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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
1,592 backers pledged €32,230 to help bring this project to life.

Potential new LOVE INTERESTS, new stretch goals, new rewards and more!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers!

So this is it! We're over 20k! Minor NPCs will be a thing! So excited about that! I'm sure they will add some spice to this awesome mix, right?

 Let's talk about stuff! 


As always, I have to remind you that we have an ongoing Thunderclap campaign.

Please sign in to help us into getting that last boost to smash some more stretch goals <3 

 Here's the link:

2. NEW REWARDS (not exactly)

Being so close to the end, I decided to talk costs with the artists so we can make some changes to the higher rewards.

As a result, we've erased a couple of rewards and instead we decreased the price of several ones

MOST IMPORTANT: the MONSTERSONA thing seems to be quite popular, so now it has been added at all the higher rewards too! 

 Now collaborating with the devteam into creating a new item costs 250€ instead of 400€!

 Now collaborating with the devteam into a creating a whole new secret ending costs 400€ instead of 800€

 Now collaborating with the devteam into a creating a MINOR CHARACTER!!! costs 500€ instead of 1000€

Now there's little to no margin there, but at least we get to create more content,right? (: 


So let's reveal the last stretch goals (so unlikely to go a lot past the 30k one, given the time we have left here!)


We discusses this one some updates ago:

We will be getting a super awesome ending sequence. It'll feature a good bunch of originral art pieces depicting the chars in fun situations as an excellent way of closing a run. We will also try to get a voiced song to make it more EPIC! 

Let's share the situations I have in mind. There's 16 and it doesn't mean all will end in the sequence. Feel free to share your ideas:

  • JOCK and BAD BOY armwrestling while other chars cheer ‘em up 
  • HIPSTER, LITTLE PRINCESS and MEAN GIRL are checking their smartphones together 
  • PARTY ANIMAL, JOCK, MEAN GIRL and BLUE are dancing at a party 
  • BAD BOY and BLUE are fighting as knights in the school play 
  • RED, JOCK and GREEN are having an epic time on a dodgeball match 
  • GREEN and HIPSTER are reading together, sharing earplugs 
  • YELLOW and LITTLE PRINCESS on a romantic climax on the school play
  • YELLOW, PARTY ANIMAL, RED and BAD BOY playing videogames together 
  • LITTLE PRINCESS, PARTY ANIMAL and BLUE playing at a pool. RED frightened by the water 
  • MEAN GIRL and RED sunbathing while HIPSTER is under a parasol just resting 
  • GREEN, PARTY ANIMAL and BAD BOY having a great time with their bikes at town 
  • MEAN GIRL, HIPSTER and YELLOW taking while drinking at a party 
  • BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED playing at a rock band called THE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS 
  • HIPSTER, LITTLE PRINCESS, YELLOW and RED playing a tabletop game 
  • BAD BOY, PARTY ANIMAL, JOCK, MEAN GIRL and YELLOW drinking outdoors
  • LITTLE PRINCESS and BLUE playing in the pool (like battling) riding GREEN and JOCK

As said before, the idea is to give the run a proper closure that reminds us in a beautiful way that even if these chars (for the sake of humor) are sometimes selfish, shitty or idiotic, in the end (even if they reject you as prom dates) they are all friends having a great time together. I think it'd be the perfect closure! 


OK, let's be real, even if I LOVE the 25k one, this is probably the one all of you were expecting eventually, right? 

Let's clarify some stuff about this:

  • They will be a DLC... but we will give it for free to the people that pledged 30€ or more. This DOESN'T MEAN that the game+DLC costs 30€. People were already paying 30€ without the DLC. Let's remember there is a good bunch of extra stuff in each reward (Monster book, visual goodies, beta access, customized GIF, etc!). The DLC will be just an extra gift from us to all these people (: 
  • They will be created as a DLC; since it will be a lot of work and 30k is probably not enough (in the sense most of it will be invested in the game itself).
  • Also this way we can launch the game with no more delays and then start working on this. Let's be real: with the current stretch goals met, the game will be out later than expected (but bigger and awesome-r)
  • We're talking about 2 at least to avoid making promises we can't keep. But if we can go for a bit more than 2, we will
  • Even if here we're showing 3 concepts, there's NOTHING sure about these new love interests. Our idea is to develop different concepts and study them while also testing them by presenting them to you. 
  • Please don't get confused: there's a BIG difference between minor NPCs and LOVE INTERESTS. The latter are quite big and important. We will work on them. We might eventually create a SUPER MEGA PRIVATE FORUM to discuss them, but just for the backers at the highest reward tiers, since we want this to keep it more of a secret, but still we might need some help
  • We still need to discuss how to implement these chars. They will be probably unlockable, so at first the Monster Prom experience is simpler and clearer. Also, this way, we add some deeper layers of gameplay, rewarding people that plays more than just 1 run. 


So... thing is actually I have notes on potential new love interests. I'm always taking notes on stuff I'd love to include eventually if Monster Prom turns to be kinda successful. 

