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Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
Click the link below to learn more and/or purchase Mountaineers from our website!
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Vote on our Next Stretch Goal! - Project Update - 18Nov2017

Posted by Corey Wright (Creator)
Go to the section and vote "1" for the extra mountain side, or "2" for the open climbing objectives!
Go to the section and vote "1" for the extra mountain side, or "2" for the open climbing objectives!


You are awesome! Thanks to your pledging, sharing, and support, everyone gets a mountain side holder that will allow for 3 or 4 sided mountains to be built! And we are well on our way to the next stretch goal, a bigger nicer die! 

If you are a recent backer, I'd like to welcome you to this project and we definitely invite you to participate in the creation of this game! Additionally, I'll be live on Kickstarter at 12:00 PM (PST) to hang out and answer questions. 


Keep the Momentum Going! 

I really do need your help to keep us climbing stretch goal mountain. So, here are 3 things you can do right now that will help us continually improve Mountaineers: 

And, if you feel like being extra helpful, here are a couple more things!


Let's Be Creative!

We are talking about updating our event cards to give people the choice of either discarding to use a special action OR keeping the card to have a special ability or to earn more points. It's not a major mechanic change, but we think it will be more fun, and create more interesting opportunities for players. 

If you have a fun idea for a special action, ability, or point mechanism for our event cards, feel free to post it in the comments section. We aren't out of good ideas, we just want to invite you to collaborate! (:


Will You Vote "1" or "2" for Stretch Goal Mountain?

Here is the info from our campaign on the choice you have for the next stretch goals:

$70,000 - Decide the Route (Locked): Will you take the easy trail through the forest, or the rocky trail straight up the mountain?! Both lead to different stretch goals later!  

  • 1. Rocky Trail: One Additional Mountain Side for all backers! That's right, Standard edition backers would get 4 Mountain Sides Game Boards, and Deluxe and Collector's backers will get 6! If we did our permutation calculations correctly, that's 220 different possible mountains, and 75,032,100 different game scenarios (assuming 4 climbing routes).  
  • 2. Easy Trail: The Massif Games team will develop new "Competition Climbing Goal Objectives" into the game: printed double-sided cardboard "slats" that stack vertically and are modular in design. This will give "open" or "unhidden" climbing routes and objectives for all players to compete for on the mountain.  

TO VOTE, TYPE "1" OR "2" IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS KICKSTARTER! When we reach $70,000, the votes will be tallied and the associated stretch goal rewarded!

More about the climbing goal objectives... Below is a non-final illustration of the stretch goal concept. We'll work to develop and test the goals, and also improve the iconography to be language independent. Note that they would be double-sided and modular, and that additional points can be rewarded, based on the position of the slats (top, middle, bottom).


Support Our Business... 

If you want to support our business, and help us keep the lights on, check out our Massif Displays stands, perfect for showing off your favorite board games and comics. (Some people even buy them for their cell-phones!)

If you use the code "MOUNTAINEERS", you'll get 20% off! 


Most Importantly: Thank You!

Thank you again for your support on this project. You have no idea how excited I feel, to finally see this project come to life! I've spent countless sleepless nights, long weeks, and devoted 2 years of my life to this company full-time. Having your support means the world to me. 

And, I'm so stoked to make you an awesome 3d game! You are going to have your socks wowed off when it arrives in the mail! 

Till the next trail crossing, 

Corey Wright



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    1. Randy Yeung on

      I vote 2.

      Sell 1 as add-on but more than one side please.

    2. Corey Wright 3-time creator on

      @Nicolas... No it just means you think like a mountaineer... ;)

    3. Nicolas Venturini

      If I write "3", do I break the internet?

    4. Christi Kropf

      I voted already in the main Kickstarter comments section so ignore this vote if that was the correct place to vote: My vote is:


    5. Jarred Parker on

      1. Great campaign so far!

    6. Missing avatar



    7. Grace