can choose, there were several good ones."  

"Hotdog cart"  

"A legitimate dating tip being ripping off an actor’s face and wearing it as your own"

"Whisky with ketchup vs Meta pic. The ultimate liquid meal or breaking into the matrix with a food pic in a food pic in a food pic in a food pic in a food pic"  


"Somewhere between “Meth! It's what everyone loves!” and Burning down the cafeteria."

"The option where the wolf pack show up and you scare them away by creating a tower with Vera and Damien.(Gun is also great)"

"Giving your Naked grandma’s ring in a proposal to scare the prince, grandma and all!"

"Choosing to turn the griffin into pasta."  

"Tattoo answers on the teacher's face for an exam"  

"Eating the evil god totem"

"I think that either the fish knife option or telling polly to be the next hellen of troy by whipping out her tits"

"Pretend to be the moon and see if Scott transforms "

"Termites solve all problems!"


NARRATIVE: we're facing the last batches of events. Still around 80 more to go! This includes 2 new types of events: contintuity events (that are follow-ups to stories you already faced before) and interactive events (which can directly affect other players so you can help or troll them!)

ART: we're covering the FINAL ENDING scene so we can start doing the final ending + the ending credits. We're playing with stuff to create a fnal ending that's funny while it also is affected by the events you played. After that, our final main tasks will be some final ending credits illustrations, some last secret endings and some other minor stuff (a silly but simple NPC, pop quiz stickers, online emotes and achievements) 

PROGRAMMING: we're slowly putting all together. Each week the alpha gets better and better. Some stuff that's still ahead: menu to choose your name and pronouns / the ending credits / implementing SFX / First menu / programming for interactive events...

We also hired a second programmer to implement an online mode. So far it's going good! 

BIZ: we're doing all the paperwork with Steam so we can publish the game with no issues. Once we clear this, we will prepare the beta through Steam itself. We hope this is done by September.

We're so close... are you excited? What do you think about the feedback comments? Do they intrigue you? What do you wanna check? ;p

And that's all for now!  

Thanks for all your support!  

Best regards,  

Beautiful Glitch

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