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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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FEBRUARY UPDATE: GDC, new demo, new Kickstarter, new game... lots of news!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers! 

Welcome to the February update. This one comes with lots of news! 

First, the monthly 3x3 art. This time we have a kick-ass piece from Pris. We comissioned some awesome art to her (we will post it again on a new update later this week) and it was so awesome that we needed to ask her for a 3x3 piece. Behold the beautiful result

1. INDIE G ZINE - VOLUME 2 (our newest Kickstarter campaign)

Many of you might now that aside Monster Prom, last year I runned a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book called INDIE G ZINE. The book showcases art pieces by different artists portraying indie games + previews, reviews and interviews on those games. 

And you know what? Monster Prom will be part of VOLUME 2. We just launched the Kickstarter and now we need backers more than ever, since the first days are essential to a campaign success! 

You've already trusted us when it comes to Kickstarter. How do you feel about trusting us again ;) 

Here's the link to the KS campaign:´


2. MAZEMAN is on Greenlight! 

We're on a very prolific month... because our other game is live on Greenlight! Take a look and -if you like it- give us a YES vote on Greenlight. 

MAZEMAN is a videogame that will challenge you big time thanks to its frantic pace: enter the maze and look for the key while avoiding all kinds of dreadful monsters. Lots of unlockables, monsters, levels, power-ups and collectibles await you in this beautiful endless stream of pixel art mazes filled with some awesome arcade vibes!

Awesome pixel art by Pixel-boy.

Here's the link:

So what do you say? Let's greenlit this dude! 

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 3. MONSTER PROM on the INDIE MEGABOOTH during the GDC!!!

This was the greatest piece of news we were waiting to share! 

We have been accepted by the awesome INDIE MEGABOOTH and we will be showcasing Monster Prom during the GDC. We will be presenting Monster Prom's newest demo. 

Anyone attending GDC? 

Also, I will personally attend PAX East too.

I will be at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. Any backers in those areas? (: 

4. MONSTER PROM's newest demo! 

Instead of talking about the month's progress, let's talk about the demo (and you might infer most of the progress from it). 

This demo has 3 turns instead of just 1. This way we could input some events with some sense of continuity! 

Narratively speaking, the demo contains around 1/10 of the final game, which means:

  • 35 events
  • 70 options
  • 140 outcomes
  • ~1,500 lines of dialogue

These dialogues are stronger than ever! The feedback has been great, with just some minor complaints. But people seem to love the chars. We're also very glad that, after asking for feedback, absolutely all chars have been selected at some point as 1st or 2nd favorite char of at least one player! 

The demo was plagued by absurdity and funny moments. Some hints at it:

  • Polly and Scott as the PRANK MASTERZ
  • Damien and Scott trying to subdue a wild griffin in the bathrooms
  • A magic virus! 
  • Your first class teaching the ancient ways of yaoi to Liam
  • An interdimensional prince seeking for a hero to raise!
  • Your adventures as Miranda's Tinder royal advisor
  • And much more! 

It also includes 2 outfits per char + the gym outfit

But the thing we've been working the most was the POP QUIZ thingie. It was a bit raw on last demo, but now it looks a lot better! It's a real pop quiz on a cool monster magazine! 


 I've written more and more questions for the pop quiz, Reilly designed the kick-ass UI and Art has been working in some silly stickers like the shark in the screenshot to go with the questions, to add more comedic value! 

Finally, we're working now on some new secret endings that we might add to the demo if we get them on time! 

And obviously Elias has done lots of programming stuff to make the demo playable. It's clearly more complex and it let us see the huge workload of actually coding the whole thing!

We should also mentions LOTS of tasks related to attending GDC. Buying plane tickets, booking meetings, printing postcards and such, etc.  


February has been a crazy month. We've been fighting in so many fronts! A new kickstarter, another game on Greenlight, a new demo and LOTS of preparations for the GDC. When people ask me what I'm doing now and I need to list all that, it feels just unbelievable. But it's like that! 

And damn... there's more to come. There are 2 new printed projects for after the IGZ2 and another smaller videogame side-project for after MAZEMAN. 2017 is being just too awesome. 

And don't worry, we're also all in with Monster Prom. The testing was great. We need to refine game design (to be clear, the demo doesn't showcase the actual internal mechanics of the game regarding stats), but the 2 core aspects of the game (art and narrative) have been highly praised by the people who has tested the demo. 

Thanks for all your support. It has given us so much confidence and motivation! 

With love,

Beautiful Glitch

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Jeff: It's not up for download unfortunately ):

    2. Jeff on

      How does one download the demo~?

    3. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Lunar Rose: GDC&PAX East (maybe)! (:

    4. Lunar Rose on

      Where can we play the demo when it comes out?

    5. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator


      Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, on a previous update we addressed the fact that the stretch goals and such made us believe that most probable release date would be around October 2017. Bad thing is that if we missed that even by a bit, we would be a bit force to go January 2018, since the months inbetween are poison for an indie game release :<

      We would do our best to get it ASAP, but damn, yeah, we agree that quality comes first. And I say that both as a creator and as a backer. I usually ask the devs of projects I've backed that they take their time to make a great game. In the end that's like the best imo (Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Night in the Woods, etc).

      Anyway, Solatium clearly meant that the game is starting to feel like kick-ass vaporwave 8)…

      Indeed, my dear Solatium, we're all about vaporwave!


    6. Milki Kaplanski on

      @solatium_steak: Have you ever backed a Kickstarter before? Or followed the development of a game by reading dev blogs and the likes? You do realize that game development involves lots of processes like design, writing, coding, as well as the more dry aspects of managing money, advertisement and promotion of the game. I find it pretty rude to compare a game that hasn't even been in development for more than a couple of weeks with "vaporware" - the definition of which is "a product that has been announced to the general public but never gets released". So, it's totally fine if a big company like Square Enix takes almost ten years to finish an announced game (Final Fantasy 15) but if a small indie dev, who frequently posts updates with screenshots and even talks about the other game they just released (proof that they sure do deliver) takes longer than three months it seems like vaporware? Unbelievable. XD

      While I doubt, that this game gets finished by May (this is game development we're talking about, it ALWAYS takes longer than expected... or as Tim Sweeney so nicely said: "In game development, the first 90% of a project is a lot easier than the second 90%.") I DO believe Beautiful Glitch will deliver a fun game as promised. And please, rather take your time to polish the game up as beautifully (and with as little glitches ;>) as possible instead of rushing out an unfinished product! :)

    7. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      vaporvare? well, we love vaporwave!

    8. solatium_steak on

      All the little details of the demo, without having access to it, starting to feel a bit like vaporware. :sorry: