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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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JANUARY UPDATE: new demo incoming, alt outfits, rad music...

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers!


2017 has started and we have TONS of stuff to do. It has be a crazy month and we're here to explain it a bit! 

First of all: if we have the time and the money, we want to do this on every monthly update. We got Guchi's piece first and then on our last update we got another beautiful 3x3 piece made by Caro Waro. This time we got a kick-ass 3x3 piece by John "Koi" Carreon. He's the best and we've collaborated before. He did the Transistor piece for the INDIE G ZINE

Do you like it? Which char do you like the most here? (: 


PROGRAMMING - We're preparing a whole new demo for February and it's our opportunity to progress on the programming side of the game. This demo will be more complex than the last one, yet quite simpler than the final version. We're implementing new stuff such as alt outfits and some variables that affect the chance of getting one event or other. Still it'll be just 3 turns and the chance factor will be kind of fake. Even like that, for a run of 3 turns (12 events if you're 4 players) we needed 35 events. And that's rigging the chances a lot. So you can see how enormous the work will be on this: to create a run that's awesome while being both natural and intelligent (understanding each player's preferences), we will need a TON of events for just a couple of turns. 

Our backers at the higher reward tiers will be able to test this new demo. Also, the demo will be available at some exclusive events in the future. We will explain it further on the next update. 

NARRATIVE - We've created tons of new event ideas. It's getting really interesting and scary (due to the complexity of implementing all of that later in the game). We're also working on a big batch of new events that will be present in the new demo. 

The demo will include for the first time events with consequences. We should say that this will be a bit rigged right now, but we wanted to convey the ability of making the players' choices matter, on a narrative level. 

We've also contacted more narrative designers to study the possibility of adding new narrative muscle to the project. Currently, we're in conversation with 2 candidates. 

ART - We closed the feedback changes with the Scott rework. We effectively changed not only his model but all the illustrations that included him (endings and icons). 

Then we went for the outfits. Now we have all the gym outfits and the alt outfits for all the chars. They look pretty amazing! We're not working on new outfits at the moment, but I'd love to go for a 3rd outfit for every NPC + AUDITORIUM costumes. But this will be done in the future only if the budget makes sense. 

Next step is tackle the first monstersonas, the first ending credits' illustrations and more secret endings. On the next update we will probably show some of 'em. Also some of the secret endings might be used in the next demo. 

Oh, and we're working on these little thingies. Do you like 'em? Do you know what they are?


We're talking to 3 different fronts for that matter. 

> Some composers to study the possibility of creating that track with variables (we talked about that on our last update)

> The awesome band that made the music we used on our demo! 

> Some licencing houses in order to get a KICK-ASS song for the ending credits. Like in a movie or something! 

We're starting to focus on this a bit more. It's going slow since we need to focus on the other stuff first, but we're working on this, step by step. 


This monthly update is a bit shorter than last one because the next one will be sooner than expected. We will create 1-2 updates during mid-February with some cool surprises! Keep tuned! 

February will be a chaotic month when we will hurry up to get the next demo ready. The demo will still be a tiny fraction of the final game experience, but it'll be way cooler than the last one, since it will feature for the very first time some sense of continuity. 


MAZEMAN is close to its release! It's getting more and more awesome. 

On February, March or April we will release the VOLUME 2 of the INDIE G ZINE. Be ready to back us again! Believe us: it's looking amazing so far! <3

And soon we will tackle a couple of physical new projects: another zine (BIG BOSSES) and a cardgame. 


The year is full of promises, people. Monster Prom is growing and growing. 

We're still receiving beautiful fanart. Please, create more art of Monster Prom. You're the best! We love all the fanart and we're dreaming of the day we get our first cosplayer <3

Let us show some awesome fanart we received recently from the fantastic artist Min!

Thanks for being here with us, in this incredible adventure of creating a videogame (: 


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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Sean: yeah, it's close to that! It's more of a sticker actually! An old-school sticker! But you know what? I was obsessed with including a sort of "What's App/LINE" interface to the game where you talked to the NPCs. But the programmer told me not to go that way this time. Anyway, I'm keeping the concept (similar to Mystic Messenger, for instance) for a future game ;)

      @Matt: totally agree. But right now we have no plans of a pre-order system, so we might prefer to wait a bit more! On the other hand, we're afraid of losing momentum with the youtubers. We don't have that much momentum I mean, but still we got some sweet LP vids, right? So I want to be sure we can get a big LP vid for the whole thing once it's out!

    2. Matt M. on

      @Beautiful Glitch: That's true! From a business standpoint, showing a game off to a large audience prior to release is mostly good for getting onto peoples' radars via things like journalist preview features, and turning hype into sales with preorders (or, y'know, a Kickstarter ;) ). So if there's not a preorder link or something viewers can immediately throw money at if they dig what they see, holding off on large-scale YouTube exposure is probably financially sensible.

      Mostly I just wanna see all the rad new stuff in the updated demo get shown off in hilarious fashion because I'm hyped, but that might not line up with boring stuff like "actual benefit to the product & dev team". :P

    3. Sean Riedinger

      I'm going to guess that the FANCY swan is some sort of emote / LINE sticker sort of deal? Possibly a stat icon or a tag for an outfit, that would make sense too.

    4. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Matt M.: we're not sure about this. We don't want to waste all the opportunities and momentum with Jesse Cox before the actual release of the game, you know? We are no expert on this matter, but we don't want to waste this opportunity when there's no direct benefit into getting more exposure right now, right?

    5. Matt M. on

      If Jesse Cox & friends don't get a second date with Monster Prom to show off the new advanced demo on YouTube, I will have to change my spirit emoji to Sad Koala With Dropped Icecream Cone. :(