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Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
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Shipping Update - EU Ship Damaged - 07 March 2019

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)

EU Vessel Has Been Damaged...

Ok, I'm 100% joking. Really horrible, I know. But, I figured I might get your attention.  :p 

Actually things are going fairly well, for how crazy of a project this is! One significant lesson I have learned, is keep your KS rewards simple! Add-ons are nice in the beginning, but they are pain in the butt down the road! Nonetheless, we are getting super close! So, here's a long awaited update for you all! 

Important - Addresses: All addresses have been locked down! In theory, you already knew that, but if you didn't and that's an issue, email me at asap. Asian addresses are too late to change, but USA & EU might have a grace period. 

Important - Japanese: I was unable to get the Japanese Guide Books translated. We tried hard to find someone, but it just didn't pan out. I'm really sorry. :(  If you purchased that add-on, I will be refunding it back to your Kickstarter account credit card. Please make sure your card is up to date, and let me know if you have trouble or don't see it show up in the next month. 

Important - Multiple Packages: Because of the crazy amount of add-ons for language packs, display trays, etc, some of you might be getting things in multiple shipments. For example, some countries will get display stands before you get games, and those of you who order custom character cards or language packs might receive multiple shipments. We ended up deciding to print the translated add-ons in Germany, to save on shipping cost and increase the speed of delivery, but if you are outside of the EU, non-English add-ons will probably be shipped separately. I'll keep you posted as I have more details.

Translated Add-ons: We ended up switching from printing the small batches of translated add-ons in the USA to printing them in Germany. It took much longer than we anticipated to get everything translated, so we are running a bit behind schedule on those. However, the good news, is everything is translated (thank you to our awesome volunteers for that), and Happy Shops (who is managing EU / Rest of World fulfillment) has agreed to print them for us, which means that everything will be in one place, and hopefully there will be little if no delay on waiting for the add-ons before shipping out. 

What you all are waiting for: Shipping Updates! 

Shipping to Germany for EU/Rest of World: The boat is called Rome Express. We are getting a bit of conflicting information on the arrival date at the moment, but our current understanding is that the games are to arrive in Germany on Mar 14th. 

Shipping to the USA for USA/Canada: The boat is called Columbine Maersk. Our current understanding is it is scheduled to arrive at port in Miami on Mar 13th. 

Shipping to Asia: VFI has been sent addresses and will start fulfilling. Unfortunately, (I just found out about this) LongPack had a delay in releasing the games for pickup, so VFI was not able to pick them up until Feb 25. However, things are moving full steam ahead now with Asian fulfillment. 

Shipping to Australia: Because of the above delay, AU backers might receive their games 2-3 weeks later than the rest of the world. The AU games will depart on a ship next week and arrive at Aetherworks in 3-4 weeks. We'll keep you posted!

In Other News...

I'm working to update our website, make sure the web-app is running, and also to get the play-by-play PDF guide uploaded. I'm hoping to get to some of that this week, so I'll keep you posted, and possibly ask for your help to look things over for mistakes I might miss. 

Thanks again for your support and patience! I still believe you are the world's best backers. It's because Mountaineers are so chill. Probably because they stand in ice. Dad jokes ya'll.  (; 

Tiredly but excitedly your project creator, 

Corey Wright


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    1. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Andrew, @David, @Travis: This is what Kirk who is managing the logistics told me:

      Found out the answer - no it did not stop in Florida on the way up the east coast. This particular voyage was scheduled to hit Savannah, then Norfolk, before coming back down to Miami. It should arrive at port tomorrow.

      @Andrew: Though tempting, I'll resist the urge to engage in a pun-off. It's a slippery slope. ;)

      @David: Yes, thanks for the research!

      @Matthew: It has more to do with the location of our fulfillment center, in this case, QuarterMaster logistics in Florida. Cross country freight rates are ridiculously expensive right now. If we had a high-quality fulfillment center on the West coast that we could trust, might be a different story. But in this case, QuarterMaster is probably best reviewed game fulfiller currently available, so hence shipping to the East Coast.

    2. Matthew Zochert on

      Thanks for the updates. I find it interesting that it is cheaper (presumably) to ship the product to the East Coast vs. the West Coast. Is this normal for shipping to the USA?

    3. Travis Prebble

      Thanks for the detective work, David!

    4. David Phillips

      Fond another one:… This shows that it will arrive in Miami on Saturday and depart on Sunday. Yea, we're getting close!

    5. David Phillips

      It looks like the US bound ship historical port calls haven't hit Miami yet. I found this:
      Savannah, GA on 3/9. Norfolk, VA on 3/12. Charleston, SC late tonight. My guess is that it will be in Miami around Monday.

    6. Andrew Falconer

      Did the Rome Express visit Germany before heading to Spain, as it now appears to be heading to Tangiers...?

      Also on the update subject, Mountains are not laughing matters... but they are Hill areas...
      (I'll see myself out...)

    7. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Travis... Let me see if I can find out and get back to you.

    8. Travis Prebble

      The Columbine Maersk is currently set for a destination of Norfolk VA. Did it stop at Miami on the way up the east coast?

    9. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Adam: We are hoping to license the game to a publisher in Japan in the near future. If you are interested in helping translate (would be a big project), just shoot me an email.

      @Tyson: Not too late, send me an email asap with the new address.

      @Troy: No offense was meant. I'm sorry it offended you.

    10. Troy Newhoff on

      Yea thats not something you joke about. Poor taste.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyson Baker on

      Bwhahaha HULL-ARIOUS joke!
      Get it?!
      Also Corey, I just found out I'm moving at the end of the month, and I'm worried which address the package will get sent to. I'm still solidifying my new apt. I'll be moving into (hoping to have the new address by tomorrow!) Is it too late to change my shipping address? Would it be best to contact the fulfillment center myself?

    12. Adam Harding on

      I thought it was funny :). I didn’t know you were looking for a Japanese translator. I might have been able to help.

      Any chance of that being an option further down the road?

    13. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      haha... Sorry, Evan. Just a perverted sense of humor I guess! :p

      Also, so used to telling you about delays, just felt weird not to write something awful. (-:

    14. Evan McCoy

      Why...would you joke about that...? o_O