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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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FUNDED! [and lots of other cool stuff]

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

WOAH! We've been funded! Let's celebrate it... by raising our pledges? ;D

 I might admit that even if we're super thrilled about this, it isn't still the best thing about today, since today it's the b-day of my favorite person in the world, my little sister (well, she's now 25, but always my little sister). Yay! 

But yeah, reaching the goals is pretty awesome too! (: 

Also, we've been favorited by KS itself. Thaaaaanks, Luke (super nice and cool head of games on KS)!

Thanks for all your support, really! 

Aaaaand... we're getting closer to that Chinese demo! 

 Now I'm fighting my laptot to manage to record my screen so I can make 3 minute gameplay video so we can apply to the awesome INDIE MEGABOOTH

To get selected for the INDIE MEGABOOTH would be a dream come true. 

Also... we need to ask you for help!

1. We need to get greenlit! Please, vote for us on Greenlight! If we get "yes" votes from all our backers we will probably get greenlit!

2. We will set a Thunderclap campaign tonight to boost our communication once we hit the 48h left mark! Once we set it, we will need you to join! 


Let's talk about our FIRST SRETCH GOALS!

It's more secret endings, including the SUPER SECRET ENDINGS.

To understand this better, let's discuss how the endings work.

There are different types of ending

  • Individual endings for each player
  • A group ending for everyone
  • Credits

We want to do cool stuff with all 3 of them (more on further updates if you're interested on it), but secret endings are specifically tied to the first type here:


These ones are the cool ones. Before the game ends you must choose which classmate to invite to the prom. They might be one of 3 types of ending then: success, failure and secret endings. Success and failure are self-explanatory: depending on your relationship with that classmate + your stats, the classmate will reject you or accept your invitation. 

 That's like the regular thing to get, SUCCESS or FAILURE endings. But you might get secret endings. Secret endings basically need you to navigate through a specific longer plot during the limited number of turns you have. We need to test and balance this, but currently it takes 3 special events that need you to choose the right option (always 2 options can be a success, but here sometimes just one of them let you continue on the special big plot) and be successful at it. 

Believe me: the big plots and their secret endings are often crazy and kind of wrong. 

Right now, we're aiming for 12 secret endings: 2 per love interest.

But we want to go beyond this, we want to experiment with crazy super secret endings that feel great and super special. Aside of maybe including some more NPC related secret endings, we'd love to go for something different. 

Let me share some ideas with you: 

  • You pursue not one but two classmates and somehow there's a secret ending involving the 3 of you
  • The opposite: 2 or more players fight for the same love interest but somehow instead of making it a fight... you can end all of you with the NPC (damn, I wanted to do this with Polly just to create an achievement called boo-kkake; but it kinda sounded like just a bit too much) 
  • A mega secret ending in which you get to romance the shopkeeper! 

Stuff like that. Any ideas? The idea is to stretch the game limits in a way the player feels amazed when he/she finally unlocks it. 

Still I have lots of things to tell you. But I'll let the rest for later!

Please, feel free of telling me which kind of stuff you want me to explain! (:

Thanks for all your support so far! 

Bye! (: 

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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @milki hey! Let's see...
      > There will be a "romance-meter" that will be invisible to the player. It will work internally for the game to calculate how you're doing with each love interest. Player must guess how he/she is doing. You "earn points" by getting succesful outcomes. There is no right options or wrong options. As a The Yawhg player you might understand me here: there are 2 ways of playing the game: the narrative/fun way (where you choose any option that feels funnier or more true to yourself) and the game way (where you choose the option that will most likely lead you to victory). Each option will be tied to a stat. If the stat is high, the option will lead to a successful outcome, while a low stat will lead you to a failure. We're still figuring out tha way of making this works (how you decide how a stat is low or high enough... by an average on all your stats? a flat number that increase over turns? an average on the same stat but all the players? an average on all stats of all players? it is just a "versus system" where the option with the higher stat tied is the right one to choose? ...)

      > Like in The Yawhg, once you visit a location, it remains unvisitable. We're trying to create some system that alter which player goes first (in The Yawhg this remains always the same). We wanted to make it tied to your stats somehow.

      > Thing is players might affect each other but they never interact, since this would be a dialogue hell, you know? So best way we can make them interact is through indirect interactions, like both talking about the other one with love interests. Stuff like that. There are also other ways, like specific items that trigger specific events. Like a love note that you leave in the next location you visit and then in the next turn another player can pick it and answe to it... stuff like that.

      > The game is expected to be made in a modular way, yeah. But mainly to us to include new stuff in the future. I didn't thought of user-made stuff. For that we can create a middleground such as the 50€ and 75€ tiers: some private platform where people can propose and discuss new content. Later we can create other forms of more accesible platforms... I don't know.
      But a Steam Workshop thing could be interesting, right? But as for now I will stick to the private forums, since I want to be respectful to the people that have pledged more in order to do this! Later... we will see.

    2. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Alexis+Trystan: Polly is basically OK with everything as long as it's fun! But yeah! Yeah, we want to figure out a way where you can share a romantic interest with a friend in a friendly way. Our main point of view is the non-binary approach on sexual orientation. On a forum a guy criticized us for making the chars non-binary instead of bisexual. I mean, I don't have anything against defining oneself as bisexual. It's OK, but here we define the chars as non-binary. Let me share my answer to that comment:

      "I call it non-binary because I feel that way and I advocate for a non-binary approach, regarding sexual orientation. I mean, it's a matter of linguistics: calling it being bisexuality means that gender is the main axis to define one's preferences. It is like you're stating that there are 2 basic options (male and female). And by calling it bisexuality you're advocating for this, basically saying "I aknowledge the existence of these 2 main options and decide to choose both". By calling it being non-binary we want to advocate that gender might not be necessarily the primary axis to define your attraction to other people.
      This is my belief outside the game itself. We need to work on the linguistics of many matters: economy, love, sex, family, etc. I choose to convey this point of view through my work, which is pretty common among creators I think. I don't try to impose it to anyone. You can just choose to ignore this small linguistic choice. It won't affect your game experience in any way.
      I'm not saying this with any hard feeling, just trying to mindfully answer to you comment. We're not trying to change the world, here. But we have some small choices like this one and we go with what feels not right but closer to our beliefs. "

      I hope people understands! Also... game doesn't change if you pursue a girl or a boy. We don't comment on it a lot because we think the best commentary is not commenting it at all, you know? What's there to comment? It's perfectly right and the same to love one person or another, regardless of their gender. And going one way or the other (or both) doesn't change who you are... we're all people that loves people. And that's beautiful. But don't expect the game being this sensitive... as said, the game normally doesn't make a commentary on that. It just treat it normally, with no need of further explanation. Because that's our way of normalizing and making people understand that we're advocating for a world where people doesn't need to give further explanation on their love choices, right?

      @Impracticalmagic: thanks a lot! (((:

    3. Milki Kaplanski on

      "If the ending would be two playable chars together... how you achieve that during the game session there's some anticipation to this? "
      Well, you already have the rival stuff - so if two players go after the same character, you could have a few rival events with choices that could lead to a potential romance should both get rejected by the NPC and if you accumulated enough love points with the other player character, well, instead of a sad ending you get a special secret player ending! But since I dunno how the game's system works, it's hard to make suggestions on how to implement this. Is it similar to Tokimeko Memorial (Girl's Side)? Do you gather romance points for the different NPCs when you choose the right stuff to say? Do stats determine how much a char is interested in you or what events get triggered at certain points of the story? Can two characters go to the same place or is it like in Yawhg, where a location is N/A for anyone else as soon as someone went there? If not, following another player character around all the time could trigger some events to gather love points for those two chars as well (if love points are a thing). I know that this would require at least 6 ending art works to be done (7 if there's gonna be a 4-player harem ending as well), but I think it would be a cool way to create some more player interaction & somewhat of a co-op element which would be super cool. Another question: Will the game be developed in modular way so we can write & add our own events / art to the game (like it's possible in The Yawhg and our own game, which we also develop in unity, where we simply use xml files for events)?

    4. Trystan Vel

      +1 Alexis I agree a poly ending would be awesome! I am hoping that this game is very LGBT positive:) I'm so excited!!

    5. Impracticalmagic

      Hey Congratulations!

    6. Alexis Sara on

      So Polly, is Poly that is cute XD. I adore the idea of getting some Poly endings where you can end up being with another player and the person you go after or two of the characters. I think that would be nice, lead to funny jokes and also be inclusive :D.

    7. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @milki: yeah, I've thought of this, but I should study it in depth, since players interact indirectly and never directly, so the challenge here is to make the ending coherent with the whole game session. If the ending would be two playable chars together... how you achieve that during the game session there's some anticipation to this?
      Also, we probably couldn't make a CG on 2 specific playable chars, because it would mean creating not one, but 6 different images, which would be too expensive. Maybe an ending where all 4 playable chars (only if 4 players play at the same time) just decide not to date anyone because dating is overrated and they end up hanging together. That could be a thing! :0

    8. Milki Kaplanski on

      When I showed my boyfriend the campaign, he instantly asked if players could end up dating each other - I think that would be a cool secret ending idea. :)