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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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Stretch goals, awesome videos, thunderclap and more!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)
Hi my dear backers!  

4 days ago I was thrilled because we were close to 9,900€. And now we're close to 17,000€. What a twist! 

We're happy and proud, because lately we have had only good news. So we will gift you with some reveals! 

Let's go! 


Yeah, I guess most of you know this one by now, but we got a video by Jesse Cox, where he played the demo with Dodger, Jirard and Alex. It was AWESOME. To us, it's thrilling to see LP videos and realize we're onto something good, because it seems people are having a real good time playing our game. It makes us happy to an absurd degree. Obviously, we need to thank them (and the rest of youtubers and twitchers that have covered us so far), because the vids being funny feels like a collaboration between the content we've created and their great sense of humor and overall greatness. We're so grateful and happy that our recipe mixes so well with their style. 

Here you can check the video:

Also, let's be honest: this video has helped us greatly to smash not one but two stretch goals so far! More on them on this update! ;)

So thanks, really! We're so grateful #blessed #amiusingthatblessedthingright?

Also, we can't forget the other 3 videos that have appeared since last update:

Rock Lee Smile


The Gaming Ground

So... share with us your fav moments of the demo in the comments! 


Ok, maybe you find it useless, but we wanted to go all transparent and share some insights we got after warching the vids. 

  • It's pretty interesting to see the assumptions the youtubers do, really. It let us correct and it even gave us some ideas. 
  • The comment section is also helpful. It both let us see opportunities and risks regarding the game. 
  • Obviously, it has given us a better understanding on what's funnier to the audience! 
  • It's great, as said, to see we're creating an enjoyable thing here. Every time a youtuber, twitcher or commenter praises an aspect of the game we feel really proud, really. To me it's really personal: I do lots of things inside this project. I'm the producer, the creative director, the game designer and the PR guy. But I'm also a narrative designer with the amazing Cory O'Brien. I manage creative direction, which means that I work on the more general concepts behind art and narrative (who are the characters, who are they defined, which are the overall plots, how the tone is defined, etc). I also worked on narrative design on a broader level (I basically design the "theme" around every event, like "Vera is angry because a guy is sending her dickpics and she asks you how she can make him stop"). But to me is a dream and a joy also get to write some of the events, since even before thinking on creating a videogame writing has been my thing. At first I was hesitant, because English is not my language and you can clearly tell by reading the updates and other contents. But I teamed up with Amanda Brown (a great proofreader) and I did some changes to the events and added some of my own last-minute into the demo. And it seems it wasn't a mistake! People seem to have a great time with the events written by both Cory and me. And as I said, it's wonderful to see. I've worked on the indie scene as a PR guy and this is one of my first opportunities to prove myself as a narrative designer, so I'm glad it hasn't been a complete disaster! <3


We've set a Thunderclap campaign to boost the KS campaign on its last 48h. It'd be Awesome if you could join and support us on this, this way we can smash some more stretch goals on our final run! 

Here you can join:

Thunderclap basically syncs a bunch of people to shoot the same tweet at the exact same time to make good noise about something all of a sudden. It requires almost nothing from you and it's basically joining a community effort to spread the word about Monster Prom on its last hours! 

If you don't want or cant, it's OK! But if you can join, it'd be great! (: 


So... we changed the 2nd stretch goal. It was related to music, but we changed it for a bunch of reasons. We're working on getting great music, don't worry. And we're in contact with the mega-talented Jukio Kallio (he made the music of Nuclear Throne). But this is a whole aspect of the game and it's pretty budget-sensitive, so I didn't want to tie myself to anything because of a stretch goal. Jukio and I are discussing a lot about the project and how he could collaborate. He likes the project and he's a really nice person, but I need to be sure we can afford it. And right now, under 20k, I'm still not so sure. I think we would have to get between 25k and 30k. Or maybe I go with my gut and invest my own money again just to assure a track of him. So, I prefer to keep music an issue to study after the KS is done. It seems the right thing to do. 

Now the goal is related to items, so let's discuss that aspect of the game first. 

There will be a shop on the game. Money is a "stat" (ok, not exactly a stat, but works in a pretty similar fashion). Some options at some events will require money and even some events might unlock only if you have enough money; but money is also for buying stuff. On both maps (school and cafeteria) you will see the "shopkeeper" icon (the one that's above here) and that will mean that if you go there, you will get into the shop instead of the regular location. 

The shop will offer you a wide array of items. As for now, we organize items into 4 categories:

  • Items that boost one of your other 5 stats
  • Items that are needed to complete some of the BIG PLOTS (the ones that l explained in our last update)
  • Special items with unique functions (we will study this and I hope the programmer doesn't kill me by messing with the core mechanics of the game here)
  • Event items that instantly unlock special and absurd plotlines
Let's see an example of each one: 
  •  "A fake badass tattoo: It has a kick-ass snake and even a knife. With this you can murder your enemies, go to prison, make everyone your bitch and then murder them too and go to… some kind of super prison? Street cred +9000!" (it boosts your BOLDNESS)
  • "A fake noble title (no flavor text yet)" (it's needed in a BIG PLOTLINE where you convince Miranda that you're also part of the nobility as a way of romancing her)
  • "A PR agent: Highschool social life is so hard nowadays that hiring a PR agent is totally a thing." (this special item would authomatically boost your hidden "relationship-meter" with some or all of your classmates)
  • "A blanket with 2 holes: Literally just a white blanket with two eyeholes in it. You'd have to be an idiot to mistake this for a ghost costume, but most of your classmates are idiots ..." (this one is HILARIOUS... it unlocks 3 events -maybe more later- where your classmates are totally convinced you are a cool new ghost student while Liam is constantly trying to make them see you're just a guy/girl with a blanket... really some of the finest events Cory has written!)
We still need to figure out lots of stuff regarding the shop and items. But you can get an idea on the direction we're going so far, right? 
Total transparency moment: one of my greatest fears is about Monster Prom being a game of short (45-90') cycles. This is not a problem per se: I love that kind of game (like The Yawhg), but Steam return policy scares me. People can play and just return the game. So I wanted to convey the game big depth and replayability in a way it's clear to the player on the first run. I wanted to avoid the moment where the players finish their first run and they are all like "that's it?". So, items seemed and interesting, innovative and funny way of conveying all this depth. I want the player to enter the shop for the first time and get their mind blown by the diversity, amount and absurdity of items available. This way players can quickly understand that Monster Prom will be capable of being funny  and surprising beyond the first run.
Also the items are a perfect narrative tool to build more complex narrative plots that need some special context.

And that leads us to the new 2nd stretch goal: we're adding 5 more items. Right now we were planning for 24-26. Now we can go for 30. Aaaaaand, 2 of them will be crowd-designed. 

I love the crowd-design reward tiers! We will create these private forums where backers will propose, discuss, comment and vote potential content. Obviously we will both participate and moderate, but we're excited about the cool absurd stuff you could bring to the game! Crowd-designed stuff will be limited, of course. I will try to make it so we can create a bit of everything. To be honest, it's like group-purchasing the higher reward tiers. With the first stretch goal I think we can assure at least 1 secret ending being crowd-designed (maybe even more!). That's a 800€ reward tier unlocked for the 50€ backers! Now we can include at least 2 items (and maybe even more!). And don't forget outfits and events. 

(sketch on a super secret ending... you get to date the shopkeeper!)

Our goal with these stretch goals is to guarantee more kick-ass content to all our fans but also sweetening these reward tiers and the overall crowd-designing experience for some of our backers! 


Yaaaay! We're now heading towards 20,000$ and the 3rd stretch goal. Similar to the last one, this will be the addition of minor NPCs with subplots of their own. At first this wasn't even a thing... then we came up with it and we assured just 1 (the one that's tied to the 75€ reward tier). But the more we think about it, the more we talk about it, the more we think it'd be AWESOME to have some crazy NPCs with their own art to appear from time to time. They could be tied to specific subplots or act as regular comedic characters, we still don't know! 

(sketches on possible minor NPCs... slime girl!)

Right now we have events with this kind of characters, but we always make them text-based, with no art. Some of them are Martin the crazy were-bear janitor, a computer that has come to life due to a magic virus or a businessman that tries to steal Liam's identity. We've studied costs and we've decided that we could actually create art for some of them, creating more "wow!" moments during the game. 

So our next stretch goal will be to guarantee the appearance of at least 5 NPCs with its own art. This includes the 1st one that was already intended for the 75€ reward tier. But now... we're assuring that at least 3 NPCs will be crowd-designed in collaboration with our backers! 

Once again, thanks for all your support!

We're doing our best to make Monster Prom a crazy fun thing for all of you! (:

Stuff for next updates: still "special runs" and fanarts! To build some hype, let's say that the "special runs" are tied to very special stuff such as romancing the playable chars or even a "gender swap" mode.

P.S.: I will send you a message to the new backers about how cool it'd be to raise your pledges. Don't hate me because of it! :3

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    1. Milki Kaplanski on

      Slime girl! So cute! :D

      I'm really hoping there's some sort of super hilarious tentacle ending hidden in the game. ;)