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Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
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Pledge Manager Opening on Tuesday!

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)


We've just about pounded down the final game rules, how the expansions affect components, how the stretch goals affect the game, how the add-ons will work with the game, etc... This means that we feel confident launching the pledge manager! Expect to see it around Tuesday next week! 

Stick with me for a really long update here... Lot's to cover, but I'll be around all day to answer questions! 

Version Differences

The image below shows what we plan to have included in the final game for each version. Note that a couple things (especially related to component/chipboard quality) might change, based on recommendations from our manufacturers. 



Things to note... 

-- The standard edition will NOT include a 4-sided mountain holder. We made a mistake when we listed it as included in all expansions during the kickstarter. The main reason for this is that you wouldn't even be able to use it with the standard edition of the game, as it requires at least 5 players (automated or regular). Standard edition games only come with 4 player sets. 

-- We are trying to upgrade the score tracking token stretch goal to wood, instead of cardboard. No promises, but we want to do that for you! 

-- We are planning to add additional rubber bands, and as many spare pitons as feasible. 

-- The collector's edition will include the cardboard markers in addition to the wooden markers. 

-- For the collector's edition, we will produce brand new and slightly modified component trays (instead of using the ones we demoed at GenCon/Spiel). These will be roughly the same design, but should be able to fit into the box completely assembled! 

-- The legendary edition will include everything in the collector's edition, but you get to name a terrain feature on the mountain. Make sure to use an email we can easily reach you at. 

Why Should You Upgrade to a Deluxe Edition?

A lot of people ask this, so I'll give a few reasons, from most important to least important (in my personal opinion). 

  • You won't be able to get all of this content anywhere else! While we do plan to have expansions, you most likely won't get everything included in the current deluxe version, including the additional double-sided mountain side. And it definitely won't be at a $26 price point!
  • More event cards, route cards, and character cards! These additional cards really improve the replayability of the game. Every single card is different, which means you get a lot more ways to score and have special abilities with the event cards, as well as unique situations occurring every turn. Plus, the Reinhold character is a lot of fun!
  • An additional double-sided mountain side! This makes hundreds of additional unique mountains that you can climb! 
  • 5-6 Player Expansion! Even if you don't have 5 people playing in your normal game group, you can still use these expansions for the automated climbers for advanced difficulty games. 
  • Four-sided mountain holder! Honestly, I rarely play on the 4 sided mountain, but nonetheless, it is pretty cool for 5 and 6 player games. It definitely attracts a crowd at local gaming events!

Why Should You Upgrade to a Collector's Edition?

  • Because you are getting a screaming great deal on the wooden components! These actually cost more than the rest of the game components combined! 
  • The wooden components increase the quality, feel, and durability of the game.
  • In this screaming great deal, you also get brand-new component trays, specifically designed to fit assembled in the game box. 
  • This edition is going to sell out quickly. It's our most popular pre-order, and because of the low profit margins, we probably won't reproduce it, at least not in the current form.
  • The MSRP for this will be at least $120, and that most likely won't include the component trays. 

German Edition

Unfortunately, the Spieleschmiede campaign did not raise enough funds to license and produce an entire all-German version of the game. While we would like to produce a German edition, I think it is something that is a little further down the road for us. 

We will still offer the German rule book as a free option in our pledge manager, but you will have to purchase translated cards from us separately, just like for the other languages. Due to the difference in exchange/shipping rates, the extra cost is roughly the same as what the Spieleschmiede backers paid in Euros. 

Extras and Add-ons

Here is a list of the extras and add-ons we'll have available in the pledge manager. 

  • $4 -- Mountain Maps Card Pack (6 total)
  • $8 -- Climbing Route Expansion Pack (18 routes)
  • $20 -- Translated Card Pack (165+ cards)
  • $6 -- Extra Translated Rule Book 
  • $2 -- Extra Kickstarter Promo Card
  • $59 to $89 -- Custom Character Card Packs
  • $7 -- Component Trays (same as in collector's edition, 2 pack)
  • $3 -- Card and Component Trays (from our current website inventory)
  • $25 -- Massif Games T-Shirt
  • $2 -- Game Display Stand (small)
  • $3 -- Game Display Stand (medium)
  • $6 -- Game Display Stand (large)

All of the cards available as "add-ons" will have language options for English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. We will also have the rules in Japanese (but not the cards). 

The Climbing Route Expansion pack cards will work with all editions of the game. The Mountain Maps are Jumbo sized cards. 

Till Tuesday... 

Ok, I'm sure I missed something, so let me know if you have questions, comments, or concerns. 

ALSO!!!! The game is going to be awesome! My wife and I have been playing the 2 player version a bunch, and it is super addictive! "If I would have had just 1 more supply to get that 1 last route to get those 5 last points!" is a commonly heard phrase in our apartment, for both 2 player and solo games! 

Can't wait for you to play this! Assuming everything goes well Tuesday, it is time for manufacturing! Thanks again for backing this project! 


Corey Wright

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    1. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Darek: Thanks, I'm excited too! So ready to be done making this thing by hand! (-:

      @Bruno: You should be able to use the pledge manager and in the very first page, change your reward level from standard to deluxe. Then, you'll pay the additional amount (26 I think?) at the end of the survey. Let me know if you have issues.

      @Christi: There should be a way to pay by paypal, at least there used to be. I've fired off an email to the pledge manager support desk to confirm this.

    2. Christi Kropf

      I can’t seem to order any of the add-ons into my card. Is there away to pay via payPal?

    3. Bruno on

      i received your email for an upgrade to deluxe edition, but i dont know how to do it.
      Project Update #15: Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game by Corey Wright
      how much is the upgrade and how can it be done?
      please advise

    4. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      I have a few KS games i'm waiting for but i have to continue to say that this is one of the ones that I'm most excited about un-boxing!!! Thanks for the Update and all the success so far.... And I can't wait to see what you've figured out for the component trays!

    5. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Mike: Thanks!

      @Stephane: When the pledge manager goes live on Tuesday morning, you'll be able to upgrade to a different box edition (probably the first option). Then, after you answer the questions, you'll get taken to an add-ons section where you can purchase those.

    6. Stéphane on

      how can i upgrade ma box and add Add-ons ?

    7. Mike Frenchik

      Looks like you are going to conquer this mountain. Nice work so far. Keep it up.

    8. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Hi Sailor... There is 1 promotion card that is included, but everything else costs extra. I would just wait until the pledge manager goes out on Tuesday, and then contact me then if you have any problems. (:

    9. Missing avatar

      Sailor Wong on

      Hello, I am a collection backer. Are these card pack/ promo card included ? I’m afraid I paid for something duplicated in my collection box.

    10. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Thanks Chris!

    11. Chris Roberts

      Glad to see things progressing well, and congrats on the placement on BGG list of most anticipated games this year! Not as high as we hoped but still a great showing.