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Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
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Project Update - 06 June 2018

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)

Hello awesome backers! Just wanted to provide a quick update for you!  

So, first off, good news for me personally, I was able to find a job that will provide for us financially as Kirsty prepares to take time off to have our baby in August. And as a bonus, this new job will allow me to easily keep running Massif Games on the side, and have a flexible schedule when it comes to conventions and other things. 

I’ll share more about the position in a later update. As things move forward with this job, my wife, Kirsty, will be helping out with some of the customer service and fulfillment side of things for Massif Games.

Also, I can confirm that we will indeed be at Spiel’18 in Essen this year! Nico and I will host a booth, and assuming all goes as planned, we’ll have some copies of Mountaineers to demo and sell. (: 

I’ll give you guys more info when we get the details on our booth number, prices, games, etc…  

Card Proofreading!  

Thank you so much to everyone who helped proof-read the game cards. And an especially big shout-out to Christi Kropf who analyzed everything down to the smallest extra space in the text!

I spent the last couple days combing through the comments, and I think everything is good to go. However, I would definitely appreciate it if you guys could comb through one more time, and let me know if there are any last mistakes.  

If everything goes well, then I think we are ready to start translating (and producing).  

Link to Cards

Rule Book Proofreading!  

So, in the last update, many of you commented with your favorite rule books, and things to consider. Based on those comments, I spent a lot of time, redoing the rule book, including formatting everything to 2 columns on a page. It took a lot of time, but I think I have everything organized in a fairly logical method, and in a way that makes it easy to learn the game.  

I would appreciate it if you guys can go through and provide feedback on it. If you do provide feedback, please make sure it is constructive. For example, saying that “this section looks bad” doesn’t help. Saying “this section looks bad, here is what you could do to fix it” does help. Keep in mind that I need to keep the number of pages to 20 max, so there isn’t too much room to add more stuff.  

Link to Rule Book

Other Stuff…  

I’ll provide another update soon on manufacturing progress. I had a couple more delays, partly my fault from job searching and partly because I had to research a couple things and get additional price quotes from LongPack. I don’t want to sign a contract until we have all the little details figured out and in writing. (-:  

For those of you with custom cards, my goal is to contact you in the next few days to ask for pictures. So, you can prepare ahead of time, and start searching for which photos/names you want on your character cards. (:  

We were able to spend a few days on the Memorial Day weekend hiking in the area around Vancouver, BC. If you feel so inclined, here is a YouTube video from a hike in the Squamish area by the Sea to Sky Gondola.  

That’s it for now. Busy times ahead! I hope all of you are enjoying some sunshine and hopefully aren’t getting pounded with allergies (like I am)! If you have any questions/comments, just let me know. And once again, thanks for your support on this project!  


Corey Wright  


Some of you have wondered about changing your address. You can still do so (I’ll let you know when we lock it down). Here is a link to CrowdOx that explains how to change your address:

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    1. Gert Breugelmans on

      I have made a print of the rulebook ... later today or in the weekend I'm gonna read it thoroughly.
      I will keep you posted about my findings ;-)

    2. Mike Frenchik

      Congrats on the job. Thanks for the awesome update.

    3. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Thanks Chris! I'll have a better idea soon, but still looking at Sep/Oct as far as I know. Probably won't go for Spiel pickup, as in my experience from our last campaign, it is too hard to track.

      Christoper: Thanks for understanding! And to be clear, the contract is going forward (the money is already to be sent), I just had to clarify a few things. (:

      Gert: Thank you! It's not my best video, but definitely a pretty area. Sorry about your wife, that's no bueno!

    4. Gert Breugelmans on

      Oh really love your hiking video ... makes me one go on a hiking trip also. But for the moment it is on hold because my wife has an injury on her feet ... She may not do long walks :-(

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bowler on

      Corey, I can only speak for myself, but family should always come before a board game. And as for delays, if you need to hold off on signing a contract so I can get a better game, I support that.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Congrats for your new job! Also nice to hear you'll be at SPIEL again. Speaking of which: What's the current schedule for fulfillment? If it gets close to October, would pickup at SPIEL be an option?