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There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
There are only 3 weeks left until prom! Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to seduce one of your monster classmates.
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Chinese version, awesome rewards and moar!

Posted by Beautiful Glitch (Creator)

Hi, my dear backers!

I wante to keep you in the loop about some awesome things. And yeah, it is Halloween... so it's time for a spooky update! Nah, jk, just a regular update. 

First, some data after 6 days!  

Money raised: 6995€ (87%)  

Backers: 299  

Steam Greenlight visits: 1727 (exactly 1000 more than last time!)

Steam Greenlight votes: 1235  

Steam Greenlight "YES" votes: 729  

Media coverage: Yeah! 

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Hardcore Gamer



Geeky Juegos




English Otome Games

Fanart: 12 pieces! (sharing them on next updates) 

We've got a very good response from Weibo, a kind of Chinese Twitter. It was so good that we've decided to translate the demo to Chinese. It's taking us some time, but some cool people at Indienova and a cool guy from TIGsource called fall_ark are helping us. Take a look! 

 So... we're almost at 7000€

If all 10€ backers jumped to 20€, we would be 8400€!

If all 20€ backers realized that being crowd-designers is cool and jumpetd to 50€ (pretty unlikely), we would be almost 9000€

At some point I will try to sell you raising your tier! I mean... to me maybe sweetiest reward tiers are 50€ and 75€. They're not that expensive like the next ones and still you get to collaboratively participate into creating stuff for the game. I'm pretty excited about what we can create altogether! Also, there aren't lots of backers at those tiers, so it will be less than a big-ass 100 people forum and more like a cool 10-20 people group I think. But that's just my opinion, obviously. 

All support is AWESOME! Spread the word, help us to get covered by media, send us beautiful fanart, go outdoors and just start shouting "MONSTER PROOOOOM!" until someone hears you and quickly understands what all that's about and back us on Kickstarter (even if you are just shouting two random words). 

We've received the support of lots of awesome people! Yesterday another creator, Zoë Quinn, backed us big time. I'm super grateful and we will be totally talking about her project in a later update! 

But talking about that, it's SHOUTOUT TIME! And this time we have not 1 but 4 shoutouts! Some really cool projects are coming to an end, so we had to talk about them:

First one: Steve Lichman - Volume 2 

Not a game, but still super rad! A comic where you get to see monsters and fantasy creatures acting in a mundane cool way. It sounds familiar, huh? An acquaintance of us told us about this project and we were amazed! 

Take a look soon, because this one 4 hours from completion. And it has raised +2000% of its initial goal, so you can guess this is good shit for real. 


 second one: Dungeons of Zaar

I used to study illustration and comics. I studied it for 4 years until one day I realized it just wasn't my jam. But I don't regret it: I learned a lot about all that and refined my eye. One thing I learned is that France is the European capital of both comics and illustration. So it is not a surprise to see this project is from there. Dungeons of Zaar is a turn-based strategy game with gorgeous art.

Something that is really appealing to me about this project is the freedom they want to give the player in regards of team building, so you really get to come with a very personal strategy on how to deal with enemies. I love when you can see that there's no right way of playing the game, but instead there are many ways and the goal is to experiment till you find your own game. Pretty cool, huh?


 Third one: Nairi

Nairi is a graphic adventure full of cuteness that is trying to create a child-friendly story with mature nuances, as you might expect from cool fictions such as Ghibli movies or The Last Airbender.

This truly has me pretty intrigued. Creating a narrative that operates a different levels being child-friendly on one hand but also kind of mature on the other hand is hella hard. I want to see how this comes, but I'm pretty optimistic since it seems very cool so far! 

Also, there are lots of cute character design everywhere *_*


 Last one: Butt sniffin pugs

A cooperative exploration game where you turn into an adorable pug that has a HUGE park to explore. This game is all good vibes, with tons of silliness 

They seem to be adding some good amounts of freedom to the experiences and layers of customizations, which makes this cute pug-baed game even more appealing. 

Most importantly, it convey a really chill, light and fun atmosphere which leads me to think that this game will be both great for Let's Play videos and just calm and delightful cooperative experiences. Like... instead of "Netflix and Chill" it'll be "Pugs and chill". 



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    1. Beautiful Glitch 3-time creator

      @Onita: yeah! We're now translating the UI and logo and making little changes before going all in with it!
      Thanks for your suport! (:

    2. Onita C on

      I saw a lot of request for a Chinese translation on the steam site, glad it was doable; more support for the game ^^
      We're getting there! So excited to see the fanarts!