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Classic design, world-famous bike culture, and dark winter days... This is Copenhagen. Our bike lights are inspired by all three.
1,539 backers pledged $75,417 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Shipments / North American Backers ONLY...

Posted by Copenhagen Parts (Creator)

Hello North American Backers,

Thankfully we've gotten most of the product out to our backers.  And I'm trying my hardest to find time to send the rest.

Basically, this is where we are at…

More or less all of the responses received by January 27, 2015 have been shipped to their owners -- nearly 800 North American backers in total.  At that point, responses died off and we took the time to package and send the product out.

In just looking at the updated response forms, it looks like another 75 or so still need to be shipped -- these are people who responded after 1/27 or who had requests that we weren't sure how to handle.  Additionally, some of the packages were sent back for wrong addresses.

That said, I will work on this as much as I can in my free time and hope you can bear with me until everyone has their product.

For those of you who have received the lights and have any product issues, your input should be brought directly to the attention of Copenhagen Parts:

Finally, I'll say this again and hopefully for the last time…

There were loads of mistakes along this road -- and most of them took place beyond where I could be of any help.  I should have been more proactive with communication, but it wasn't actually my role -- I didn't have the information necessary to make qualified updates.  After the campaign ended, my sole responsibility was to distribute the goods.  And by the time the goods became available my business was already closed.  The shipment expenses came out of my own pocket and the time it took to do this all came at the expense of other job and family related priorities.

It's been a tough lesson but a lesson nonetheless.

If there's a silver lining here, it's actually that a higher percentage of responses and emails I've received have been constructive if not sympathetic to the whole fiasco.

Whatever your sentiments, I do hope you'll find some closure and contentment as we ship out the last of the lights.



Final Address Form

Posted by Copenhagen Parts (Creator)
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Hello North American Backers,

Please fill out the form in the link provided and we will start shipping the lights as responses come in.

*Note - ALL BACKERS from USA, Canada and Mexico must fill out the form.


Lights have arrived in the US...

Posted by Copenhagen Parts (Creator)

Finally, the lights are on US soil -- they arrived safely on Thursday to our warehouse!

At the moment, I just wanted to mention that to keep communication alive.  We'll send out a final address form in the next day or two, so stay tuned...



From the US side...

Posted by Copenhagen Parts (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Here's the deal.  The lights are now being put on a boat and shipped to the US.  The last couple of months we tried on numerous occasions to get them in the air, but the main distributor in Europe didn't have UPS, DHL couldn't ship them as they were packed, etc.

In an effort to just get them moving we recently opted for sea freight.  The transit time to warehouse is 3 weeks give or take.  From there, we will simply stuff packages and get them going.  When we are close to landing them -- so, maybe three weeks from now -- I will send out a last form for address changes.

Sending your addresses directly in an email, as many of you now are doing, is not efficient, but the form I send will separate the important info and make the supply chain a lot more efficient.  So, with that said, please hold off on sending address changes.

On a personal note, I will again apologize for my recent laggings with communication.  However, the last time that I updated, I thought the lights were on a plane and it turns out they were not.  In the interest of not having to explain myself again, I waited until things were on the go.

Along that thread, this whole debacle, among other international communication and logistics issues with overseas suppliers, is forcing me to close my distribution business.  That said, this final task will be it for the company and the money to send these is now coming out of my own pocket.

Beyond that, I wish I were in a position to get people refunds for the wait and for the whole runaround, but the reality is that this has exhausted my resources and I just need to complete this last bit of business and put it behind me.  I paid for these lights in September 2012 -- all of them.

I hope everyone will understand where I'm coming from and realize that I am also at the end of the line with patience.

But soon, I'm now sure of it, we can all close this bad experience and move forward.

I appreciate everyone's understanding and would ask to please wait for an update instead of filling up my inboxes.  The second email that was listed in the last update will get you no where and I'm not even sure why it was listed.

Also, the phone number is inaccurate and no longer leads to my business.

If you feel you absolutely need to contact me, please send emails to and put "THIS IS IMPORTANT" in the subject line.



Shipping to the US

Posted by Copenhagen Parts (Creator)
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We are truly very sorry that all North American backers still has not received their Magnetic Bike Lights. We are pushing hard to get it done.

Our US distributor Boxcycles are in charge of all North American shippings. For any address changes or inquiries about deliveries please contact William Kearins directly.

4 Dove Lane Andover,
MA 01810 USA
email: or
tel: 617.418.9085