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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures!  Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.

The Don't Panic Raffle Results! 3 winners!

We received a hundred entries by midnight yesterday, and three random winners have been picked (2 additional spots opened up).

The winners are:

  • Sean Moser
  • David Vibbert
  • Casey T

Thanks for everyone who sent in an entry, now back to shipping! Winners will receive a CKPM link soon to give us your details and process your payment.

T-shirts are in! Shipping resumes!

We finally got the Zombicide T-shirts today (all 8000 of them), which were apparently super suspicious looking and required X-ray scanning (thanks Homeland Security!).

They're a super bright red, which should be helpful in spotting other well trained Survivors in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

On a more serious note, shipping has resumed and our goal is to get everything out the door by early next week! Tracking numbers will be uploaded in batches, so please don't panic if you don't immediately get one.

As usual, specific queries about your particular pledge should go to

  • Image 150058 original

ONE Abomination Backer slot opens up!

One of our Backers decided to give up his spot for the games shipping this week, so if you've got a friend that still wants to pledge, now's his or her chance!  It'll ship after everyone else is taken care of, but still only $100 plus a chance to get all the other promo stuff!

We're doing a mini-raffle for this spot - just get your interested buddies to drop an email to by midnight EST August 21st and we'll pick one random person to get a CKPM link!

REMINDER: Zombie Promo Survivors, Optional Promos, Eagle, CTS etc

We will be away at Gencon from today until the 20th so replies will be sporadic.  Note, if you require personal assistance, send a PM or an email, do not leave a comment here as it will not be monitored. These issues may be: mispacked items, missing items (see below first) or damaged boards/minis/etc.  

We've been getting tons of questions on this one, as as a reminder, Eagle, Troy, CTS, Eva, Marvin, Claudia, Ivy and the Zombie Promo Survivors will ship in April 2013 (per the original schedule).

If you already received your package without a T-shirt, these ship in April 2013 as well, as mentioned in Update #59.

If you haven't already received a tracking number, your pledge will begin shipping August 20th.  Due to time constraints, questions regarding getting a tracking number will only be answered when we get back.

Important! Log in to the CKPM if you have never done so!

We've shipped the first wave of US orders, for everyone who logged in by July 18th and saved their details in the CKPM. Note: This applies to US orders only, not international.

We have approximately 500 more to go which will go out after Gencon (from August 19th), this would be for anyone who wanted extras and only paid for them after July 18th, or anyone who never saved their CKPM status but didn't want extras (we force saved these yesterday).

Please note: if you have a painted set, these are only due to ship from October

If you don't already have a tracking number but are fully paid up, it is highly likely that you either:

1. Paid us between July 18th and now;
2. Never logged into the CKPM or didn't save your pledge (in this case you are now saved);
3. Pledged a painted set.

We will update you when the next batch of shipments go out, which will likely be together with the international orders later this month.

Finally, if you have never logged into the CKPM and wanted extras, please do so as soon as possible, otherwise you may miss the second wave of shipments.  Please help us get you your game!

The link to the CKPM is, and you can request a password reset using the Kickstarter email address you had when Zombicide was funded in May.