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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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1000 backers, lots of fanart, Thunderclap and more!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi my dear backers! 

3 days ago we were close to 17,000€ and now we're over 19,000€! Just the last push to get the next stretch goal!!!


Also, we hit the awesome mark of +1000 backers! To be honest, I didn't think we could do that when I first launched Monster Prom. I'm ecstatic! 

So it seems we will get those 5 minor NPCs! What they will be? Do you like this kind of stretch goal? I might include more NPCs as a side dish for the next stretch goal! (((:

Today I prepared a first sketch on how the private forums for the crowd-designers will work. It'll be fantastic! :D

Also, I have to remind you that we have an ongoing Thunderclap campaign. Please sign in to help us into getting that last boost to smash some more stretch goals <3

Here's the link:


Please, go and share it on Twitter and Tumblr and mention your favorite artists in hopes of getting them excited about Monster Prom. We love every piece we receive. WE WANT MOAR! *o*

Let's see all those kick-ass pieces! (we will share here the ones that include chars from Monster Prom, sadly not the original monstersonas... we might share that in the future and we surely share that on our twitter!)

BLUE and Vera, by Pris


Vera, by Yufei


 Green, by @MLeNerd


Polly, by MythologikArt


BLUE, Miranda, Polly and Vera, by Azilim (who works with the awesome Molten Cherry, who's part of Cotton Candy Cyanide)


 YELLOW, by Camila

Miranda, by Feer

 YELLOW, by Josh Lancero

Damien and herself (as a monstersona), by Lauren Ashizawa

Polly and himself (as a monstersona), by Robert Iza

BLUE, by Jason Boyer

BLUE and YELLOW, by Rockbomber

 Damien, by Thirteen

 Polly, by Igor Canova


Damien, by SAM


Miranda and RED, by Munrou


RED and Miranda, by John "Koi" Carreon


Everyone but Liam, by Guchi


Winter Vera, by Caro Waro (amazing creator of Crepanquine)


AMAZING, right? Tell us: which are your fav ones? If we could comission some of these artists to draw other chars: which artists and which char would you choose? Tell us and we might do it! ;) 

Aaaaaaaaaand, let's go for the SHOUTOUTS!

I made Caro Waro the last one because today we're talking about her project, Crepanquine! It is a marvelous comic set in a fantasy world full of witches. In this world, there is this mysterious disease known as the curse. When a woman is affected by the curse, her index finger becomes... a wand with unexpected powers. What an intriguing idea and a beautiful twist on witch design! 

Caro is a great artist and even a greater human being. I've collaborated with her many times in the past and I wish I can collaborate with her so many more times in the future too! She did the art for the INDIE G ZINE's cover and the UNDERTALE piece. Her style is full of personality and beauty. 

Please, go support her and her project. She's the kind of person you want to succeed, because she deserves to have the means to turn her talent into amazing projects. And believe me: you will be grateful if she can... only the most amazing stuff comes when she can invest her time into her projects!


 So... I will prepare more updates these last days! We have only one week left! I want to talk about the marvelous MONSTER BOOK while also revealing the stuff I'd love to include eventually in the game: more love interests, secret runs... even a sequel! 

Aren't you excited? (((: 

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