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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael "Aramisss" on

      Argh ! Mon idée... :'(

    2. Miranda Polsean on

      This is great! I've been talking for a while about trying to house rule something where you would be a bad guy if you died. The spawn card were just what I needed! Now to get to 2 mill!

    3. Felipe Machado on

      Pretty cool update and SG!

      I think I'll house rule the loot thing as well... Sounds way too OP...

    4. Missing avatar

      Fabien PILLET on

      I don't figure Lost as armed zombies... Only as classic zombies which are wearing their old weapon, but without using it... Nothing in the update says that Lost use the weapon, only that they loot a weapon...

    5. Jonathan on

      I see a lot of interesting house rule ideas, but I think I prefer either the draw 1 equipment card like a search(discarding Ahhh! cards) or treat them like Police Cars or Pimp Cars minus the AAAH! cards.
      Giving zombies ranged weapons, especially survivor weapons, is exceedingly dangerous and doesn't fit with my idea of how the zombies work in this universe.(they don't seem coordinated enough to work a trigger let alone reload a sawed off) Maybe making them only 0-1, 6+, 1 damage no matter what would keep them from being too overpowered.
      If you're wanting bosses I would think more along the lines of armor plating or toughness that ignores the first hit from any attack along with multiple wounds. This would mean single shot weapons like rifles, without +1 die skills, couldn't even hurt them.
      Overall, this is a good SG and update all around. I think we'll easily make the 2 million mark.

    6. Lachlan Blackmore on

      I'll probably houserule draw top card. Or perhaps draw top 2. With either option redraw if it is Aaargh!
      Searching through what is already a massive deck will be far too time consuming. You're literally searching a corpse, no guarantee of anything good. "What'd he have?!" "... Rice.."

    7. Lachlan Blackmore on

      I feel survivors won't stand up well against armed zombies... using Doomturtles pimp weapon idea, say that zombie gets Ma's Shotgun, there is a very high chance of a dead survivor in one activation.

    8. Aurélien Cancian on

      Here's my idea :
      When a Lost shows up, draw the 3 next weapons, choose 1 and give to them.
      Then, when zombie activate, if it can attack (ranged or melee), roll the number of dice and resolve wounds. If he cant, he moves.
      So if you want a good weapon he will be dangerous.

      What do you think ?

      (sorry for my english, im french)

    9. Nick CC on

      hmm, thinking about the zombivor item selection is in the same vein of Frank. Maybe just do a pull 3 blind and thats what that zombivor has. think of it like one of your own who dies, but had some really bad pulls, ends up with a gas mask, pan, and rice. maybe bumping the exp. reward would be nice for killing rather than just 1

    10. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Finally a use for all my zombivours... More spawn cards would be nice ;).

    11. DoomTurtle on

      @Arsonor - I wouldn't say it's overpowered. They're still at the top of the priority list, so they will be killed earlier than normal. I don't remember offhand, but I don't think any of the pimp weapons have more than 3 dice. You will know what weapon they have and what range it is as soon as they show up. And the wounds can be divided amongst the group.

      So if you approach too closely, on your own, and don't take them down on your turn, than yeah, there's a chance you'll die. And I like that, because these are supposed to be the toughest. Approach them smartly, and get a weapon. Approach them recklessly, and get killed.

    12. Jack

      It's getting WAY too positive in here guys. It just doesn't feel like a zombicide campaign without all the constant complaining. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

    13. Schmidt on

      I'll be drawing out of the deck the weapon the Zombivor has in hand.

    14. Arsonor

      @DoomTurtle - You said: "When the zombies activate, if any survivor is in range of the pimp weapon, than the Lost will fire it at them (roll the number of dice, each hit is a wound that can be divided up)."

      This effectively means that any Lost Zombivors near Survivors that activate will have a decent chance of killing that Survivor. That seems a bit overpowered. Maybe let them take their single attack activation at range if they carry a ranged weapon doing one damage at that range?

    15. donnbobhardy

      @Hibiki - It'll be probably be Skinners and Seekers.

    16. Frank Wisnes

      I have some players I know would spend forever selecting a weapon. Something along the lines of drawing until you've revealed 3 weapons sounds like a better option. Then maybe letting the player keep more then one card, though I suppose the balance here would have to be playtested.

    17. DoomTurtle on

      Carried over from the comments section:

      Here's a way I've thought about handling The Lost to make them tougher, as well as make more use with pimp weapons, since we are getting a bunch more (although the VIP collection rules will help them get more use as well). When a Lost shows up, draw a random pimp weapon to give to them. When the zombies activate, if any survivor is in range of the pimp weapon, than the Lost will fire it at them (roll the number of dice, each hit is a wound that can be divided up). If no one is in range, then he moves one space.

      I figure the Lost will still be first on the priority chart. When a Lost is attacked, you roll the dice. Any number of hits means a successful attack, and the number of wounds to the Lost is the damage rating. This means that a 1 damage weapon can do 1 wound at the most per attack action. A 2 damage weapon can do at most 2 damage per attack action, and a 3 damage weapon (make 3 the max even with +1 damage and super strength skills) will do 3 wounds per attack action. A weapon with more dice just means a better chance to hit with it, not more damage. This way, it forces multiple attacks on a Lost, and extra hits cannot be assigned elsewhere. The attack is either focusing on the Lost or it isn't (must be decided ahead of time for melee attackers). Only a molotov type weapon will eliminate it in one hit.

      Whoever give the finishing hit to kill it will get the 1 experience (or maybe make it more since it is tougher now) and the pimp weapon it was carrying.

      You can keep track of the hits by putting tokens on its pimp weapon, or the card from the team building deck if you're using that to randomly draw the zombivor.

    18. Jason on

      Do the spawn cards always spawn 1 lost or does it scale like other spawn cards with the threat level?

    19. Hibiki Ryouga on

      When you drive a vehicle through a zone with a lost and several standard zombies, does each hit keep hitting the list until it is down? Or does the lost take one hit and the rest gets distributed normally?

    20. Dan Manning on

      I probably won't choose any card after killing a lost. It'll likely be whatever the next card in the deck is. Take it or leave it.

    21. Micah Rose on

      @Punxnbutter The Lost will not be too hard to take down as they are at the top of the order, same place as survivors (=protective effect for survivors firing guns with others in the zone) and many times will replace a spawn of 4 or more zombies. I think reaper will have to be rephrased for these new Lost to wounds instead of kills.

    22. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Mason on

      @Arsonor. I like your idea for the house rules. I will probably play the original rules to see what they are like, but I will most likely incorporate yours as a house rule.

    23. Jrec on

      @Hibiki most likely BOZ for skinners and seekers

    24. DoomTurtle on

      I'm going to guess boxes 7 & 8 are a box of skinners and a box of seekers.

    25. Hibiki Ryouga on

      Sorry about weird double post. Trying to type this on my phone.

    26. Hibiki Ryouga on


      Box of Zombies
      #1 Walk Of Dead
      #2 Toxic Crowd
      #3 Angry Zombies
      #4 Walk Of Dead 2
      #5 Zombie Dogz
      #6 Companion Dogs
      #7 ?
      #8 ?
      #9 Lost Zombivors
      #10 VIP #1
      #11 VIP #2
      #12 Murder Of Crowz

      So what have they not released/announced yet that has been pre-assigned to 7 & 8?

    27. Hibiki Ryouga on


      Box of Zombies
      #1 Walk Of Dead
      #2 Toxic Crowd
      #3 Angry Zombies
      #4 Walk Of Dead 2
      #5 Zombie Dogz
      #6 Companion Dogs
      #7 ?
      #8 ?
      #9 Lost Zombivors
      #10 VIP #1
      #11 VIP #2
      #12 Murder Of Crowz

      So what have they not released yet tgat gas been pre assigned

    28. Arsonor

      House rule thoughts:
      Choose from the survivor deck to determine the Lost entering play. Then draw three equipment cards (the most any dead survivor would have left after taking two wounds and losing two of their 5 equipment) face down and place them on that survivor card. When killed lay the Zombivor mini down, you can "Search" that space for 1 card per action. If you get an "Aaahh!" card, you spawn a crawler. They weren't quite dead.

    29. Rod Mendes on

      Maybe the players could choose a discarded card, like weapons, food, gasoline...

    30. Punxnbutter on


      They probably playtested that and it was my idea for a zombie boss as well. Nothing is stopping you from doing it but I'm personally going to run it their suggested way first and see what comes about from that. 5 wounds is a lot to bring down a single zombie in a crowd. I'll probably just sift through the discard deck to start with rather than the whole deck and then reshuffle.

    31. John

      Thrilled about the $2M SG... excellent fan service. Looking forward to these bad boys and girls.

      I'll probably end up house-ruling the Lost draw effect, as I think "choose any weapon" is too powerful.

    32. Eli Butcher on

      @Edouard, Thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      Amazing SG!. This game just keeps getting better and better....and it was awesome to begin with. Very impressed with the new gameplay elements this season. Very much appreciated GG and CMoN. Thank you!

    34. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Eli:i think they don't have there ability but when a zombivor die,i think he will be back with 5 wound and it will not easy to kill him besause he's not will be as difficult but i will be fun to add the crowler rules for the zombivor !
      i agree you for the weapons looting,actually this means i can choose the chainsaw and others things to be invincible !!

    35. Eli Butcher on

      @Cram, Even though there are only 6 Lost spawn cards, I'd imagine that when a Survivor/Zombivor dies in game, that you'd lay them down for a turn (like Survivor 2 Zombivor transition) and then bring them back as a Lost spawn. In this case, they'd have equipment, and be on the board and near the group, but one turn behind them, so more dangerous.

      A couple questions I have are: will the Lost be able to use their Abilities, and will they be able to do thinks like use their weapons to open doors or dismantle barricades??? Also, when spawning a new Lost, how do you generate their gear? Do they only get one weapon, or should you take the first 5 equipment cards and put the. In their inventory to make it so you can do a proper looting after their downed?

    36. Micah Rose on

      @CMoN I think it is a terrible idea to have survivors pick any equipment. As others have stated it shifts the power curve and takes too much time. I also think that the Lost should have a bit more to them. Survivors usually have equipment when they die, the Lost should too. Here are two either/or proposals:

      1. When a Lost is drawn, reveal cards from equipment deck until a weapon is revealed. The Lost starts with this equipment and deals damage with this equipment. This would make them really deadly, and awesome to play against. Almost like having "Zombie Bosses! Zombie Bosses! Zombie Bosses!" It would also introduce ranged attacks from zombies. :)

      2. When a Lost is killed reveal cards from the equipment deck until a weapon is revealed, ignoring aaahs.

      3. Lost should get extra activations when walkers do. More difficulty!!!

      I think if I play with Lost, it will be using the character selection deck. This will make it easier to keep track of who has what wounds. When a Lost is drawn, I'll draw an unused card from the character deck.

    37. Paint'Riot Studio

      @scythewing:yes after this stretch and i think it's not the last stretch !!

    38. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      And I increased my pledge for the Moustache Pack :))

    39. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      @Thiago or anyone who can answer
      Will ALL heroes be included in the team building deck?
      Including those revealed after the team building deck was announced?

    40. Paul Brown on

      Bad ass! Yay stuff!

    41. Missing avatar

      scythewing on

      Love it but are we getting a zombivor Yuri?

    42. Missing avatar

      scythewing on

      Love it but are we getting a zombivor Yuri?

    43. Paint'Riot Studio

      Awesome news ! lol i have created this rules on a scenario for zombivor before this kickstarter,now i have official rules !! GO 2 millions !! GO GO GO !

    44. Pasquale Bove on

      mmm, maybe "...but you also get to loot his corpse and take any weapon you'd like from the Equipment deck!" is too much, will be better if you pick the first 5 cards from equipment deck, discard zombie card if present and take what you want from these card.

    45. Rod Mendes on

      Just loved, but somehow I saw it coming
      It's too late to request a roller skates card? So another characters could emulates Wanda's move?

    46. Missing avatar

      Marcus Lindberg on

      Nice $2000000 SG. Our group will probably houseful not allowing picking any equipment when killing a lost. It takes to much time when a player wants to examine the whole equipment deck. It will also lead to the same "best" gear in play each game. We will probably play with drawing the top 5 on the equipment deck and choose one.

    47. Neil H on

      Don't really like zombivors anyway so not bothered about this goal at all if it goes retail then maybe but otherwise nope.
      Would much sooner had a raj and bernadette to fill out the big bang gang.

    48. Ugo Perillo on

      Very very very good!
      Now, what about an option to buy season 1 extra characters?
      A lot of us lost first kickstarter...

    49. Missing avatar

      Gab L on

      Houseruling. I am thinking we may draw 2-3 equipments and assign to the lost when it is sparm. And we can hv a free action to take the equipments after eliminating it.( like trading with it)

    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Long on

      Yay! I'm so happy. I knew they'd arrive around about the 2mil mark, and with boss rules group has been experimenting using them in this way so official non house rules are going to be awesome. I'm a very happy backer indeed! :) :) :)