Monster Prom [a crazy twist on dating sims!]

by Beautiful Glitch

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    1. Aramis Troche on

      I think more options of things to do at each location sounds really cool! Ups the complexity of the game a bit without spiraling out of control.

    2. Milki Kaplanski on

      >Class (science lab group experiment) - CHARM
      >Auditorium (playing with the school band) - FUN?

      I'd switch these two, do fun stuff at the lab that (may) make the others laugh (mess up the profs experiement and such) while gaining lots of charm with your cool rock band attitude. ;)

    3. Missing avatar


      I think having 2 options in each location is a good idea. You could potentially have study at library for smarts and exploring the wilderness give creativity.

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      Fall Ark on

      Trick question. Secret Runs is clearly the superior option because it has 6 more new love interests in Genderswap characters and 4 more in Player Characters. :P

      I think some locations don't even need new art for alternative outcomes. Dodgeball obviously could leads to increase in other stats. The rave could turn bad and got attention from the school/police and increase your BOLDNESS in confrontation. Darkness' location pic in Bathroom already feels like more CHARM/CREATIVITY than BOLDNESS. etc. etc. Some text alternation is all you need.

      After all it would be pretty weird to only have one stat fixed to one location.

    5. Crystal Nehler

      I'd say greater depth to the current Love Interests appeals to me! The more we get to know them the greater the feels, for funny or not! More LIs is always good too, but more depth wins out at least for me.

    6. Missing avatar


      I'd say more love interests first - I love the three you're showing above. I think they're all fascinating.

      I also like the idea of more events and situations. One of my issues with Yawhg was that they had this GREAT setup and core game - but then they kind of left it behind. Whether it wasn't as profitable as they'd have liked...I don't know what happened. But eventually I got to the point where I just kept wishing there was MORE to and more going and more ways in which my choices affected the world around it. Basically, fleshing out the world a bit more since it was so interesting.

      That's why, for stuff like this, I fully supporting putting out content DLCs (providing the content isn't just ONE new outfit or a collection of hats for no reason. There's got to be some meat to it)

      I still support you making this game and then doing more campaigns to bring out more content. See how this goes and continue to think on it.

    7. Mr.Monttu

      More locations or love interests imo. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Hickman on

      I think more options for classes could really expanded the options for the games different directions and perhaps make different love interests more possible in future �

      Also my dude, I personally loved the oversharing, reminds us that y'all are real life wonderful people who also have their own stuff going on �

    9. Missing avatar


      Oh! I wanted to echo what Caitlin said - I don't mind oversharing when it gives us insight into the gamemaking process. I mean, we do have the option to not read that part of the update. One kickstarter campaign I backed went into a really bad place but the campaign runner was afraid to say anything due to a fear of oversharing - and it just made people mad. So sometimes it's a good thing!

    10. Beautiful Glitch 4-time creator

      @Aramis: I'm thinking about that. But I'm not sure. It doesn't up the complexity that much. Sometimes I think it is just me wanting more awesome art for the game...

      @Milki: not sure! Theoretically, charm is all related to people skills. It's about being charming because of your ways, because you know how to talk to people. I think it might get confusing unless we add a short explanation or we change the word. Dodgeball match was charm because you need to act as a leader. Lab experiment is you being a team player. Being a leader, a team player, seductive, convincing, flirtatious, a moderator... all that requires CHARM.

      @Joseph: as said, I need to think about this option. Not sure if it's just me wanting more art in the game!

    11. Beautiful Glitch 4-time creator

      @Fall: Yeah, I can see that. It's because of that that is also the most costful one! Maybe for some time in the future if we have money to make Monster Prom bigger and greater. The thing about locations is true, but we're only interested in creating other activities only if it's tied to new art, which is an extra expense too. And I would say that it is not weird to have one stat per location. As I always said this might come from a missconception: we're a local multiplayer dating sim; but that doesn't mean we're a dating sim that has added local multiplayer mechanics, but a local multiplayer game that have added some dating sim mechanics. Trying to judge Monster Prom in comparison to regular dating sims would always lead to some dissappointments I guess.

      @Crystal: yeah, I can see that! And I think it is a really nice thing to say. Like it's cool you want first to get more developed chars betweeng going to the next ones. That's true, right? Quality over quantity. That's why we won't start with the DLC until we cover all the core experience!

      @CJ: I can understand the The Yawhg thing. It is great but it is true that I've started to see repeated events after 2-3 runs. We want to avoid this. Damian told me that he always wanted to create some kind of big update for it. But I understand his situation: you can't just keep working on the same project, you need to go to the next one, right? I don't know if it was profitable or not. Steamspy says there are almost 90k The Yawhg users, so I think it probably was profitable!
      On Monster Prom and updates/DLCs: yeah, the situation is that we love Monster Prom universe as we're creating it. We want to go really deep in the sense of making as much content as possible. Obviously after that, there's a point where you need to look at the numbers and decide if continue working on that very same universe or starting the next project. If the game makes enough money to sustain the process, I'd love to continue expanding the universe. I mean, we already set the first DLC!
      And sure, to me that's the difference about the DLC and an update: if it's just a couple things, it's an update. It's cool and it works to keep the conversation about MP going on, you know? Maybe getting a spot on the media or the platforms... like MP is going full xmas! (and you put just some winter outfits to the chars). A DLC is a fine thing and it needs to be priced on its own to make possible for us to keep working on MP. But yeah, a DLC it can't feel like we sold you like 3/4 of a full game and then we're charging you for the other 1/4, you know? To me, a DLC has to be something juicy (new love interests with all their events, a new mode like the secret runs, etc). Yeah, we can do like... A WINTER DLC! But it can't be just two or three things... the idea would be to make it count, like adding outfits, a good bunch of events, maybe special NPCs and secret endings related to a winter/xmas theme, etc. I guess you can see what I mean. I think we all know the difference, and yeah, to us DLC means going deeper into what to expand on the game.
      And it's cool to see you're OK with a bit of oversharing if it doesn't lead us to a bad place, as you say.

      @Mr.Monttu: it seems we will get at least new love interests! ;)

    12. Beautiful Glitch 4-time creator

      @Caitlin: yeah, we will go for the new love interests it seems! (((:
      Also, thanks for telling me this. I was genuinely worried about being unfair with you backers by oversharing about my personal situation. In the end the game is the game, but it is being developed by 3-5 people + some other collaborators, and the updates and this is stuff is being written by one person (me!). So yeah, there's a lot going on!
      Thanks for your kind words! They meant a lot to me (: