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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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DECEMBER UPDATE: planning 2017, reworking Scott, giving you a book, becoming older...

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers! 


Welcome to our first monthly update. You know what? The KS campaign was launched (give or take 1 day) on Elias' (our programmer) birthday! And the campaign ended (give or take 1 day) on Art's (our artist) birthday! 

I was super jealous, so I decided to place the first monthly update today, on my birthday (Julián, a guy who does some stuff). Yaaaaay! :D

So I gifted myself with this... a BEAUTIFUL ART PIECE from the mega-talented Caro Waro. She's one of my fav artists ever and we've collaborated together many times before! She did the UNDERTALE piece for the INDIE G ZINE, the cover for the book and lots of other stuff. She gift me a beautiful fanart on Vera. When she did she politely asked me if she could mess with the clothes a bit. The result was a winter-ish Vera that looked mega rad. So I decided to comission her a whole 3x3 thing with a winter touch! 

What do you think? Isn't it awesome?


PROGRAMMING - nothing. Our programmer is finishing MAZEMAN. On January we will make a plan for the whole game + we will look for a way of adding short animations in the game (that's our number one priority on that field).

And we're discussing about some kind of demo but not a demo. Like re-using the engine and the assets to create some sort of mini-adventure that captures Monster Prom but with a conclusive plot. A smaller product to keep people excited! Similar to what we saw from Starr Mazer or Night in the Woods, right?

Not sure, but we're discussing about it! 

NARRATIVE - we're creating event ideas (with the help of our awesome crowd-designers!). I also contacted our other narrative designer (Cory) to start again with dialogue writing (he was out due to stuff). He has first to add some feedback changes to a latter batch of events. We have so far ~50 events totally written. Not sure if I'm 100% happy with all of 'em but they're generally pretty cool! Right now we should create at least 300 event ideas (we have 100-150 so far) and then write them down (we have around 50 so far)

We have also defined the characters a lot more! 

ART - Art recently worked on feedback changes from the last art sprint. We've applied small changes and adde some minor things. Examples:  

> A new item we forgot to add before  

> Miranda and Vera faces on their prom models  

> Damien's shoulders on her alt outfit model  

> We turned the "PR AGENT" item into a monster person instead of a human  

> We added 2 other illustrations to the LIBRARY event (we had Kickstarter and Online Poker and now we added Bitcoin mining and Email scam)  

> We added 2 more backgrounds (improved prom background and cafeteria background)  

> More stuff I'm probably missing  

Right now we're all in with Scott's rework, since it's the last and biggest change of 'em all. If you are part of our awesome private forums or follow us on Twitter, you probably have seen the different iterations. Here's our current (and probably final) decision to make

And we started to work on alternative outfits. We already did the gym outfits. The idea is that when you encounter a love interest in the gym, he or she will wear the appropiate gym clothing. If we have enough funds, we would want to do the same with the auditorium costumes. There are also the regular alternative outfits (which might be the direct next thing we will do). 

 Then our next art tasks will be

> Secret endings

> Some ending credits' images

> The final ending illustration 

> Some of the first monstersona rewards.  

So excited about that. Art is mega-talented, really! 

MUSIC - I contacted the band that did the song we used on the demo. I would love to have them to make the music in the game. I've also talked to some alternatives. I have this idea for the game's music. There will be the "main theme or promo song", the "ending credits song", and then I want to have 1 to 3 tracks that will be present during the whole game (1 for all the game or 3 and we change it from week to week). What I'd love is this track or tracks to have 7 variations. The regular one and 6 tied to the different locations. Even if they are variations, the theme has lots of "connection points" were it can go from a version to another one. So when you choose a location, the song will turn into the according variation as soon as possible. For instance, the outdoors' version is more party-like, while the library one is more electronic (since you use the computer there) and the bathrooms' one has touchs of rock or punk. Not sure if this is possible or viable given our budget. But as a concept I love this. 

BUSINESS'n'COMMUNICATION - we are applying for several events to showcase the game. We're in contact with some youtubers. We've been contacted to make an adult version of the game. Many exciting opportunities.


Some of you know about our Twitter contest. We decided to give a free copy of the INDIE G ZINE to a person that both became a backer while also retweeting our pinned tweet. So, if you did both, please comment in this very same update. In some days we will randomly choose one of the people that commented here and he or she will get a free copy! 

3. ABOUT 2017

2017 looks crazy promising. We are exploring some interesting opportunities. We also have some crazy good news we will reveal soon too. We're straight-forward people, so here are the bad news: the game is going so good and so far better than expected that -as many times before with KS projects- most probably the release date will be later than planned. This is mainly because of the stretch goals' content (more secret endings, more items, the super cool ending credits and minor NPCs). There's a lot more not only to do, but also to organize and plan. Moreover, the game getting all kind of opportunities and growing bigger make us study stuff we didn't planned at first (a potential better 1P mode, how an online feature could work, what would mean to create a more adult version of the game, how to create a demo that feels more than a demo so we can maximize media coverage and whatnot...)

I'm a superbacker myself (+80 projects backed) and I hope most of you, our dear backers, share my same approach to this: as long as the delay is not outrageously long, it's always better to be a bit patient in order to assure a way better final product. Part of the Kickstarter game is that you might discover you are working on something that can get potentially bigger than initially planned. It seems this might be the case.

I really hope you share this way of thinking, because even if we will try to get everything done as soon as possible, truth is that it seems hard now to be ready on May. But it is for the best of reasons! (: 

Also, I hate self-pity and not being clear: we're not saying we will sacrifice ourselves to anything. We work hard (really hard) on Monster Prom (I mean, I'm -joyfully- spending part of my birthday into writing this), but we also always save time to celebrate life and keep happy! That's how life has to be lived, in our opinion. As a matter of fact back in the day, when Monster Prom got to 200% I wanted to share a video of me celebrating with friends at a nightclub on hard electronic music (I'm a sucker for electronic music and Barcelona is a dream place for it). Elias (who's almost always the voice of reason here) told me not to do it :P

Regarding that, I'm hesitant about talking about the team and the story on how each one of them joined Monster Prom. Would that be cool or just too much? Enlighten me! 

Meanwhile, a picture of Elías and I back in the day when we worked for an indie game studio. We met there. We worked on a project that didn't go that good so they had to go without around 3/4 of the staff, including Elías and I. When I started with Monster Prom I almost instantly knew that Elias would be my guy for all things programming! 

Here we were at the airport, before attending an event on Madrid. It was awesome! Oh, my dear backers, I wish it comes the time when we can do the same with Monster Prom and attend some events and travel. I haven't travelled outside the country for 3 years and I decided 2017 will be the end of that. I want to go to the US, to Denmark (to visit a dear friend of mine) and to Asia (either Japan or a country from Southeast Asia). It'd be rad to meet some backers there! (: 

We're also finishing another project called MAZEMAN. It has a way smaller scope than Monster Prom, but it is cute and fun as hell! 

Here you have the PRESSKIT:

Here you have the PC Build (it supports controller now): 

 Here you have the Android build:

If you play it, it'd be awesome for you to leave a comment on Monster Prom's comment section telling us your thoughts! 

I'm also managing 2 other potential projects for 2017. A physical cardgame and MAAAAAYBE the INDIE G ZINE - VOLUME II. Don't worry, I'm good compartmentalizing, so this doesn't steal Monster Prom's hours! 

Oh, and we know that at some point we would love not only to explore DLCs and sequels, but also similar games with the same engine. I have this notebook where I jot down my ideas. Recently I took notes on 2 potential similar games with exciting new twists to the Monster Prom formula. The themes are Zombie Apocalypse and A parody of your classic shonen anime. I'd also love to tackle the galactic warriors theme, but I need to find the right twist to it! 


This is being super exciting, really. As said: lots of progress and opportunities. I don't want to jinx it, but it seems Monster Prom will be a really cool thing. And that's thanks to you too. You are being crazy supportive and your support becomes our fuel to create the best possible game. For instance, when we see your excitement about the characters, we get even more excited about them and we want to make them even awesome-r. 

You're just the best, really. 

P.S.: woaaaaah, lengthy update, right? Maybe too lengthy? Tell me! And please, leave comments commenting stuff. We love that :D

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    1. Crystal Nehler

      I like Scott A - without the big beard myself.

    2. Missing avatar

      Haley R.

      Galactic a Galactic Office Building :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Necomancer on

      Glad to see progress being made! As one of those would be Youtubers I look forward to many of the events of a terrible or wonderful nature and hope that they include one of the following:

      A)Vera's snake biting me in the face (Its a good way to avoid unwanted advances)

      B)Saving Miranda from a riot of peasant (Just one peasant, but hes *very* angry) or

      C)Drawing a cross on a sleeping Damien as a joke then watching him burst into holy flames and run out of the room screaming. This is probably why people should stick to mustaches.

    4. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Ikke: yaaay! We love you like the update. We want you to keep you informed (:
      @Trystan: we're on conversation about this ;)
      @Adrian: (((:
      @Jessica: so happy you liked it, Jessica. For starters, it should be a 1 player mode, since going local multiplayer for a game with explicit adult visual content might be a bit weird, right? :x
      An awkward evening with friends! :P
      @Jahkari: yeaaaaah! We're that excited! We are also happy to see you're excited about it (:

    5. Missing avatar

      Jahkari on

      I don't mind a lengthy update because it shows that the creators are just as excited for their project as the people who backed it on. Maybe even more so. Keep up the updates on the very good work. I can't wait to see the final product.

    6. Jessica Tran on

      You're doing a great job, keep up the good work!
      (and I don't think it's a lengthy update, it was an interesting read!)
      I'm looking forward to the adult version, it'll no doubt appeal to more people, though I wonder how different it'll be to the main game.

    7. Trystan Vel

      I agree I like the idea of a more adult version of the game, keep up the great work guys!:)

    8. Ikke on

      Hype! and nah the update wasn't too lenghty at all! the more info the merrier!