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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Thomas Chaput 2 days ago

      Live in France and no light yet. I'm reading comments on specs and the conclusion is FAIL. Fail to design properly a part, fail to manage a project, fail to control quality, fail to deliver and fail to communicate. This is the end of CP.. You deserve, don't you ?

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Mark Singer 3 days ago

      As I long ago concluded, these guys aren't qualified product or industrial designers, they have no understanding of good methodology in taking a design from design to finished manufactured products, that look and function perfectly--and as they represented when they asked us all for our hard-earning money in support of their light. It is a hard lesson for all of us who supported Copenhagan Parts and their light, but in addition, a blemish to Kickstarter for failing to assist us when asked and for making the Kickstarter concept less appealing for all investors of this product in the future. How shameful Copenhagen Parts has been.

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Eric Diebold 5 days ago

      Similar to others here, I have not received my lights and never received any indication that my lights have been shipped. Can I please get an update? Thank you.

    4. Johnshorts_1.small

      Creator John Coghlan 5 days ago

      Hey, I still haven't received my lights and never got any indiciation my lights are in the mail. Can you update me?

    5. Lollapalooza.small

      Creator Brandon Weiss on April 11

      I've contacted them four times over the last eight months about changing my address (twice via Kickstarter message, once via email, and once via the form on their site) and have yet to hear anything. After reading these comments I'm not sure I'd even want the lights if I received them. Disgusting.

    6. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Brandon Carter Meixel on April 11

      I've also reported Copenhagen Parts to Kickstarter. Hopefully they will have the decency to at least respond, which I can't say for Copenhagen. This is such a disappointment and we all deserve our money back whether you actually got the product or not (I still haven't).

    7. Linkedin.small

      Creator nick sissons on April 10

      I received my lights and promptly threw them in the bin. Unusable. The light output is almost invisible.

    8. Bunny.small

      Creator Stephanie on April 8

      Has anyone in Canada received their lights? I've received no reply to my inquiries and am wondering if they've even started shipping them out to North America.

    9. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Brad Dancer on April 7

      Looking forward to receiving my lights, based on comments here they sound awesome

    10. Johnshorts_1.small

      Creator John Coghlan on April 3

      No need to post your comments as these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

      A good lesson learned here about backing untested projects on Kickstarter or elsewhere: you win some, you lose some.

    11. Hc-avatar-500x500-b.small

      Creator Corey Silva on April 2

      I just received my lights. They look cheap, feel cheap and are basically useless as a light — it's only function. I don't know what I'm going to do with these, I wouldn't even give them as a gift.

    12. Missing_small

      Creator Simon Rich on March 27

      I have not received my lights yet, but can say that from the sounds of everyones comments that CP have failed to deliver on every aspect of this light. Images of what they were hoping to tell us was flawed manufacturing is what they are delivering with but multiplied by 10 X worse. Every avenue I am able I will credit CP with BAD DESIGN, POOR COMMUNICATION and QUALITY CONTROL FAILURE. I've asked for refunds on several occasions because of the design change to only having blinking mode with no response. Here's a response for you Copenhagen Parts...... YOU SUCK in more ways than one!

    13. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Debbie Fournier on March 27

      Seriously? They sent them with a demo battery? Hope it will function as a paperweight. Not good for anything else.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Torea Rodriguez on March 27

      I have backed 18 projects on Kickstarter and I have to agree with a lot of the other backers, this experience has been paramount to ridiculousness. I just got the email stating that the lights don't even come with a proper battery. Kinda hit the nail in the coffin. In the beginning, I thought this would be a project made in Copenhagen, quality construction ... yet only to be disappointed update after update and realizing that what I backed was a cheap, outsourced, piece of junk. Im not even excited to get my shipment.

      Respectfully, this could have gone much better. Instead of providing transparency from the beginning, its been update after update of excuses. This is what happens when manufacturing is done across the planet in cheap countries. Quality reigns... remember that for next time; I won't be a repeat customer after this experience. Sorry.

