Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game

by Corey Wright

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Jarvis on

      I’m very excited! I think I just got my tracking number! April 1st!!!

    2. Andrew Falconer

      Who is doing the distribution for the UK?
      And when you say April, does that mean it's likely to ship towards the middle or end of April? (I am totally ok with it be in late April)

    3. Missing avatar

      Aleksei Kunchenko on

      Hi, I’m living in South Korea and today get my “MOUNTAINEERS”! Thank you and wish a successful delivery of other Boards.

    4. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Jason: Hmm... I don't think that is for our game to be honest! Sorry!

      @Andrew: Happy Shops is doing UK & EU. Right now hoping to ship come middle or beginning of April.

      @Aleksei: Sweet, enjoy and happy trails!

    5. Gert Breugelmans on

      Too pity, we don't have Netflix. You made me curious about the movie.
      Next month there is a filmfestival in Antwerp, called Mountains on Stage.
      I will certainly visit that fest.

      I really hope to get the before april 25th, that's when the fest is happening.


    6. Kevin L. Kitchens (Ones Upon a Game) on

      Got my tracking number today I believe... From Quartermaster in Orlando...

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Toole on

      Got my game today. Can’t wait to play. The game looks great!

    8. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Michael & Kevin: Sweet!