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Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
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Thanksgiving Announcements - Project Update - 23Nov2017

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)

I'm writing this update in my mother's living room, and watching her prepare an amazing old fashion Thanksgiving meal for our family. I'm hoping to stop working at some point today, and go join the rest of my family playing board games, instead of being the boring uncle on the computer. (-:


Thanksgiving Announcements! 

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, including awesome backers like you, well on their way to the next stretch goal for Mountaineers, and only a few thousand dollars away from the next reveal!

More importantly though, we have some great announcements that will make this project even better.  



I'm excited to announce that we will be providing language packs for French, Spanish, and Italian as add-on items in our pledge manager. Additionally, Spieleschmiede has agreed to provide German language packs in a campaign shortly after this Kickstarter! 

We will be updating the graphics on our upgrade and conditions board to use only icons and numbers, meaning that the game can be easily played with the addition of translated cards and rules! We estimate the cost of the language packs to be around $19 USD for 165+ cards and 1 printed rule book. 

We are able to do this through backers who have generously offered to help translate the game! If you are still interested in helping, go to the google doc links we have provided in the rule book section of the campaign. 

Note that we will start on the card translations AFTER the Kickstarter when the English cards have been finalized to work well with our stretch goals. Also, note that depending on licensing agreements we make with other publishers, the translation kits may not be available outside of the Kickstarter. 

And, a big shout-out to our backer, Rackar, who did the translation of the French rule book draft. Go check it out!

Now for our other big announcement...



Thanks to the current success of this Kickstarter, we have decided to contract CrowdOx to help us with pledge management and add-on items, post campaign. We are excited to use them to provide you a high quality Kickstarter experience, and help us focus on more important things than address verification. (:


Share the News!

Will you help me share the news, and push us towards our next stretch goal? If you have friends that wanted the game in French, Spanish, Italian, or German, let them know. If you have a friend that spent all their money at a convention, tell them to back for a small amount, to access the pledge manager! 

And of course, there are some other things you can do as well: 


Thank You!

Thank you for your support on this project. It's an amazing feeling to watch people from all over the globe, come together to make a 3d game! 

For both our new backers and old, feel free to message me with questions, post in the comments, and participate in the development of Mountaineers


Corey Wright

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    1. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      Sounds good, work'n on it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      I am a little bit concerned that the pictrograms will make the game more complicated to understand. It would be nice, if we could get a rough preview of this.

    3. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Daniel: No, there isn't a minimum. As long as we can get some help translating (which shouldn't be a problem), then we will offer the add-on. (:

    4. Daniel Solis

      Hi Corey

      I have a group of people from a Facebook boardgame group in Spain, asking me if there will be a minimum number of backers buying the add on to translate the game to Spanish?

    5. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Paul: My sister's tend to be more blonde... ;) But yes, I got my mother's good looks! I'll tell her, it should make her day. (:

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Andrew Lodge on

      @ Corey

      Thought your mother was your sister at first!