Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game

by Corey Wright

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Congrats for your new job! Also nice to hear you'll be at SPIEL again. Speaking of which: What's the current schedule for fulfillment? If it gets close to October, would pickup at SPIEL be an option?

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bowler on

      Corey, I can only speak for myself, but family should always come before a board game. And as for delays, if you need to hold off on signing a contract so I can get a better game, I support that.

    3. Gert Breugelmans on

      Oh really love your hiking video ... makes me one go on a hiking trip also. But for the moment it is on hold because my wife has an injury on her feet ... She may not do long walks :-(

    4. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Thanks Chris! I'll have a better idea soon, but still looking at Sep/Oct as far as I know. Probably won't go for Spiel pickup, as in my experience from our last campaign, it is too hard to track.

      Christoper: Thanks for understanding! And to be clear, the contract is going forward (the money is already to be sent), I just had to clarify a few things. (:

      Gert: Thank you! It's not my best video, but definitely a pretty area. Sorry about your wife, that's no bueno!

    5. Mike Frenchik

      Congrats on the job. Thanks for the awesome update.

    6. Gert Breugelmans on

      I have made a print of the rulebook ... later today or in the weekend I'm gonna read it thoroughly.
      I will keep you posted about my findings ;-)