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Classic design, world-famous bike culture, and dark winter days... This is Copenhagen.
Our bike lights are inspired by all three.
Classic design, world-famous bike culture, and dark winter days... This is Copenhagen. Our bike lights are inspired by all three.
1,539 backers pledged $75,417 to help bring this project to life.



To all of you who has allready recieved your lights here's is a few important notes:

The batteries that comes with the lights are only test/demo batteries.

To ensure that you get maximum output from you lights change the batteries to new standard CR2032 batteries.

Battery test:

Disassembling / Assembling the lights:

All the best

The Cph Parts team

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    1. Missing avatar

      hubertus raben on

      No lights here as well ever.... I want a refund!!!!

    2. Harry Probert on

      I haven't received anything and I no longer want to. Refund please.

    3. Lori Ludwig on

      Has anyone heard any update on this?

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven N. on

      Like many others, I'm still waiting for my lights. Here's hoping that you actually read these comments and respond like a proper business.

    5. Young Song on

      Where is mine? (California USA) You guys need to notify tracking information if you had shipped. We don't want to waste time to argue its loss of delivery... you can put all status into GoogleDoc and share the link to view only to us, if you don't have time to send individual email with tracking information. That's fine with backers.

    6. Ashanti on

      From the comments below, I'm guessing only backers in Europe got their lights. Can you give an update to those of us on the other side of the "pond"?

    7. Davy Allen Rudolph on

      I haven't received my lights either. I have moved since this project started and I sent you my updated address. I'm worried that you guys didn't receive it.

    8. Kurt Lozier on

      How about an update, I have an email from you saying some have received their lights -- I however have not here in NY. Kindly let us know what is going on.

    9. Richard Wezensky on

      Can you give us an update. I still haven't received my lights yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      Margy Waller on

      No lights in Ohio. No communication about change of address. No response to several inquiries.

    11. Mat Stevens on

      No lights. No communication from them about change of address requests. Nothing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Marx on

      I have not received my lights.

    13. Avena on

      Never got the lights here in California. I wouldn't be able to use them anyway.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Chappell on

      From the look of it their facebook page isn't being listened to either. Perhaps a time to post on there and see if they reply?

    15. Missing avatar

      Quyen Le on

      I have not received my lights. When should I expect to get them?

    16. Thomas Fallaw on

      No new lights received here in South Carolina.

    17. Helen on

      I absolutely get the problems you've had. I'm disappointed in the changes to none rechargeable batteries and no constant light meaning they're not legal to use. I was still supportive. But WTF is going on with sending out front lights with the same angled rake as the back lights? Do you even own a bike? You really have a front uprise at that angle? I don't. My handlebar and support shaft are vertical, meaning the light is useless. arse.

    18. Benoît Grogan-Avignon on

      Wow. After all that, we even have to buy our own batteries to get it to work. I get kickstarter. I get it's not a preorder. But wow. I feel for you guys, it must have been difficult and disappointing. I hope your future projects are more successful.

    19. jan angevine on

      Hello. I left a message requesting information about delivery. I have not received my bike light. I provided my mailing information of October 23, 2013. I would appreciate it if someone could respond to let me know if the light was mailed or whether it is yet to be sent. Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      William Kochi

      chalk this one as one of the worse projects on kickstarter that i have pledged for. at this point, i really don't care if i receive it or not.

    21. Steve King on

      Once again folks I would suggest to all "investors" that Kickstarter is not a store, but rather a forum to invest in what one may deem to be a worthwhile idea. This project is a complete and utter disaster: poor design, misrepresentation of final product, etc. We will be receiving something (or so we've been told) although it may as well have be a box of loose parts given the item's lack of utility.
      This project is just one of many bad investments via KS that prompted the insertion of the Risk and Challenges section on current new project pages/descriptions. It doesn't make the $$ loss any easier but it may be wise to use this experience as a learning exercise that we can now employ when evaluating other project opportunities...

    22. kt gray on

      i have not received mine, either; in Va, US of A.

    23. jan angevine on

      Hello, Is everyone supposed to have received their light? I have not received one.

      jan angevine

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Chappell on

      Man alive this is another insult. $55 + $15 = $70 in total for a blinking led light and you don't even get a fresh set of batteries. It's bad enough having to wait since December 2012..... but this is a joke and THEN you post a video to show us just how useless the demo batteries are!!! Keep kicking us whilst we are down why don't you.

      These are also useless to attach to your bike during daylight hours as you cant turn the light off AND you cant see the LED's so all you achieve is running the batteries down.

    25. Toni Laukka on

      Didn't wan't blinking lights. Wanted a refund. Got blinking lights and didn't get refund. Now after a long wait I'm more than disappointed. This just sucks. Copenhagen Parts look in the mirror and ask yourself: How did this project go?

    26. Missing avatar

      Rick Osman on

      This is taking the mickey. Waiting for years, expensive postage, poor quality lights, only blinking mode and now not even proper batteries... well Jacob and co you've certainly turned us all over on this one.

    27. Missing avatar

      Giles Richard Falcon

      That's awkward. Test batteries?
      OK, we'll follow through with this one.
      I used the lights and they are satisfactory for what they do, but I must frankly say that even though Kickstarter is not a shopping outlet - so we are chipping in on projects, not buying products - your performance has been euphemistically poor.
      Two years with patchy communication and an idea that has in the meantime "aged".
      No personal hard feelings but you will have to pull a quick winner to convince the crowd to fund another.
      Shipment costs - in Europe to Europe...a total rip off, by the way.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel

      @R. Nunn is Jacobs mail. He confirmed that I should have received the lights by tuesday this week but that is not the case.
      No danish dynamite!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dean on

      +1 for shipping confirmation as well - tho reluctant to bother if what I'm reading is 100% accurate!

    30. Matheus Siqueira on

      Very disappointed with the quality of the lights. My front light doesn't start blinking when I put them on the same frame and the same spot as my rear light!!!! Apparently the button that turns on the light of the front is harder than the rear light and as a result I have a very expensive piece of trash. Would like to get a properly working light, after 2 years that was the least I expected.

    31. Steve King on

      In re your demonstration on how to disassemble the lights, I have a much simpler method: one that employs a paper bag and a hammer...

    32. Kalle Leskinen on

      Didn't want blinking lights, wanted a refund. Got no refund, got blinking lights. Funny how the package reminds that it's the users responsibility to ensure that the lights are only used as allowed by law. As it happens, blinking lights are illegal in most civilized countries. Already threw my lights to recycling.

      Nice job Copenhagen Parts - not.

    33. Missing avatar

      R. Nunn on

      What is their email address to which they actually reply to?!
      Still no item received. Also, do NOT want the blinking version.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stewart Birch on

      Blimey, that takes the biscuit doesn't it?

    35. Brian Friend on

      +1 shipping confirmation please

    36. Gautam Kaul on

      Y don't u just trash ur product and ur project... It's ridiculous !!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Tobias Willhauck on

      I just received the lights and like them.
      What I don't like is the service you provide and hidden costs you create.

      The mail I sent stating that I don't want the blinking version was ignored.
      Then 20 Euro for shipping a tiny parcel inside of Europe?
      Now another 5 Euros to replace the 'Demo' Batteries?

      I'll file this under starting problems, but you'll need to work on the communication around your customer service.

    38. Aaron Schwartz on

      I've also messaged with an updated address. Can you confirm? I have to say its pretty shady that you send them without fully charged batteries. These are not cheap for bike lights.

    39. Abe Stanway on

      +1 for confirming shipping addresses.

    40. Robert Herring on

      I too am glad to see they're finally being shipped and I also have moved since this campaign started and need conformation that my shipping address is the most current.

    41. Ali on

      I've messaged you a few times with an update to my shipping address but have not received a response, can you please confirm?

    42. Blake J. Bowyer on

      Glad people are receiving their lights - that's great.

      Can you confirm update shipping addresses? I've moved lofts over the duration of this project and need to confirm mine was updated as sent.