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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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Greenlight, Let's play Monster Prom, Final ending and Ending credits

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi my dear backers! 

We're getting closer to our first stretch goal! almost 9,900€. 

So many good news and interesting info.


We've been greenlit! So it's official: Mnster Prom will be on Steam. But yeah, probably we will also go for a DRM-free version! ;) 

Check it HERE


Soon we will set a Thunderclap. We will please need you to support us by preparing that last boost! 


A great youtuber, LOST PAUSE, did the first "let's play" video of Monster Prom. It's HILARIOUS. Please go take a look HERE.


Ok, we talked about the individual endings, which might be secret endings. But after that there's the final group ending. We're figuring this one out. I thought about the classic class group. Maybe we get zoom-ins on each character and -as in a teenager movie- you get to read what happened to each char. And this description might slightly vary depending on that specific playthrough events. Good thing of this is to make this class photo so we can make alternative versione where we change some of the students there. There will be the playable chars and the love interests, but also some extra non-narrative chars. This way we can create alternative versions changing this other chars. We can keep random chars, or chars based on backers, or chars specifically tied to special events. 

5. Ending Credits

After both the individual and group endings end, it'll be time for the ending credits. If we get enough funds, we want to go for some kick-ass ending credits. My personal dream is to get permission for a band to add a cool ending track. 

Here's my list of dream tracks for the ending credits:

  • Wolf Parade - Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts 
  • Mike Krol - Seventeen Age 
  • Data - Don’t Sing 
  • Wilkinson - Half Light 
  • Danger - 11h30 
  • Take That - Love Love 
  • Pete and the Pirates - Half Moon Street 
  • Crystal Castles - Not in love 
  • Sala & the Strange Sounds - Yes sir I can boogie 
  • MGMT - The youth 
  • Placebo - Loud Like Love 
  • Major Lazer - Light it up 
  • Zedd - Beautiful Now 
  • Cake - Frank Sinatra 
  • The New Pornographers - Champions of Red Wine 
  • James - Curse Curse

Ok, half of these are just impossible. My fav possible one might be "Seventeen Age". My fav impossible ones are "Loud like love", "Beautiful Now" and "Not in love". Funny fact: "Light it up" is the official song of early Monster Prom in my mind. I mean, while working on it I was almost always listening to this song and, somehow, it boosted my imagination. 

The credits would go with beautiful illustrations. This is from my personal document on the matter:  "If enough funds are raised, we’d love to add some cool end credits. Basically the credits + illustrations that convey the idea that after all the shenanigans and trouble, all the chars have a rather good relationship and good times together. " Then I propose 16 ideas for illustrations. Let me share here 4 of them:

  • Liam, Miranda, YELLOW and RED playing a tabletop game (Liam proudly moves his token. RED is furious about it. Miranda is surprised and happy... like "how smart!". And YELLOW is analyzing the movement, impressed.)
  • GREEN, Polly and Damien having a great time with their bikes at town
  • Miranda, Polly and BLUE playing at a pool. RED frightened by the water
  • Polly, Scott, Vera and BLUE are dancing at a party.

What do you think? (:

Once again, thanks for all your support.

Stuff for next updates: "special runs", fanarts we received and other stuff! 

P.S.: I will send you a message about how cool it'd be to raise your pledges. Don't hate me because of it! :3

Oh... Oh! And SHOUTOUTS!

Today I wanted to talk about KICKSTARTED IN THE BUTT! Ok, this isn't its real name... but it's yet to be revealed! 

I mean... this is the most appropiate shout out ever, because this people is going just like us for full love+absurdity. Ok, maybe it's a different tone of love and absurdity, but when I saw this KS I was all like "damn, did I step over a trend when I decided it was time to disrupt dating sim?". So cool! 

Also, its creator, Zoë Quinn, is an awesome human being who has showed her support to Monster Prom in great ways! Yay! (: 

So go back this fuckin' rad project! :D



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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Milki: oh, and keep in mind I have listed 16 potential situations! (:
      And I have heard this about YELLOW's eyebrows before =__=

      @Onita: yeah, Noble's vid was great news. And we loved it. It let us see that our game is good material for youtubers and twitchers. We hope more people sees this!

      @UkiiUkii: thanks a lot! Getting the Greenlight was amazing news since I was a bit skeptical about that (we hadn't a great amount of "YES" votes... but we had a great conversion in the sense we had lots of followers compared to other games with more votes... so it was thanks to you, the ppl that decided to follow and favorite the project!)

    2. Missing avatar

      UkiiUkii on

      Congrats on getting Greenlit! I'm so excited to play this game!

    3. Onita C on

      Wow congrats! And Noble Senpai did a Let'a play, congrats on that too!

    4. Milki Kaplanski on

      The mystery monster is seriously mysterious. But now that Evan mentioned his eyebrows I can't unsee how much cooler he'd look if the eyebrows where his eyes (and a little further down his face), haha!

      Really love the credit scene ideas, especially the tabletop one since Red is my fav of the player characters and I love tabletop/board games! <3

    5. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Evan: also... damn, THANKS A LOT! Just saw it <3

    6. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      no mouth! He's the most mysterious monster of them all! Not sure yet what he is... fear itself? evil itself? darkness? death?

    7. Evan Gautama on

      That black monster... I keep thinking that the thick white lines are the eye... No, it's the eyebrow. And where's the mouth?