How I do this? Love interests need to have the potential to create a whole lot of funny situations and dialogues. Because of this I need to find universal monster tropes and universal highschool tropes. I focus on the latter, but sometimes I write monsters I'd love to see eventually.

I also love to think how these new tropes would mix with the current ones. 

Some tropes I've saved:

  • Geek girl
  • Business boy (like always trying to make money)
  • Stoner boy or girl
  • Mystique girl (hyper-modern, mysterious, spiritual and a bit obnoxious without being mean)
  • Lovecraftian nightmare (I know there's a lot of potential in a creature horribly amorphous that behaves like a teenager)
  • Any more ideas? 

I asked our talented lead artist Arthur to portray some of these ideas. I didn't want to give him lots of explanation into them since they are just concepts. Anyway, I must say that I think the witch could be a tad more mysterious and the Lovecraftian creature is here depicted a lot more human-like than planned. 

Don't get me wrong, they're super cool, but I thought that might be useful since, if eventually selected, those concepts would change, I guess.

 Do you like them? 

30k is far from here... but we still have the final days boost! I see the 25k pretty doable. The 30k is a bit of a longshot, but let's aim for the stars! (((:

Once again: thanks for all your support! You're great! (:

On next updates we will talk about the MONSTER BOOK, the SECRET RUNS and MONSTER PROM 2 (how it could be if this game is a success enough)

Aaaaaand... IT'S SHOUTOUT TIME! 

Today we're talking about an awesome game that it is pretty similar to Monster Pron since it is also a dating sim with BEAUTIFUL ART.

We're talking about ARCANA



I'm a sucker for this project. Not only because of its beautiful art (but that would be enough!), but also because it seems to be related to tarot somehow. I love all the symbology around the tarot's major arcana. I love all projects that mix major arcana and gorgeous art. 

Also... one of the main chars is named like I: Julian. So I'm already hyped to see how cool is this Julian. I guess it has to be pretty cool at least 8)

I already backed this marvelous project. Now it's your turn! Be swift, they have 48h left! 

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Amy: thanks a lot! And yeah, Arcana deserved that shoutout. I love it! And Dana is pure genius!
      @Samantha: Woah! So glad you gave the Lovecraft girl so much thought. So many clever ideas there, I must admit. You even made me fall more in love with the char. But I think we can go for some changes. Maybe she's awkwardly cute like right now, but her "angry expression" is her becoming an inform mass of tentacles, eyes and mouthes. And it might be that she has no gender but identifies herself as female. So, without commenting to much on the matter, we're including some light and good gender identity commentary. You helped me into seeing how much depth she can have. I both like the cult approach idea and the "my parents are harsh/my parents my bring the maddening" approach. I had some neat cult ideas for Vera, but it might make more sense for her.
      Samantha, you got me even more excited about potential new chars!
      @Alexis: thanks a lot, Alexis! I commented with Samantha a bit about the Lovecraftian girl being actually a person with no gender but identifying herself as female. How do you see that? :0

    2. Alexis Sara on

      Love the designs for the DLC cuties you got so far. Geek girl concept sounds like fun, i'm still rooting for a trans or non binary person in the game (as playable or datable) XD

    3. Samantha Netzley

      Okay, so reading over your thumbnail concept ideas I was all raring to come in here with a pitch about how you should make the Lovecraftian horror "love interest" a "bad ending" character (basically a combination of Miharu and Rei from the first Tokimeki Memorial, if you're familiar with it) - someone you'd bump into every now and again who was equal parts obviously into you and obviously bad news, and if you ignored the red flags and pursued them with the dogged determination of a gamer seeking a hidden ending they'd reward your devotion by... being kind enough to eat you first ( Oops. Not every rough exterior hides a sensitive soul, after all!

      But then I saw Arthur's character concept for them and... well... don't change a thing, basically. They're my adorable new waifu. MAYBE make both hands tentacles, but I kind of like the mismatched limbs. Some riffs off that character design:
      - Nonbinary/genderfluid. Actually, a lot about them is difficult to categorize. Like species. And plane of origin.
      - Thinks they're a freak for... having shockingly normal interests. (Alternatively: wants desperately to be normal, but has only the remotest cargo-cult type idea of what "normal" looks like.)
      - Constantly worrying about getting I trouble with their "harsh" parents, who are actual Lovecraftian sanity-shattering elder gods. (This makes parent-teacher conferences difficult, and they haven't been allowed to chaperone a school dance since... THE MADDENING... at homecoming two years ago.)
      - Rather than blushing, they change color to show emotions.

      Tangential question: if the plant guy ends up being the stoner, and he smokes weed or eats mushrooms or peyote... is that cannibalism?

    4. Missing avatar

      Amy Barnett on

      I really like the stretch goals! Everything sounds amazing, and I think the new love interests are very cute (especially the leafy boy). I'll be wishing you luck in the final week!

      (Also, thank you so, so much for giving The Arcana a shout-out. It was very kind of you, and I greatly appreciate it.)