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Click the link below to pre-order the Kickstarter version of this mountain of a game!
Click the link below to pre-order the Kickstarter version of this mountain of a game!
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Project Update - 18 July 2018

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)

Hello fellow Mountaineers! 

Here is a brief (long overdue) update for you! Sorry for the delay, this month has been crazy. Preparing for our baby, having both cars break down and shopping for new ones, moving my office to downtown Corvallis (to make room for baby), dealing with construction/property projects, and working 60+ hours a week at my new job has kept me crazy busy, to say the least! Most sad, is that I never got to go on a spring mountaineering trip. :'( 

But, progress is being made on your game! 

  • Longpack is working out the final details for punching 66x 6mm holes per mountain side- not an easy task for engineers. They are making final adjustments to the plastic miniature climbers as well. 
  • They have all the files for the wooden and miniatures components, and are doing pre-production work on those. 
  • Currently, I've transferred all the art files to them, except for the final cards, game box, rule book, and component trays. My goal is to have those finished by the weekend (I'll do the rule book last, after I have a clear feeling for how the other components look - as I might need to update accordingly.)
  • Kirsty is working on creating a 1-4 player "fixed game" scenario that will provide a great first game experience. We'll have a PDF or print-out that goes with it, so you can easily play a game, as soon as it comes out of the box. 
  • Our developer is working on the companion app. Right now, he is making everything color coded (which we hadn't done before) so that it is super easy to keep track of which Automated Climbers you are moving. When he is a little further a long, I'll share for you guys to check out and comment on. 
  • Thanks to those of you who sent me your custom character card pictures. I'll get back to you with samples in a few weeks. Those of you haven't sent them yet, please send soon! 
  • Current timeline for project delivery is roughly end of October. I'm really hoping to have games for everyone by Essen, but a lot is now in the hands of LongPack, who are quite busy as well. When I know more, you'll be the first to know. 

Alright... It's midnight here, and I'm exhausted! Thanks for your support and patience on this project! I'll keep you guys posted as I get more pictures / updates from the manufacturer! 

Till next time!

Corey Wright

A photo that LongPack sent me. Look at that awesome miniature!
A photo that LongPack sent me. Look at that awesome miniature!
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    1. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Alexandria: Unfortunately, we won't. My wife is due that weekend! However, we do plan on being at Spiel'18 in Essen again, if you happen to make it over there... (:

    2. Alexandria Toothman

      Will you guys be at Gen Con this year?

    3. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Hi Sasha,

      Here is a link that has instructions for changing your shipping address:

    4. Missing avatar

      Sasha Vukelich on

      Hey Guys,

      Is there any way to update my shipping address? my family have moved across Canada

    5. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      Looks phenomenal! Can't wait until the next update! Love the miniature climber!

    6. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Giulio: No worries, it was only for a few people who purchased "custom character cards" in the pledge manager. If that wasn't you, don't worry about it. (:

      @Gert: Not yet, I was focusing on the other stuff lately. I'm hoping to get back to that soon! However, I've recorded / updated many of everyone's comments, so I'll post the next updated version soon. (Note the version you can see doesn't show the changes as I've made them in a separate offline doc.)

      @Negrue: Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! (:

    7. Netgrue

      Wow, an office move, baby on the way, two cars breaking down, full and a half time job, and you still find time to keep things moving along nicely. Big thanks Corey, to you and Kristy both, for all your hard work! Every update this game looks more and more amazing!

    8. Gert Breugelmans on

      Did you had the chance to take a look at the rulebook, concerning the errors in it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Giulio mannini on

      hi core, can you explain better the fact of the photos of the characters? thank you