    15. 306589_10100507353037496_1792558951_n.small

      Creator Brian W. Jones on March 27

      I'm not generally one to complain, but after 18 months of waiting and being so excited about this product, I'm completely disappointed.

      First of all, the front light doesn't work on my frame, which is a very standard size steel frame. The magnet connects, but because of the way the light is designed—a little button that's pressed in after the magnet connects to the frame—any slight variation in frame sizing can prevent the button from being pressed. I would have assumed this type of thing would have been tested more thoroughly. I made a small shim with a piece of tape, and that solved the problem, but it's not exactly what I would call, designed to perfection. Not even close.

      Then there's the brightness of the lights that are a complete joke, my tiny Bookman lights are brighter, lighter, cost less and have several blinking and steady modes. All these to is blink.

      During my first attempt to change the batteries, two of the three incredibly cheap plastic dongles that hold the lens cap on broke as soon as I screwed it off. The one remaining dongle seems to hold the lens cap on fine for now, but who knows what will happen after a measly fourteen hours of use, when I need to change the battery again.

      Every thing about this entire process was a let down. If you need new lights, look anywhere else but here.

    16. Photo-1.small

      Creator luciola on March 27

      I got my lights yesterday, and I can't say I'm thrilled to see them. Seeing the box itself already gave me a bad feeling. And then the lights. Sharp edges along the edge that is supposed to stick to the frame, cheap looking plastic on the lens. The rubber at the back was so badly glued there was a gap along most of the rim. And then I attempted to try changing batteries. More sharp edges on the inside, I didn't understand what they mean by "We don't want to produce anything that's not as close as possible to perfection" in an earlier update. I spent 10 mins or more trying to screw the cap back. Somewhere along the way it was decided the co name won't be engraved on the metal but printed. The only thing that works as expected was probably the magnet.

    17. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jamie Howard on March 26

      The red light is so dim its ridiculous! Come on guys, what on earth happened! I'm not expecting a refund as I took the gamble on you when I backed you but a bit of explanation would be nice! This is a bit of a fail. I hope you manage to straighten these flaws out because you sure have upset your backer base.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Steven N. on March 26

      I haven't received my lights yet, but based on some of the reviews here, I'm not too excited or happy about the final product.

      Take a look at the Kickstarter video again. They claim they had done "18 months of research" prior to the campaign. What BS.

      While Copenhagen Parts have been non-respondent on here, they quietly posted a couple Youtube videos:

      Perhaps they will respond if we comment there.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Thomas on March 26

      Received my 2 sets because I M I S T O O K
      this project as simply brilliant - HUGE mistake!!!

      Here are my respectful considerations:

      1) They only blink.
      So if you wish to see a steady 'throw' of lights,
      sync your eyes to blink with it. You may get lucky.

      2) If your bike frames are marginally thicker, get a new bike.
      Just so you MIGHT be able to turn it 'on'.

      3) For this long wait, I must say - at least the logo was truthful.
      'Red' is used for warning, and there really are
      missing parts between the lines of communication with us.

      Looking back at the launch video, the seemingly witty ending
      is truthful also in a way >>> "... you got to look elsewhere!"

      Valuable lesson learned -
      Never to hint a branding to a country. Unless you can make your countrymen proud.

      "Brightening Bike Lanes Worldwide' - You've got to be kidding!

    20. Img_6548.small

      Creator Markus Groebner on March 25

      Sheesh, I have not received my lights yet... so, perhaps, there is still hope that through the miracle of shipping I shall receive two nice sets of lights... what worries me the most is that, after negative comments from backers for the last three days, the folks from COPENHAGEN PARTS have not commented in any way shape or form about the issues that a lot of folks appear to have... very weak guys (I guess in line with the output from the lights)!

    21. Missing_small

      Creator Wilhelm on March 25

      I'll say: a well-deserved shitstorm.

    22. Missing_small

      Creator kieran on March 24

      After almost 2 years waiting for these to arrive and not a single response to the messages I had sent, the lights arrived today. They are a heap of junk. Poor construction, not bright and packaged in a small cardboard box with no manual. What a joke.

      The worst bit was one set I bought was a birthday present for someone. So embarrassing to give someone something so shit as a present. They are so bad we ended up laughing about it though so there's always that...

    23. Missing_small

      Creator wb1000000 on March 24

      Got the lights today and I'm really disappointed.

      - Only blinking mode.
      - Almost no light output, very weak LEDs.
      - Red light is mostly white.
      - The so-called lens that would spread the light vertically does not seem to work.
      - Very flimsy construction, changing the battery a few times will almost certainly break it.
      - Difficult to change the battery since the cover can be keyed to multiple positions.
      - Sharp edges on the metal housing.
      - Paid USD 15,- for USD 7,- worth of stamps.

      Do not understand why this took so long and would like to get a refund...

    24. Missing_small

      Creator bendl on March 24

      i reported the project to Kickstarter. I do hope everyone concerned does the same, hoping that it might lead to something...

    25. Missing_small

      Creator Oliver Santschi on March 24

      These amazing bright bike lights are really amazing!
      'uncool and inconvenient' I might say – or just 'shame on you'!

    26. Foto_tobias_kupka.small

      Creator Tobias Kupka on March 24

      Just received my lights. The brightness is a joke, it seems like the battery is empty already. Red light is not red but blinking white. Quality feels really cheap, sharp edges and scratches all over...No manual! Every $5 bike light on ebay is safer to use on the road than these ones...really really disappointed!

    27. Missing_small

      Creator bendl on March 24

      Sent a mail on Dec 19 asking for a refund. No answer. Sent a copy of the same mail on Jan 30. No answer.
      The lights came in today. Absolute rubbish: almost no power & red lights blinking nearly white.
      I am not disappointed anymore, i feel disgusted. Don't think i will leave it that way

    28. Missing_small

      Creator Oliver Santschi on March 24

      No, that's not a joke,
      that's just a criminal and mean way to scam backers.
      I would have preferred to get a serious answer that the project is broken down than to receive such a waste. That's just a effrontery! I still can't believe it!
      I don't know if I shall put it away or keep it to show it others, because you will not believe it if you haven't seen it!

    29. Missing_small

      Creator Hadi Sattari on March 23

      They won't answer me when I ask about an address update, but they are trying to sell them on event sites like the one below. Please just do the right thing and support your backers with decent updates and response.

      I'm going to send a note to Touch Of Modern, informing them of what brand they are supporting.

    30. Missing_small

      Creator Yannic Sommer on March 23

      got mine yesterday. those lights are a joke !!!!!!!! and thanks for sending me blinking lights, when i wrote you an email saying that i cant use them, and you replied and said you'd put me on the list for the steady-ones!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean come on!
      i am seriously pissed off, the whole thing is just ridiculus. i have scratches all over the lights. sharp edges on the aluminium-casing, only 2 LEDs and the red one blinks white. not to mention the brightness of these lights.... there is no manual. changing batteries is a pain in the ass, it took me 10 minutes to put the thing back together.

      i backed some amazing bike lights two years ago, and watched them get worse and worse, and finally received lights that i will never even put on my bike. thanks for that.

    31. Avatar.small

      Creator Andreas Woetzold on March 22

      Just got mine today.

      This is the first project (where I received the result, there were projects that didn't deliver at all), where I can say I am really pissed off with how things came out to be.

      I now have a bike light, that isn't very bright (2 leds instead of the initially planned 4) and blinks (instead of being steady) and because of this is not only unsafe but illegal to use here in Germany.

      And since I planned to use these as presents (something I would now never do to the people I planned to give them to) and backed 2 sets these are 85$ I'll never see again.

      Why the postage from COpenhagen to Germany is more expensive than to America I won't even ask.

    32. Foto.small

      Creator Jürgen on March 22

      Finally received mine.

      So they even forgot to put me on the list for "version 2" with steady mode, although they wrote me an email that they will put me on that list.

