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I want to make the first nutty Rolls that will go sideways just as well as it eats continents, then bring it to you. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 24, 2013.

I want to make the first nutty Rolls that will go sideways just as well as it eats continents, then bring it to you.

About this project

     As you may have seen in the video, my name is Corbin, and I have a project car the likes of which has never been seen before. A car that will speak of the old world while embracing the new, and hopefully allow me to be an ambassador for the next generation of enthusiasts.

Basically, I'm trying to combine this

Buckingham Palace in case you didn't know
Buckingham Palace in case you didn't know

   With this:

But without all the stickers
But without all the stickers

      What I aim to build is my recently acquired 1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, and make it into a JDM-inspired twin-turbo continent-eating luxury bruiser, then take it around the country and hopefully the world, filming the local car scene wherever I go through the eyes of the contacts I've made. If I get overfunded, the money will go toward taking this machine as far as possible.

     These contacts came out of the last car, which can be seen approaching a million views here:

     I was humbled by the many people who said they took inspiration from this car, and also by reaching number 8 on the front page of reddit, and I thought this would be a good chance to double down and try for something much more ambitious. This Rolls will still have some modifications the world has never seen done like a roof exhaust and "classy" stenciled in gold leaf on a wheel spoke, but will also be a more thorough rework than the Seven.

     I am in contact with the crew at Drive, and this next build when completed will definitely be featured, and every backer will at the very least be recognized.

     Even if you don't want to donate, feel free to ask me any questions, here are the two updates I had before running out of money, and for photos, a build blog tumblr.

Thank you for reading, and drive on.

New: Where does the money go? Well I have a basic spreadsheet, there are more items like radiator and harnesses that I haven't put, even so the price is nudging 23k.

Risks and challenges

Building the previous car taught me a lot about the challenges one faces when trying to create something out of a vision. I'm sure that wiring the EFI conversion and correctly measuring the transmission conversion components will take some serious diagramming, and tuning from scratch is not the simplest thing, though I have done much research.

Sourcing replacement parts or add-ons like the front splitter from the UK will take some doing, luckily I already have had some luck with a company in the UK that makes aftermarket sway bars, and some friends from the last build that will likely be helpful.

Of course doing the actual wrenching is no walk in the park, but after the two-year journey of the last project and countless assistance to people's cars and projects, I'm ready for whatever it takes.

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  • Sure thing, one of my ideas is to gift a whole or no smaller than a quarter of a hubcap replete with body color ring and chrome plating, or one of the red leathery interior bits I removed like the sun visor. Also perhaps the internals of the A/C compressor are interesting, or a section of the bumper, more pretty chrome. Whatever must be cut up will be cut up.

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    $10 reward

    10 backers

    This amount and above gets your name and location on the build sheet. The sheet will be public and stay with the car wherever it goes, and be displayed at shows. I will also personally email you a thank you note.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $25 reward

    3 backers

    In addition, this amount gets you a written or typewritten thank you letter and funny sticker with a sentiment along the lines of "I support luxury sideways"

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $60 reward

    8 backers Limited (142 left of 150)

    This amount additionally gets you a signed Rolls Royce part that came off the car, I'll try my best to make it an interesting part that you can proudly display.

    Estimated delivery:
    Only ships to: United States
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    $120 reward

    0 backers

    This amount additionally gets you your name or any short string of words in Japanese down the side of the car. The text will cascade from the hood and down the flanks, and be highly visible. When the car is featured on Tuned, you can watch knowing hundreds of thousands are seeing your name.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $300 reward

    1 backer

    This amount additionally gets you a ride in the car, and I will drive anywhere in the continental US and Canada to meet you for this when the car is finished! I will likely video this trip and my meetings, so of course you would be in said video.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $450 reward

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    This amount additionally will mean that upon visitation, you get to drive the car! Keep in mind you would be one of very few people on the planet to drive a twin turbo competition Rolls Royce.

    Estimated delivery:

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