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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
1,592 backers pledged €32,230 to help bring this project to life.

JULY UPDATE: +250 events, animations, prologue... do you wanna test Monster Prom?

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers!  

Welcome to the July update. July has been a month fully focused on preparing the alpha version. We still say think the game will be ready either by October or February. I've written this update 2 times already and it has been accidentally erased both times. Let's see if the 3rd time is the charm! Wish me luck :v

Meanwhile, let's enjoy the beautiful 3x3 piece done by Diana Mármol


We've working intensely on the alpha. It has turned to be way bigger than expected. We wanted to have a complete run. And we're getting that... but it might include around 200 and 250 events, which is... ALMOST ALL EVENTS! I mean, we're aiming for something between 300 and 350! 

We're also adding lots of new features! 

It's been hell. We need to test everything and we had to change the format of all events to fit the programming! That has been boooooring x_x

But we're almost there! Be ready! 

We have some cool vids from the alpha! But trying to upload them here destroyed the update the 2nd time... so I promise I will post them on Twitter during these days. Follow us and keep tuned!

This is our Twitter


So... alpha will be here really soon. And we need people to play and give us feedback of all kinds.

Do you wanna play some Monster Prom? 

What a perfect tester would be for us?

  • Able of gathering a party of 4 ideally! 
  • With a taste for bold, raunchy and unapollogetic humor! 
  • Availability to play not one but several sessions (a session will be around 60 and 90 minutes most likely) 
  • Availability to fill a questionnaire we will handle you with questions about your experience
  • Availability to go for a Skype or Discord text chat session with us to chat a bit about Monster Prom

This fits you? If so, please tell us here in the comments! We will select some testing groups. The more points you cover, the more likely we will select you. We will also favor backers with higher pledges, of course


We've been accepted in not one but two more conventions! Both will take place on September. Keep tuned! We will reveal them on Twitter! We'd love to have backers visiting us! 


We think this game is better played as a local multiplayer. Some people asked us about online and we tend to answer that you can just share your screen on Skype since it's only about choosing options and 1 player can do that for the other 3. 

Buuuuut, we're so nice people that we contacted an extra programmer to get an estimate on how much it'd take to implement an online function to Monster Prom. If it's fast enough and affordable enough, we will go for it. 

It will let you play with your friends even if they're far from you. We will also include emotes. Don't expect standard vanilla emotes such as "very good!" and shit like that. This is Monster Prom, so we're going for stupid stuff such as "Get a room!" or so. 

Nowadays most of platforms include a voicechat feature themselves, but we're exploring that anyway. 


So we have 3 things we want to know for sure soon. Those are the things that can decide how much work there's left for us

  • We want to be sure the formatting works and the engine can read everything just fine. We're going to know this probably once we test the alpha. 
  • We want to be sure everything's fine according to people standards. We know there will be feedback and we will make changes, ofc. But we hope the pillars of our design and overall experience doesn't fall over people play the alpha
  • We want to be sure the online features can be done soon and at an affordable price

If all these 3 things happen, we are pretty sure Monster Prom can be ready really soon. Actually, the alpha will be hella close to a beta. We're also doing lots of biz stuff and soon we will be able of creating a Steam Page for the game. So maybe (not 100% sure) on September (probably less than 2 months from now) the beta will be ready for all the backers that pledged for it! 


He looks like a cop that only follows justice instead of law. He answers to no one (only to his Manda Panda) <3

And that's all for now!  

Thanks for all your support!  

Best regards,  

Beautiful Glitch


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    1. Ace on

      I can easily gather up a group of 4 to test the game! Hit me up!

    2. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      Hey! Everyone who's interested, please ping us at Twitter @btflglitch ! Follow us so we can DM you! (:

    3. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      Hey! Everyone who's interested, please ping us at Twitter @btflglitch ! Follow us so we can DM you! (:

    4. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      Hey! Everyone who's interested, please ping us at Twitter @btflglitch ! Follow us so we can DM you! (:

    5. Rowan Speight on

      I have 3 friends who have been looking forward to playing this as much as me and we all have both skype and discord. We also have plenty of free time for multiple playthroughs and questionnaire-filling-outs.

    6. Vance on

      Would definitely love to take a look at the Alpha and provide feedback!

    7. Morrighan on

      Reporting for alpha testing with all of the required boxes checked.

    8. Nick Hansen on

      I could most definitely get three friends to test this out with me! It'd be so much fun and I'd love to give feedback!

    9. Theo (Evune)

      I'd love to play the Alpha! I could probably grab 3 friends to help, but I'd need to make sure they have either Discord/Skype.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Edmonds on

      I'm so in! I have a group of 4 who all have discord and have all been waiting to play more since last time! We think this is probably the funniest shit we've ever played! We can all play a bunch of different sessions to find all the scenes and then use discord to answer the questions, were all so down

    11. Missing avatar

      Gustav on

      Oi guys, I most definitely fit the alpha group you're searching for. I'm a student who has fallen in love with the concept and execution, and who has a great number of friends looking to take part in the testing ❤�

    12. Lunar Rose on

      Hi! I would love to be able to help play test the alpha!! Not only can I gather a party of 4 for at least one session, but I can most likely gather multiple parties for different sessions to help give you some more feedback! I have a skype that I can use to chat with you all too! I'd really love the opportunity to play, me and brother have been so excited to play for months!!

    13. Antonio Vincentelli

      @Glitch I don't have a Twitter, sorry, but I believe you already have my Skype, e-mail (which is also my Hangouts), and I'm "6ui1dm463" on the forum.

    14. Elisha on

      Hello! I would be delighted to test out Monster Prom. I've been stoked ever since I first saw it being played by some of my favorite YouTube-rs. I also have enthusiastic friends who totally dig this sort of dating Sim. <3

    15. Witch on

      I totally would love a chance to test the alpha! I don't have a huge pledge sorry guys. But I can totally get three friends & myself to play this radical game!

    16. Missing avatar

      Tiffany Chang on

      Hi! Super stoked for the alpha to come out. Would love to help you test it!

    17. Beth Perrin

      would love to test this for you!

    18. Micheal Kennard on

      I would love to be able to test the alpha! My pledge amount isn't very high though, but I can definitely do everything on the list.

    19. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Antonio+Kamil: awesome, guys! Do you have a Twitter account? Can you follow us and tweet about this so I know who are you and I can DM you?

    20. Antonio Vincentelli

      Sign me up for playtesting! (I can also just apply on an official forum post, should there be one.)

    21. Kamil Andrzej Szaładziński on

      I would love to test this alpha I hear so much about just now and only now and by accident.
      But I can't gather 4 people (I assume me included) on the fact of reason that I have little to no, at all, friends. Wo is me?