Monster Prom [a crazy twist on dating sims!]

by Beautiful Glitch

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    1. Alexis Sara on

      Loving V, she is super cute. The sense of humor and art style is what really sold me here. I don't buy many VNs but the multiplayer idea had me going, oh dang need to play this with my partner. I am so excited for this glad to see how well it's doing :D.

    2. Beautiful Glitch 4-time creator

      @Alexis: yeah! Those are our 2 strongest features I think. So glad you appreciate them! Don't think of this as a VN. The experience we're looking for is rather different. Best scenario would be an experience similar to The Yawhg. Think of a middleground between playing a tabletop game with your friends and watching a funny and absurd TV show with them. You get to live lots of crazy situations while drinking a beer! (: