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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Jurgen Volders on

      @anarchavist we houserule that dogs and companions are not put in the inventory space. Since inventory means to us: that is what you can carry in your hands, backpack and under your belt. just doesn't make sense that a companion replaces a gun in your backpack. It would make more sense like you said that they can carry extra stuff (like in talisman). But we will try them out and see how powerfull they really are.

    2. Kenna

      Man, we're going to have Spencer by the time they get us an update! I think he was supposed to be the ultimate goal; I wonder if they'll add something else since we're going to hit him early. The layout on the main page still has a blank space where we could have another add-on survivor, bring it on!

    3. Simon Crouch on

      Looking good for Heisenberg, I double my pledge to help.

    4. David Lee Seymour on

      @Steve As far as I know, YES because they get packed into a 2 fig box set anyhow. It's pretty much 1 stretch goal that they just divided into 2 goals, but the outcome is the same. Look at the packaging for any single character with a zombivore from previous runs, you'll get the idea. =)

    5. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Someone wake up CMON, it's time for an update!

    6. S.D. P on

      Rookie Zombicide KS question, when purchasing the optional buys that have an associated unlocked Zombivor SG (Curro for example), if you purchase 2 or more human versions do you get an equal number of Zombivors?

    7. Missing avatar

      Herman Cheng on

      Is it a bit silly to still count a dead characters XP to the winning total? What's the point in killing them off then? I understand it stop them more getting more XP but still... So I kill all of a persons characters who has more XP than me but I die shortly after with less XP do I lose?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Nolin on

      @Charles Tuttle: It's always a good idea to check the local dollar store to save some money, in this case for a helicopter.

    9. Davey boy on

      @jeffrey ahhh yes your right " players roll a number of dice relative to the number of Survivors that start the game (Companions don't count for that)" thanks for clearing that up!!
      btw any thoughts on a helicopter flying manual equipment card to temporarily grant the ability helicopter pilot while equipped?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Nolin on

      @Davey boy: Under Spawn Locators, "When it's time to spawn Zombies, players roll a number of dice relative to the number of Survivors that start the game (Companions don't count for that). "

    11. Davey boy on

      Did I miss read it, or did it say that these companions "count as survivors" meaning extra dice rolls when it comes to spawning? If so having multiple of these companions might not be as benifital.... Unless its PvP and you want to overwhelm other players

    12. Mark on

      Searcher and Gunman are both seem really good, searcher doesn't even take an item slot so no reason not to take one. Cant see why people think otherwise as if anything I think they might be a little over powered

    13. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      For those saying the gun man is a bit weak, his passive ability giving you +1 dice to any gun is pretty good, and the active ability activates ALL follower gunmen... so it gets better when you have more

    14. Rod Mendes on

      @Marco @Eli
      I'm pretty sure there's a broken helicopter on token's other side

    15. Rod Mendes on

      @Marco @Eli
      I'm pretty sure there's a broken helicopter on token's other side

    16. Anarchivist on

      @donnbobhardy - I likely will, I'm just not seeing anyone really wanting to take any of these companions if it means ditching a useful piece of equipment. They seem like such a good concept, but with these rules I see them being first to go when a 6th good card gets drawn. I realize that game balance is necessary, but it just doesn't seem to fit the theme of the game to have to decide between picking up a box of ammo or letting another healthy human tag along.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rob Nowakowski on

      I think I might use the skill marker arrow tokens as fuel gauge markers for the Helicopter. 5 - 10 markers, remove one every zone you travel. This way you can't draw the hoard away for to long. If you run out of fuel before landing you crash, kill everything in the zone and take a wound card.

    18. Eli Butcher on

      So to clarify:
      Range: 0-1 (you can only fire in the space below the helicopter)
      Dice: 2 (you still use 2 dice)
      Accuracy: 4+ (you have to roll a 5 or 6)
      Damage: 2 (you still do 2 damage)

    19. Eli Butcher on

      @Don - What I meant is if you a dice roll of 4 would be a 5.

      It's the same as what you're saying, but the opposite direction.

      You're talking about results "needed" shown on the weapon card, while I'm talking about the results "rolled" on dice.

      Either way would work. You get the same results. :)

    20. Davey boy on

      I think it would be cool if there was ahelicopter manual equipment card ... It Grants the ability to piolt the chopper?

    21. donnbobhardy

      @Eli - Accuracy is a -1 (so rolling a 4 would REQUIRE a 5)

    22. C on

      You could also just set aside the miniatures near the H pad tile to represent them on the 'copter.

      Anyway, would toy helicopters (eg. Matchbox) be the right size for the game? You could use them or the token whenever you needed to. Plus you could use it for your Forbidden Island games! :D

    23. Eli Butcher on

      The helicopter is located 1 vertical space above the ground tile, so use (range -1) for shot distance.

      Range = 1, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below".
      Range = 2, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below and 1 over".
      Range = 3, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below and 2 over".

      Accuracy is a -1 (so rolling a 4 would equal a 5)

      Ranged weapons only (exclude flame thrower/molatov)

      Pilots can not take attack actions. (Due to piloting)

      Need a Gas Can to activate the helicopter

      A helicopter can travel 3 turns on 1 can of Gas.

    24. Eli Butcher on

      @Marco - you'd need the large circle token because you need a stable platform to sit the Survivors on.

      Is there a limit to the number of Survivors/Companions allowed in the helicopter? You could have different sized helicoptors that allow different seating amounts. 2/4/6 seaters.

    25. Thomas Ogermann on

      talisman should never be used as an example for good rules.
      most of the talisman rules are just plain bad and outdated

    26. Eli Butcher on

      @Don - You're completely right about the aiming. That's a valid and great idea.

    27. Marco on

      does no one else think it a bit weird to have a helicopter token up above the board with the FLOOR attached to it? is the whole floor flying aswell? i guess having the blades come out would make them too fragile but i'm sure lots of people will "fix" it nicely with some D-I-Y, besides that lil nit pick everything is awesome!

    28. Charles Tuttle on

      Shooting to and from a helicopter should be a skill reserved for a military/SWAT character. None of the survivors are paramilitary. Shooting from the helicopter might make it too OP and unbalance the game.

    29. Sharkey on

      Can the helicopter land on the TCM parking lot zone? I assume it can as it's similar to the wasteland.

    30. Greg on

      @Davyd Atkins "Even triggers" was supposed to be "Event triggers". He's saying they're not included.

    31. donnbobhardy

      @Anarchivist - I'm not saying your ideas are bad, but don't you think you should at least try them as-is before you begin to house-rule?

    32. Eli Butcher on

      @Anarchivist, I agree about the companions taking up an equipment slot. I'd even say that dog and human companions should expand your equipment slots, since you can use them like pack mules. a dog can gain you +1 slot, and a human can give a +2. And you can have up to 1 Dog companion and 1 Human companion at a given time, but not 2 of each...

    33. donnbobhardy

      @Eli - You might want to give a -1 to rolled numbers as well. Aiming accurately at or from a helicopter is not going to be easy.

    34. Eli Butcher on

      @Jrec, If you can shoot down with that ranged mechanic, then the other PVP team would be able to shoot up, which is logical in real life as well. The only thing I would limit would be the Flame Thrower and Moletav, because it would be so much more difficult with aiming the amount of the mass destruction of the weapons themselves.

    35. Anarchivist on

      Thanks for posting these rules! I'm giving them some thought, and I think I'm going to experiment with some house rules for the companions. I found the companion dogs to be quite powerful and versatile, but the companion humans seem a little underwhelming.
      I can accept that companion dogs take up an equipment slot, but I find it hard to understand that with the companion humans, particularly since they don't have any inventory space of their own. Other board games with similar character development, notably Talisman, also have both limited character inventory and companions, however none of Talisman's companions take up inventory space, and in fact some of them provide additional inventory space. With that in mind, I'm thinking of houseruling that human companions don't take up an inventory slot, and can carry limited equipment relevant to their role.
      To make the gunman a little more interesting, I'm thinking of houseruling that when found, the gunman comes with a pistol (that can be taken into the inventory of his handler, if desired), but that this pistol can be replaced with any other ranged weapon, or paired with another pistol (or set of matched weapons), or improved with appropriate equipment such as hollow points, laser pointers, or plenty of ammo cards, which would benefit only the character or companion who carries them.
      The sniper likewise seems underpowered, but a little less so as a sniper rifle is hard to come by. I'm thinking of houseruling that the sniper can also carry relevant equipment such as hollow points or plenty of ammo, and I think she'd get the full sniper rifle stats.
      The handyman seems great! Maybe say that he comes with a crowbar or claw hammer?
      The searcher is kind of a dud. The "pan" of the companion deck. Not sure how to make him more interesting other than giving a free search, but that might be a little much.

    36. Jrec on

      @Eli problem I see with that is there really wouldn't be much reason to get out of the helicopter. Some things you said like gas or a turn limit would fix that. In PVP though, the other team would need to be able to shoot down the copter in someway or else it would be kinda unfair. In regular cooperative, you would esentially have a flying guard tower. I wasn't a fan of guard towers but some people were. With something like gas/turn limits I could see that working though

    37. Eli Butcher on

      I really think that ranged weapons should be able to be used from a helicopter. It is in a sense located 1 space vertically above the ground tile. So if you use (range -1) for shot distance, then that should make sense.

      So if the helicopter is on a space, and Raul has a ranged weapon:
      Range = 1, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below".
      Range = 2, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below and 1 over".
      Range = 3, then he can shoot at Zombies located directly "below and 2 over".

      This would make sense because people shoot from helicopters in movies all the time, not to mention that some helicopters have guns mounted to them.

      Obviously, the pilot couldn't take attack actions, due to piloting.

      Also, is there any need to use a gas can to activate the helicopter, and is there a turn limit that the helicopter can spend in the air. Also, can a helicopter land on a building?

    38. Jrec on

      Just wanted to share my thoughts, no complaints at all with any of the mechanics here:

      Helicopter - For me seems like a much better idea than cars. Very useful for transportation but not allowing people to shoot out of kill zombies keeps it simple and not abusable at all really. Cool ideas on landing and love how survivors skills are related to it. Herding zombies will be fun as well.
      Spawns - Obviously this aspect as awesome. I was wondering how the game could possibly be tailored to different numbers of surviors when the range was as large as 4 to 12 survivors, but this sure seems to do an awesome job of it. Plus randomness is always fun :)
      event triggers - Cool and like that there is now some control over spawns for buildings. Though I am confused here. What does only activited when a survivor ends inside one of that tile's building zones mean exactly?
      PVP - I think I will really like this. Originally I wasn't buying the whole "not best to attack the survivors straight up" thing. But, if the teams start on seperate sides of the map, one team has to make a conscious effort to move towards the other, putting them at a major disadvantage in terms of actions they wasted to do so. Also, attacking right off the bat when both teams are starting essentially makes it a 50/50 battle as they both started equally more or less. Finally.. it feels like attacking first is naturally a disadvantage as you put yourself right up in enemy territory most likely having not finished them off. Then they don't even have to move and get to blast away. Thus playing the mission a little while, ranking up faster than your opponent, and THEN going full force seems like the way to go. I just think it will work really well. Looking forward to having some survivor drafts :)
      Companions - Though there might be some inbalance between them i guess, i don't really care. They seem like a ton of fun and (to me) all seem to have their uses. For gunman I would see that being something like a dual melee weapon survivor. Nice to have a back up range weapon when you can't get close enough for melee.

      Basically.. I like it all and am pumped for S3.

    39. Anarchivist on

      I don't know. Redundancy, maybe? The pistol is a standard weapon, part of the starting equipment, and included in every set. The dogs are not, and have different stats from each other. Likewise the Sniper companion has skills different from the sniper rifle.
      It could also be to provide a consistent card layout for the companions, but who knows. Still, I don't think there was any ambiguity.

    40. Frank Wisnes

      If that is the case it's better to just write the pistol stats on the card. Why deviate from how it was done with the dog companions?

    41. Anarchivist on

      "Pistol Ranged Action" makes perfect sense to me. You make an attack using the stats of a pistol.
      What other possible Range/Dice/Accuracy/Damage combination could be indicated by that?

    42. Frank Wisnes

      Ah, just noticed it said "pistol ranged action", not attack. That's even worse! :P

    43. Frank Wisnes

      The wording on the gunman and sniper companion cards need some work as the active ability can be read in several different ways.

      "Pistol ranged attack" is rather ambigous, and can mean either 1) an attack with a pistol, 2) an attack with the range of a pistol, or 3) some sort of combination of the two. I'm guessing the rulebook will clear this up, but the cards need better wording. Also, writing the stats instead of referring to other cards is generally a good idea as not everyone remembers the stats of weapons.

    44. ALDI on

      There was a ravage mission with spawning rules similar to RM. The rules made the game a nail biter! I'm liking the helicopters and very much liking the human companions!

    45. Sanguinius on

      its nice to finally see some of the new rules!
      though, i feel some of these are not well-designed.
      the pistol action on the gunman seems rather weak, once you have a good ranged weapon you would never bother using it.
      and apparently these companions take up a space in your inventory.
      i do like the dice rolls for spawns, it brings some randomness in it

    46. Davyd Atkins on


      "@C: Even triggers and Spawn Locators are not part of the Plastic token pack"

      The phrasing of that is a little confusing, with the 'Even triggers...' bit implying they are in the pack, but the 'not part' implying they aren't. Can you clarify? Thanks!

    47. Charles Tuttle on

      @Andrew - I don't think the Laws of Physics would allow crows to attack a helicopter. Also, since you cannot fight out of the helicopter getting into it with Crowz on the table would be instant suicide.

    48. David Anderson

      They made almost 500k in the last 48 hours last year. I wonder if the can do it again?

    49. Elfo on

      The spawn number tokens and the rule with the dice are the best thing you ever created. I was about to leave this KS because of balancing issues but now I got in even more!