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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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JUNE UPDATE: +200 events, minor NPCs, new UI... alpha incoming!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers!

Welcome to the June update. June has been a month fully focused on developement. We still say think the game will be ready either by October or February. Let's take a look at some of the stuff we've done this month! 

Meanwhile, let's enjoy the beautiful 3x3 piece done by Vacuum


Last month we were at MomoCon. It was wonderful. We didn't win, but who cares? Wonderful stuff happened.

For once, we received tons of help from 2 of our backers. Thing was that only 1 person from the team was attending the event, which made things a bit overwhelming. But Evune and D-Boy were there to help us! Really, it's AMAZING to see the support we receive from our fans. I mean, D-Boy and his wife even stayed with us, becoming emergency booth staff! 

Also, we had Alex Tisdale, from Nerdist, playing the demo. And he loved it so much that he wrote an article about it! 

On a personal note, I met the voice actors and actresses of Steven Universe. No direct relationship with Monster Prom, but it was a dream come true <3

But probably the most important thing was that we met once again with Jesse Cox. We also met for the very first time with Dodger. They had a super funny panel! As some of you might know by now, they did an hilarious gameplay of our 1st demo that translated into LOTS of backers! They seem to love the game, so we wanted for them to play our 2nd demo. And they did! SPOILER ALERT: it seems they loved it! 

There are real chances of them playing the final thing. It'd be beyond great for us, being a small indie developer team! Fingers crossed, my backers! (: 

Here's a pic of us together with our humble booth. Beware: you can spot the art for an upcoming secret ending in the screen!


In general, we're proud and happy to see that we're getting invited to events and covered by media even before our release.

Lately we were at Nerdist, and last weekend we got an streaming by TodasGamers, an amazing blog whose team are all women. They have +70 collaborators so far! A month ago I met two of the people that manage the whole thing and we talked about a lot of stuff (indie games, Monster Prom, dating sims, the Spanish indie scene, etc). It was great! And they loved the game! So most likely they will give us support through their channels! Also, they know a good bunch of cosplayers... so we might be closer to Monster Prom's first cosplayer???

Check the video here. ALERT: it's in Spanish. 

Interesting fact: the 4th player was controlled by the Twitch chat manually. The streamers invited the users to share their choices and the most popular ones won. We want to implement an official way for the game to let the crowd control a player, but meanwhile it can be done this way too! 

Finally, today I met someone from a really big Spanish media and it seems Monster Prom is right up their alley, so we might get support from them too! This is looking goooood! (: 

When it comes to events, it has been fantastic so far. We showcased Monster Prom at GDC on February, visited PAX, won a prize on Casual Connect Asia in Singapore and were finalist at MomoCon. We travelled a lot! But that wasn't all! We were selected to showcase Monster Prom at The MIX during the E3. What an honor! We couldn't assist personally, but our lead artist, Art, was there, presenting the game! <3

Damn! This is looking good so far! <3

3. +200 EVENTS! 

We're all in with the events! Our lead writer Cory O'Brien is writing as if there were no tomorrow! Meanwhile we're also receiving help from Evgeni Puzankov and Maggie Herskowitz

We're getting a whole lot of events written. We're also re-writing some of the first events to make them as awesome as the latest ones. Quality is over the roof! 

So we're already over 200 events

Most likely, this week the tagging system will be ready. The tagging system will help for a lot of things, such as determining changes on characters or giving you more events with Damien if the game detects you're into that badass demon. 

Tagging and rewriting old events is what's stopping us right now from having +200 FULLY FUNCTIONAL EVENTS. We will get there soon! ;) 


We prepared 5 awesome minor NPCs. They have beautiful models, icons and even their own set of expressions! They are great! 

We're dealing with a problem because 3 of them are maybe too big :v

We're studying stuff we can do about that. 

 This is an exciting progress for the game! 

We also prepared 12 little emojis for a thing we're testing. Take a look to one of them! 

Next stop: some illustrations for some kind of prologue! Then more ending credits' illustrations and a maybe a class photo for the ending!


Also, we're working on new UI for the game! 

Same way we surprised you with the POP QUIZ, now we're working on 2 new things!

The first one is the SHOP! Take a look

We're also working on challenges to let you choose which player will go first!



These days I need to prepare new pop quiz questions and challenges to choose player order. I've also started to write new standard events for every location. 

We've been also working on the creative direction for the ending credits. I wanted to turn the ending credits illustrations into polaroids and do something similar to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood's ending credits. 

So now I'm trying to decide how to build the final ending, once each player knows about his or her outcome in the game. My first idea was to show a class photo and have some final lines about what happened afterwards, as it happens in the movies, you know? There would be some standard lines and some of them would be customized depending on the events you had encountered!

Also, I'm starting to work on the prologue of the game. My idea is something that helps the player get an idea about the setting while also presenting the 6 love interests. 

Ok... and what about... some voice acting for the prologue and final ending? We're not sure about this, but we're studying it! 


We're trying to get a playable alpha for mid-July or so. We want to include everything we've mentioned so far: minor NPCs, lots of events (so it's a full run), player order challenges, improved visual feedback, new standard events... and we will start to work on the prologue and the ending. It might not be ready for the next iteration, but maybe for the one after the next one! 

And that's all for now!  

Thanks for all your support!  

Best regards,  

Beautiful Glitch

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @D-Boy: Aw, thaaanks! I hope we can meet again too! ^^
      Yeah, we've added animations now, so it looks AMAAAAAZING! :v

      @Inkie Pie: yeah, there will be a random way and a challenge way. The challenge will actually let you set up the order manually. It presents a question/situation/challenge for you to decide who deserves to go first. Like "who would survive a zombie apocalypse the longest?". We wanted something funny and crazy that lead you and your friends to discuss and laugh at stupid stuff. Full local multiplayer experience!
      You might be able of dating the shopkeeper ;)

      @Theo: yeah, Theo, it's great meeting you again and again! I hope you will be at least at one of the two upcoming events we're attending!
      Next update is ready ;P

    2. Theo (Evune)

      I'm glad you had a great time at Momocon! It was a blast to see you there and a lot of people really enjoyed the game!

      It's nice to see that there's a ton of progress for the game, can't wait for the next update!

    3. Inkie Pie on

      Will we be able to manually set the player order in full release? It'd be nice to have the option at least.

      (Also lemme date the shopkeeper shffhsnrnvjskfkjlbj)

      Nice update tho, I look forward to more, and when it releases I'll be playing it on my Switch with the rainway app with friends ;D

    4. D-Boy

      It was so much fun meeting you and Evune at MomoCon. My wife and I were more than happy to help show off the game to all the curious eyes at the show. Thanks for being such a nice guy, Julien! I hope we can meet again in the future!

      More on topic, the new artwork and UI designs look great. I am so impressed with the amount of new content being shared since the demo on display at MomoCon. Keep up the amazing work, you Beautiful Glitches!