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A man makes the ultimate sacrifice for his brother.
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Posted by Cordelaine Kline (Creator)

"Para Mi Hermano" has been submitted to the 2012 SXSW Film Festival!  This is a huge milestone in the project so congrats everyone!  I'm very happy with the finished project and I'm excited to see what the film's distribution stage will be like.  We've spent the last month finishing the film and its now in the hands of the SXSW judges.  We won't hear whether the film will screen at SXSW until February, but until then there's plenty of other film festivals to submit to.  I've been working on this project for 13 months and I'm extremely pleased with what we've made.  Kevin and I cracked open a bottle of bubbly last night to celebrate, hope you all can do that same!  This accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the support of all of contributors and the many people who helped make the project happen.  So thank you all again for your support, you've made this project a dream.  

Also, I've been focusing all my attention for the project towards making the best film possible, and now I'll finally start making sure all the rewards are dispersed to you all.  In due time everyone will receive their rewards but I'd like to make sure that they're high quality products before they're sent out.

I will send out a link so you all can watch the finished film soon, but I'd like to organize it into more of an internet release so we can generate some buzz.  Kevin will likely have an update soon that I'll forward on to you all.  Have a great week!



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