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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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Zombicide Map Editor released! (PC for now, OSX coming)

Posted by CMON (Creator)

No more crazy doodles describing which tiles to use for your own custom scenarios.  Guillotine Games has released the free Map Editor! Here's the message:-


The mission editor for Zombicide is available!

Download for PC: ZIP 15.5 Mo
Download for MAC: COMING SOON
The software is also available at the Game stuff section.

This editor was born from the open-source software Mapeditor and fit to Zombicide by Mzi and Rogue. A great thanks to them!
The name says it all: this software allows you to create your own missions and share them with other players. Choose your tiles, doors, tokens, arrange them to suit your fancy and give new challenges to your survivors’ team.

Zombicide Map Editor is available as a .ZIP file. Download it in a file, extract it, open it by clicking upon the camel icon and here you go: no need for additional tuning, theZombicide files are pre-installed.


  1. Tiles and tokens are set as menus in the left column.
  2. The grey area is the surface where you set the mission.
  3. Click on the item you need, then click on the surface to put it down. You can handle it as you want by clicking on it, and rotate it by right-clicking.
  4. The top buttons of the surface allows you to move, rotate and delete the selected items. You can also fit in texts.
  5. Using the “file” menu, on the top-left, you can export your mission on the .PNG format. That’s it! Ready for a zombicide?


Each item comes with a value matching a Zombicide core box’s contents. If you own several of them, or own extra tiles sets, you can alter these values in the matching menu, on the top-left of the items menu (see below).


The “pack” menu on the upper left allows you to import Zombicide’s expansions tiles and tokens sets. After downloading the .ZIP file of the chosen expansion, select it in this menu. The matching items appear in their own menu.

Have fun !


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    1. Rob Beachler on

      This functions alright although I'll probably just use the tile images in Photoshop since it'll be easier for me.

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      I've seen a few scenarios go up on board game geek in the forums, added one of my own. Great editor guys, thanks!

    3. Billy Hayes on

      The canvas isn't large enough to use 2 sets of tiles.

    4. mark keedwell on

      very nice works works very well ,

    5. Luis Ernesto on

      I received my package yesterday and the customs charge was almost 23 euros.

    6. ivan "Elpanda" on

      Wow yesterday you send to me the tracking number.... Yesterday the package was delivered......

      For italian People i must pay 20 Euros for customs clearance...

    7. Andrew Murray on

      @Jelle I reckon there will be a whole heap of usable tiles from other games online that could be printed out.

    8. John Drinkwater on

      nice ! hope "soon" for OSX isn't like Blizzard's "soon" !

    9. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      @Joshua & Patrick: the editor comes with the perl script used to make the exe - and I believe you can just run that under linux!

    10. Selgador

      @Jelle I tought the same thing!

    11. Jelle Meersman on

      Greaf, i only interpreted it as a tool to make complete new tiles. That would also be awesome

    12. Rand Chua TL on

      Super awesome man. Now I can design my own story n map. I only need to slowly wait for my game to shipto me.

    13. Luke on

      My friends will be extacit about even more zombicide!

    14. Missing avatar

      AldricMichael Belchak on

      OMG! I'm so excited! I've been working on a new scenario in my head all week but didn't have a good way to map it out!

    15. Jordan Peacock on

      Awesome! You guys are great! :D I'm so looking forward to downloading this and trying it out.

    16. Patrick Stangier on

      The basic Mapeditor (linked to in the update) has a Linux version. You could use that (once the Zombicide pack for it is released). It is a great programm and while I have not checked it seems the Zombicide version is the same editor just with the Zombicide pack preinstalled.

    17. Wolfjaw

      Awesome! Good thing I have off for the next week.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      Any chance for a Linux version?