      So now I got two impractical lights, that I can't use in germany. I don't even the "new" design of the lights. They look very cheap – especially the silver / golden metal case with the white print. Also the lenses look cheap.

      And last but not least, they are not very bright.

      So guys from C p nh g n Parts, you managed to tear down the good design during two years of delay and bad communication.

      Mine go directly on ebay – hope I would get the money I've paid for them.

      Greets /// Jürgen

    33. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jimmy Gram Escherich on March 21

      Just got mine.
      The backlight is really bad. Seems like the battery is almost dead.
      The lights will not stick to my own bike, but it works on my daugthers bike. But the back light is so weak, that is unusable. :-(

    34. Foto.small

      Creator Jürgen on March 21

      Anything new about the date for "version 2" with steady mode? I hope that wouldn't take another two years...

      I do not reckon to get an answer.... ;)

    35. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Benny Fang on March 21

      So has the shipping started?

    36. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Brent Daugherty on March 13

      Looking forward to the shipment! Someone just stole my cheap bike lights (again) and would prefer to wait for these instead of buying more.

    37. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Brandon Carter Meixel on March 6

      My emails haven't been returned when inquiring if this device is vaporware or not. They've got our $75K and haven't bothered to give steady updates or commit to actually proving that this product exists. This experience is why I've never backed anything else on Kickstarter, unfortunately.

    38. Missing_small

      Creator Filip Dobosz on March 5

      WTF is going on! This is a joke. Copenhagen Parts is a joke. Brutal company, brutal updating. You deserve to fail.

    39. Cjs_3757.small

      Creator CJ Siano on March 3

      This is the project that ever ends
      it just goes on and on my friend
      somebody started backing it
      not knowing what it was
      and now we're doomed forever just because...
      This is the project that ever ends
      it just goes on and on my friend
      somebody started backing it
      not knowing what it was
      and now we're doomed forever just because...
      This is the project that ever ends
      it just goes on and on my friend
      somebody started backing it
      not knowing what it was
      and now we're doomed forever just because...

    40. Missing_small

      Creator Beat Meier on February 25

      Copenhagen Parts updated their Homepage. They take preorders and promise shipping around March 10th. In the Q&A they say "...there will a flash and a steady mode…"
      I'm really wondering how this story will end! Bought a knog blinder USB rechargeable bike light in the meanwhile.

    41. Dsc_1378.small

      Creator Raimir Villela on February 24

      Will be relocating again on May this year and still this project is ongoing forever.

    42. Img_0031.small

      Creator Christian DuCharme on February 18

      WHAT A MESS .....

    43. Jgille_2013.small

      Creator Joshua Gille on February 12

      How do I get a refund? The product is not up to par with what I thought I invested in?! I've tried to contact you through messages with no response. I may have to contact Kickstarter again.

    44. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Martin Hammer on January 31

      Have anyone else noticed "Lucetta Magnetic Bike Light". They are very similar to what Copenhagen Parts are trying to manufacture. But the big difference is that Lucetta are available for sale right now and I found them in a shop right here in Copenhagen yesterday...

    45. Missing_small

      Creator Adrian Mason on January 29

      Are you going to provide an adhesive steel plate for those of us with aluminium frames? I haven't heard anything about that since the first week.

    46. Photo-1.small

      Creator luciola on January 25

      I got this for my bike, but it got damaged and I just took it apart last week. I'm not even sure if I still need this anymore.

    47. Cjs_3757.small

      Creator CJ Siano on January 24

      You know what really annoys me more than anything?

      Here comes another riding season. And since I now have to wait for Version 2, I probably won't get my 'get me home' lights for this season either.


    48. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Philip Hoppe on January 19

      Any news?

    49. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Marcelo Sosa-Puntano on January 16

      any update? shall we be checking mail already ?
      will you send tracking #s when shipped?

    50. If_brooks_dooney.small

      Creator Jon Wasserman on January 7

      Last comments, Dec 26th last update mid Dec. Seems everyone is either holding their breath or given up entirely, Time for a new update with another delay in shipping date?

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